Magic Learning Newbie Must Read

I want to make it very concise and give you the best lesson for learning magic here, especially if you are in Tin Yat Stage (initiated), or you might be in Saam Law Stage (ordained). This lesson would be the most important one you need to know. I will break it down into 3 parts, just like the “Saam” Law (3 systems). Patience, read, these are METAPHORS and patterns.

  1. Sky
  2. Ground
  3. Human

Sky – The Source

To do “magic” you must first find your SOURCE of power. Imagine you have appliances in your hand, then you need to find a plug somewhere to get power. For Tin Yat Stage and Saam Law Stage newbies, I want you to be super-simple-minded to keep things easy. Your main source of power is called Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師, It’s your main god. It’s like saying a Christian would always go pray to their “god” or “Jesus”. If you don’t know the other guys, just find this main one.  Simple?

Saam Law Jo Si the god, where is he? He is in the preheaven dimension, far away from you, and not anywhere close to you. But wait, because you have initiated/ordained, you can now reach him by using the heart spell!  When you recite your heart spell, it’s like dialling the phone number to connect to Saam Law Jo Si and getting the power channelled over to you!  After the initiation process, Saam Law Jo Si will leave a “clone” of his power inside your energy body.  From now on, every time you call him up again by using the heart spell, you will no longer need to find the “him” that is far away. You will connect to his clone inside your energy body instead, and that will allow the “clone” and the original to sync instantly!

Remember, Saam Law Jo Si is now “inside your energy body” and residing “in your heart”. When you need power, use heart spell (eyes closed) and you will call up this power inside you right away.

Ground – The Receiving End

The ground is the subject that takes the power from the sky, like where you want the power to go “into”. Sky is the bullet and gun, then you need a target to shoot the bullet into. The ground is referring to the subject to be worked on. Let’s say you want to do magic to your computer, then your computer becomes the ground. Your own body can also be a ground, if you want to do magic to yourself.

Sometimes a ground cannot take the magic directly, it might need a medium too. For example, you have some disinfecting spray, but you can’t just pour it all on the floor to disinfect the house. Therefore, you put the spray liquid into a spray gun and then fog the whole place with it. There goes a “way” for the power to be deployed. In magic, we often put the power into water, smoke, light, sound etc. for it to be deployed to the space or other things around us too.

Human – What Result

The human stage is about what is the desired result you want to happen or achieve. For example, I want the magic power to go into the office, for the result of people being more harmonized and productive. The result and the desired effect is the “human” stage.

It’s very simple, you need power, a place to put the power, and a purpose or way for the power to be used!

A very typical way we do magic is like this – heart spell channel in the power, shoot the power to something, then draw symbols and such to relay the message for what we want the power to do for us (ie. Exorcise the evil energy).

This is magic!  It’s always like that, just that it can sometimes get more complex because of the micro details and differences in spells and such. Without a source, there is no magic. A lot of people don’t understand and only look around for spells/symbols/FU etc. It’s like you only have a lot of codes, but your computer is not turned on at all. What can the codes do for you anyway? What makes magic real is the source behind all the magic work.

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