Blasting with the Powers from Saam Law Jo Si in TYHQ

This method uses the RC Handsigns and master spell, which calls the god Saam Law Jo Si in TYHQ, not the one inside your body. It’s stronger than your personal god. Any disciple can do this magic.


  1. Make the “Religious Court Three Peaks Handsign,” and place it at your heart level.
  2. Close your eyes and internally recite the master spell using the “flash” method, and stomp the left foot to send a signal to TYHQ.
  3. Raise the handsign to the forehead and speak internally; when finished talking, stomp the left foot to send the message to TYHQ for Saam Law Jo Si.
  4. If you want Saam Law Jo Si to output his power immediately, stomp the right foot 1x when you open your eyes or 3x if you want it to be executed immediately.


At the end, you can change the handsign to the other version of this RC Handsign which faces outward, then stomp the right foot while change the handsigns into two palms and splash the power outward like you are blasting the power toward where you want the powers to go.