Religious Court Daily Greeting

You should report to the religious court and greet the gods daily as a disciple.

Tin Yat Stage Disciples

  1. Make the heart incense handsign, and hold at heart level.
  2. Close your eyes, recite internally - HS0, master spell, stomp left foot 1x after each spell.
  3. Raise the hand to the forehead, and say your greeting lines or bow 3x.
  4. Open your eyes; all done!

The bow: gently nod the head toward the handsign and don’t move your hands. First nod, the head doesn’t touch the hand. The second nod, tap on the hands and bounce back. Third, nod, stick to the hands for a few seconds or until you are finished talking, then return the head to its position and conclude.

Saam Law Stage Disciples

Add HS1, HS2 to the list of spells to stomp.

Sun Lung Stage Disciples

Add HS3, HS4, HS5 to the list of spells to stomp. You should have an altar by Sun Lung Stage; use incense instead of heart incense handsign.

Greeting line sample:

“Good morning to all the gods before me, Dai Jee (disciple) Tin-X is here to greet!”

After speaking, stomp your left foot to “send” the message out.