The Taoist’s Vocation

As a disciple and a Taoist, you should know that this is not a hobby group or a forum; this is not a playground for kids to have fun; this is a Taoist lineage. What is the greater cause for a Taoist? What is our obligation and role in this world? Law enforcement, like the military and police, are supposed to be the peacekeeper for human society, and the chef is supposed to cook good food for the people who want to eat; what does Taoists do?

Many people are interested in Taoism, then they start researching, bumping into websites and books, but do they even know what Taoists are supposed to do? Most of them are clueless. The majority only want to learn or know about it because of curiosity, but they have yet to learn about the weight on our shoulders and what we have to do.

I won’t talk about other sects because I don’t speak for them. However, if you are a disciple here, then you should know what Saam Law Taoists have as their vocation, the mission given to them by the Tao.

There is a force in nature that keeps things aligned; it keeps the many worlds and dimensions apart so they will not disturb or mess around with each other. When a certain level of peace is achieved, then the power from the source can be deployed everywhere in the system to provide them with the life force essence. It keeps things alive and operating so that the whole system as one will not fail.

However, there are a lot of lawbreaking beings in nature who love to crossover the boundaries and get out of their world to conquer other worlds that are weaker than them. They often come in the disguise of “gods” and “saviours” to control and manipulate the weaker ones. This was a small problem when it first started; however, when the invasion gets bigger, it will colonize the world, such as becoming a religious group or a specific political party, then that is the BIG problem. These lawbreakers are affecting the order of nature, which can also lead to nature’s imbalance of resources, and eventually, the whole system is affected as a whole.

As Taoists, we are the law enforcement of nature, helping nature to fight and bring those lawbreakers to justice. That is also why whenever we have a chance to come by an exorcism case, we must deal with it and exterminate that evil trying to challenge nature’s power.

These lawbreakers, we call them “EVILS” in general.

There are many evils out there. They have much dirty work going on in the PreHeaven dimensions, hacking into the Yuen Suns of people who are about to be born or already born, which allows them to bring down a lot of evil’s power in this world, leading them to create problems, cause troubles and disturb the world. Evils don’t tap into people while they are alive; they often do it before they are even born so that the person will be born and feel that their purpose in life is to do what that evil thing wants them to do.

Some people are born to be working for the evils because the evils have been already doing stuff to control their Yuen Sun before they came to this world; it is a very scary and dark agenda. They have affected our culture, mindsets, and a lot of “belief systems” already, which is hard to tell you what is evil here openly… but you get the idea, it’s pretty bad.

As Saam Law Taoists, we can use our magic to fight these evils and protect nature from being corrupted by these lawbreaking ones. That is also why we have a chance to inherit the powers from Saam Law because nature allows us to be part of the guardian force of nature.

Peace is not earned by talking or just saying “peace.” Peace is achieved with the power to overthrow the evils. Evils try to corrupt the system; we need to be stronger than them to prevent corruption. Just like you have hackers doing bad things, you must use a team of stronger hackers to defend against these hackers. You cannot expect them to stop just because you keep giving love to them.  Please ditch that useless and ridiculous new-age mindset of “everything is love and peace,” we are real warriors here, not keyboard warriors.

You learn and practice hard because you are using the magic to do what you must as nature’s peacekeeper. You upgrade your gears and altar because you want to be stronger to deal with the real lawbreaking evils. Wouldn’t it be funny to see police trying to catch a robber while he doesn’t train enough, then the police got beaten up by the bad guys instead?

The Tao doesn’t like selfish and short-vision Taoists; it doesn’t need those who take power and use it for themselves. Those with no heart to fight the evils until the end will be abandoned by the Tao, and eventually, they will “fade out” after the Tao has let go of them. Don’t be one of these failed disciples. Pick up your sword and fight like a warrior. This is your vocation as a Taoist, to fight the evils and be nature’s guardian, peacekeeper, and law enforcement.