How Often Should You Get a Spiritual Diagnosis?

Just as we routinely check our physical health to maintain wellness, our spiritual health too needs regular check-ups. But how often should one undertake a spiritual diagnosis? This post will delve into the ideal frequency and crucial timing for undergoing spiritual diagnostics.

The Annual Check-up

At the bare minimum, consider scheduling a spiritual diagnosis once a year. Ideally, this should be done during the winter months. Why winter, you might ask? As the year draws to a close, it provides a ripe opportunity to cleanse any accumulated spiritual toxins and prepare for the fresh energy of the New Year. An annual spiritual diagnosis helps ensure that you start each year on a positive note, ready to tackle the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

For Business Owners and Event Planners

If you run a business or frequently organize large events, a quarterly spiritual diagnosis is recommended. A lot can transpire over three months, including changes in business dynamics, competitors’ activities, or event-specific issues that might have a spiritual bearing. By conducting a diagnosis every quarter, you can preemptively tackle any spiritual issues that might impede your business or event success.

When Facing Spiritual Problems

If you're facing any spiritual issues—like signs of magic attacks, ghost problems, or inexplicable negative energy—you should immediately schedule a spiritual diagnosis. This diagnosis is not necessarily a cure-all, but it can identify the root of the problem and guide the course of action.

During the diagnostic process, a small amount of remedial magic is often performed. While this might not completely resolve the issue, it does provide some immediate assistance—a valuable bonus while you plan your next steps!

The Follow-up Sessions

We understand that the cost of a spiritual diagnosis might be steep for some. Therefore, we offer cheaper follow-up sessions for those who have already undergone an initial diagnosis. A follow-up session involves revisiting the same spiritual locations inspected in the first diagnosis, checking up on the progress, and making necessary adjustments.

The lesser cost of follow-up sessions isn't because the work is reduced—in fact, it's the same amount of work. We offer it at a reduced rate to make the service more accessible and provide support when you need it most.

The Cost of Spiritual Diagnosis: A Worthwhile Investment

Some might question the expense associated with a spiritual diagnosis. However, when you compare it to the cost of a professional health check-up or consulting with a specialist, the charges are in line with the extensive preparation, risk, and experience involved.

Every spiritual diagnosis involves the master soul-travelling into your Yuen Sun—your life source—and potentially risking magical attacks. It's akin to a police officer scouting a potentially dangerous location where there might be armed adversaries. The risk of a magical battle breaking out during a diagnosis is very real and has happened many times in the past.

The cost of a spiritual diagnosis, therefore, reflects not just the service but the personal risk and years of cultivation that the master has undertaken to acquire these skills. Rest assured that every spiritual diagnosis is done with utmost care, dedication, and respect for your spiritual well-being.

As you progress through your spiritual journey, regular spiritual diagnosis becomes an essential tool to guide your path. No matter the cost, the insights, guidance, and peace of mind it brings are truly priceless.

The Added Bonus: Divination and Guidance

One of the key aspects of a spiritual diagnosis is the unique opportunity to seek divine guidance. Along with the primary focus of your diagnosis, you can also bring up specific questions or concerns that you'd like to have addressed. This can range from matters of personal relationships to career choices or even spiritual growth.

For instance, you may want to know more about a person you're currently dating or contemplating a significant professional move. These concerns, while not directly related to the diagnosis, are integral to your life and can be greatly illuminated by divine wisdom.

Our gods are ever ready to provide insights and guidance to assist you in your decision-making process. They offer not just answers, but also advice on the best course of action. You may find that their divine wisdom reveals perspectives you may not have considered, bringing greater clarity and confidence to your choices.

Remember, a spiritual diagnosis is not just about identifying potential spiritual threats. It also offers a unique window to divine guidance, enhancing your overall well-being, and equipping you to navigate life's challenges with spiritual wisdom.

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