Fong's Journey: From Western Ideals to Embracing Taoism

My name is Fong, a 70-year-old Chinese American who was born in British Hong Kong. Throughout my life, I've been heavily influenced by Western culture and ideals, initially by the British and later by the Americans. My parents, while Buddhists, sent me to Catholic school at a young age. The rituals and pageantry captured my attention, and along with the biblical stories I watched in Hollywood films, I found myself drawn towards Catholicism. However, attending Sunday mass regularly didn't seem to foster a closer connection to God for me.

Taoism was always present in my life, though my early adoption of Western ideologies made it difficult for me to explore my Chinese heritage in depth. However, things started to change in 2015 when I stumbled upon the Chi in Nature YouTube channel while researching airguns. Though I noted the Taoist altar set up in the background, I didn't give it much thought at the time.

Around 2019, I tuned into a NYC Chinese radio station featuring a Taoist narrating his numerous exorcism experiences. Intrigued, I found a seed of curiosity planted in my mind. By the spring of 2022, with anti-Chinese sentiment on the rise due to COVID-19 and geopolitical tensions, I found myself drawn to my Chinese roots. Intrigued by the mystical aspects of Taoism, I decided to reach out to Jee Sifu and eventually joined the lineage.

Jee Sifu, despite being nearly half my age, is an impressive religious teacher. His friendliness, humility, and patience combined with his enthusiasm for modern technology deeply impressed me. He has effectively brought Taoism into the modern age, leveraging various social media tools.

I've personally experienced the divine intervention of our God, Sam Law Jo Si, who has saved my life twice in the past six months. Both incidents were car-related. The first incident occurred during a night drive on a desolate highway, where I nearly drove off the road at 75 mph. Miraculously, we managed to stop in time, avoiding any accidents or injuries. The second incident was a near head-on collision on a foggy, rainy suburban road. I managed to swerve just in time, narrowly avoiding an oncoming car. Throughout these incidents, I was protected by a Sam Law Jo Si FU talisman in my car.

One of my regrets is not having discovered Taoism at a younger age. Time feels short, and as a slow learner, I'm concerned about not being able to absorb enough of this wisdom. My hope is to learn as much as I can now, so that I can continue this journey in my next life - a life under our lineage.


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