Why Wealth Booster FU Never Worked for You

In Taoist Magic, we use FU talismans all the time, especially using “Wealth Booster FU” to help us do better in life. However, many people might encounter the same moment of doubt. You might think of this question “If this wealth booster really works, why would the master be super-rich and retired already?” or “if this wealth booster really works, then how come many people still have to work hard to earn their money?” That is normal, and I used to think like that before too.

The short answer is – Taoist magic wealth booster FU and magic does work for real, and it is super amazingly powerful. I said this from my personal experience, and it is a fact because it has helped me a lot in the past. However, it is not what you might think a wealth booster is.

The wealth booster is like you got a financial advisor or a strategist around you, helping you with things you need some advice on and so on. Imagine you are a CEO of a company, and you have a super smart guy around being your advisor and strategist. However, you are the boss and what can the strategist do for you if you decided to just stay home and watch TV all day? Why is the strategist not “working”? Because you are not using him!

When I was young, many people around me love to buy weights and fitness equipment like they are Feng Shui charms. They “want” to get fit, and so they bought a treadmill machine, then they bought a bunch of exercise balls, some weights, and so on. Very soon, they all have a “gym” at home, and yet none of them seem to look better or get anywhere near “fit”. Turn out that most of them only bought the equipment, and then let them eat dust at home. Sounds like one of the people you know?

Wealth booster FU is a FU, it’s a tool, it’s a magical tool for you to communicate with the god that was assigned to stay with you and help you with things you need help with. When this FU is being done for you, a god is being assigned from the altar to follow you home. The FU is like a ticket, and also a communication device, which you can hold and “talk to the god” to ask for help. What can god do for you if all you do is hang the FU on your neck or put it in your wallet? Isn’t that just like letting your exercise equipment eat dust?

How to Use the FU

Here is the secret – when you got the FU, you need to activate it to unseal the power. Read the instruction on the website!

The second thing you should be doing is finding a way to carry the FU just like how you carry a phone. What you want to do is make sure that it is easy to access the FU, and it is protected from physical damage (or even spiritual damage).

Now that your FU is easily accessible, you need to USE IT to make use of the power inside. I am trying to make it super simple here:

  • Hold the FU in your right hand to tell the god in the FU something, like leaving an SMS message.
  • Hold the FU in your left hand to receive the power from the god in the FU, or pump the power into yourself.
  • Hold the FU in your palms (clamp between the palms) to communicate with the god in the FU. This is like real time chat, not like a SMS message.

For example, I would clamp the FU between the palms and have a nice talk with the god inside, explaining my concern and what kind of help I want. Remember to close your eyes when talking to the god inside too. Here is an example of what I would say:

“Wealth god, I am disciple Tin-X, I requested this FU because I am facing a hurdle in my company now. The hurdle is that many people are not being productive and helpful, we need to hire more useful people to save the company. Please give me any guidance and help possible.”

After a while, I thought of doing an advertisement online, so I decided to do some research to see what’s best to do. Then I hold my FU in my right hand and closed my eyes and tell the wealth god:

“Wealth god, I am going to do research now, hope I can find some good ideas to reach out to those useful people. Please give me some help and guidance!”

After saying it, I put the FU in front of my monitor so that the FU power can shine on me and help me as I do my research. Wow, somehow there goes some good idea, I found an article talking about hiring people in this special website. Immediately, I grab the FU with my left hand and closed my eyes, then speak to the wealth god:

“Wealth God! I got this website and they say this and that, what do you think? Is this a good idea?! I will use a pair of coins to do a simple divination so you can show me the way!”

I opened my eyes, hold 2 coins in my right hand while keeping the FU on the left hand, then I tossed the coins to get 3 results, using them like a divination cup!

From the result, I got “Yang, Yang, St”, which seems to be positive and worth a try!  I went ahead and signed up. Turn out there are some nice candidates coming to interview after 1 week of effort!

You see how I use the FU compared to how most of you would be using the FU? Most of you would just “wear it” or “tape it up somewhere”, and you are totally not utilizing the FU god at all, missing out all the fun interaction between you and the god. Remember a FU is not a piece of paper, there is a god inside that is assigned to help you! 

Have questions? E-mail me!  Want to get some Wealth Booster FU now and try it out? Sure!