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Spiritual Diagnosis Service with Taoist Magic

Spiritual Diagnosis Service with Taoist Magic


Spiritual diagnosis with Tin Yat Dragon ensures you a healthy spiritual life, making you aware of your spiritual energy status, and to watch out for any potential dangers and threats.  You do an annual physical check with your doctor to ensure your physical health is doing fine, or what you should be aware of this year. What about a spiritual status checkup?

We are not living only in this physical world, but also with our spiritual or energy side at the same time. There could be a friend or someone around you that is always draining your energy out, or some jealous people at work could be doing things to you at the back to steal your success. What’s even worse is when a family is broken up because of a third party who is trying to jam in and steal the love from the husband or wife with some evil magic. 

This service we provide here is done upon request, and it will result in a detailed and professional spiritual diagnosis report that tells you about your current status on the spiritual side, including how your luck, soul, yuen-sun (spiritual planetary body) and other factors are doing.

If you are undergoing a spiritual encounter, or you are about to get a distance ceremony done with us, then this diagnosis is also a must-do, in order for us to give you the best appropriate help.


How to Get Started

Purchase the service, send us an e-mail along with your most recently taken photo and a brief summary of how you are feeling and what bothers you the most or any other additional notes you might want to give us to help us diagnose better.

Rest assured, that your information and photo will be kept confidential. We do not require your date of birth, address, or any form of IDs. However, we will need your truthfulness and honest words. When you are typing up your brief summary, please make sure your intention is set to give us information for us to give you the best and helping diagnosis report. 

After the diagnosis report is handed over to you by e-mail, you will be given options of what you can do or should do if you shall have any issues or need.  

Doing a spiritual diagnosis with Tin Yat Dragon is a SMART choice!  You chose to acknowledge your spiritual-self and not let it be dusted and rusted, and this is why you deserves a better future!

*You may also request a report done for your relatives, family member or friends too.

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