Self-Help Y.S.R.R Instruction

Upon the release of our Yuen Sun Realignment and Recovery (YSRR) program, we recognize that some of you may be facing financial constraints but still require essential Yuen Sun repairs. To facilitate your cultivation journey, we've outlined a step-by-step guide for writing FUs and performing sanctification. This guide is specifically designed for Tin Yat Stage and newbie Saam Law stage disciples.

Preliminary Steps

If you have not yet been initiated, do so first. This is a critical prerequisite, as you'll need your heart spell to harness the lineage’s magic power effectively.

The cultivation instructions and FUs are mostly in the FU BOOK.

Schedule of YSRR Cultivation

The schedule of the YSRR cultivation is very strict because you are doing this to realign your Yuen Sun or ghost altar, which means you are like adjusting the clock back to the right pattern. The measurement that we use is the lunar calendar system and the 12 time period system.

YSRR-A is based on the daily heavenly stems, you have to start on the day with a stem of Gaap 甲 and cultivate for 10 consecutive days.

YSRR-B is based on the daily earthling branches, you have to start the cultivation on the time period starting from 子 on day 1 (11pm-1am), 丑 on day 2 (1am-3am) etc. Some people might have to work too, so you have to either take a break and do your cultivation or prep your schedule for the cultivation that day in advance. Continue for 12 consecutive days.

YSRR-C is based on the daily combination of both elements. You should pick a 甲子 day to begin and continue for 60 days as one complete cycle. There are 6 days that marks with the heavenly stem of 甲 in this cycle, which marks the beginning of the “chapter.” If you fail one day, the cycle you are doing is ruined and will need to be redone later. You can continue on the next chapter first and complete whatever is left. Then purchase the FUs again for the ruined chapter to recultivate it again later when the time comes.

For your reference, the 60 combinations are as follow. You can see these elements in a Chinese Calendar or what we call a 萬年曆. The pattern cycles, yet it takes a long time to see a 甲子 day, so plan ahead accordingly and get your FUs in advance so you are not missing the first day of the cycle.

1 甲子, 2 乙丑, 3 丙寅, 4 丁卯, 5 戊辰,6 己巳, 7 庚午, 8 辛未, 9 壬申, 10 癸酉,
11 甲戌, 12 乙亥, 13 丙子, 14 丁丑,15 戊寅, 16 己卯, 17 庚辰, 18 辛巳, 19 壬午, 20 癸未,
21 甲申, 22 乙酉,23 丙戌, 24 丁亥, 25 戊子, 26 己丑, 27 庚寅, 28 辛卯, 29 壬辰, 30 癸巳,
31 甲午, 32 乙未, 33 丙申, 34 丁酉, 35 戊戌, 36 己亥, 37 庚子, 38 辛丑, 39 壬寅, 40 癸卯,
41 甲辰, 42 乙巳, 43 丙午, 44 丁未, 45 戊申, 46 己酉, 47 庚戌, 48 辛亥, 49 壬子, 50 癸丑,
51 甲寅, 52 乙卯, 53 丙辰, 54 丁巳, 55 戊午, 56 己未, 57 庚申, 58 辛酉, 59 壬戌, 60 癸亥

For those who are purchasing the FUs in sets (A, B or C), you can also split C into 6 parts (for the 6 chapters). If you are trying to save up for the FUs, you can also purchase the FUs in sets first, and when you have gotten all the FUs you need, then start cultivating on your side. Or, you can request for an instalment plan instead and get the FUs first. (Only for trusted disciples).

Instructions for Writing FUs

1. Register Your Tools with the Religious Court: Hold your pen brush, paper, ink, and other materials in your palm. Recite the master spell (MS) and stomp your left foot once, followed by your right foot three times. This action registers your tools with the Religious Court, allowing for the channeling of celestial power.

2. Inscribe the FU: Write the FU characters on FU paper. At the bottom, look for the set of symbols on the left of side of the FU in the book, they are the FU DARM. Overlap these symbols to create an indecipherable ball of ink.

3. Enhance the FU DARM: Hammer the FU DARM three times with the butt of the brush. Repeat the same for any "ticks" at the top of the FU.

4. Apply the Stamp: Utilize the corresponding handsigns for stamps; RC Handsign for the Religious Court stamp and Bagwa handsign for the Jo Si Stamp. Follow the stamping methods outlined in your book.

Sanctification of the FUs

1. Summon Saam Law Jo Si: Project the Sun Kuet of HS0 into the air before you. This summons a representative of the main god, Saam Law Jo Si.

2. Initial Invocation: With your body facing the god, make the heart incense handsign at chest level, invoking HS0 and MS, while stomping your left foot once after each.

3. Disciple Identification: Elevate the handsign to your forehead and internally communicate that you, as disciple Tin-X, are here to sanctify this FU.

4. Sanctification Process: Hold the FU in your palm, recite the heart spell HS0 and MS, then stomp your left and right feet three times each.

5. Position the FU in your right sword finger, aiming it at your left sword finger located at your heart.

6. Chant the TYHQ Chick FU Spell, stomp your left foot, fire the energy from your left sword finger to the FU, then exclaim “Chia!” while stomping your right foot.

7. Grab the Power: Rotate the FU clockwise and counterclockwise three times each while facing the god. Express gratitude to the god in your heart.

8. Completion: The FU is now sanctified and can be converted into FU water by burning.

Utilizing the Sanctified FUs

1. Creating FU Water: Fold the FU vertically, burn the bottom, and collect the ashes in a bowl. Add water only after ensuring the FU is fully burned.
2. Consuming FU Water: Hold the bowl in your left hand, place your right sword finger over the bowl's rim, invoke HS0, stomp your left foot, and then drink the FU water.

3. Begin Sitting Cultivation: Set the bowl aside and prepare for the Microcosmic Orbit Cycle practice.

Microcosmic Orbit Cycle: Sitting Cultivation

Follow these steps for a successful sitting cultivation session that complements your FU use.

1. Preparation: Sit comfortably and place your hands on your lap, palms facing up. Connect your thumb to your index finger to encourage energy gathering.
2. Mental Focus: Close your eyes and center your internal gaze down the line of your nose, mouth, and finally, your heart.

3. Breathing Technique: Inhale through your nose for five seconds as your tummy contracts, hold for one second at your heart, and exhale for five seconds while your tummy expands. Visualize the energy flow.

4. Transition: Move your thumb to your middle finger and then let go of all distractions. Your goal is solely to breathe and count until you experience a "doze-off" moment.

5. Conclusion: Return your focus, seal your energy, open your eyes, and refresh your body with a smudging action. You have successfully completed your day’s practice.

Remember, the objective is not the duration of the sitting but the attainment of the 'doze-off' moment, which marks the effective transfer of FU power into the preheaven side. Efficiency, not duration, is the key to successful cultivation.

We hope this comprehensive guide aids you in your cultivation journey, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder your progress. If you have questions or uncertainties, make sure you contact Jee Sifu (Cia Juan) for guidance!  Do not hesitate to e-mail and ask questions!