Who Needs Taoist Magic and Taoism

Most people don’t realize they need Taoism and Taoist magic, because it isn’t popular and it’s not something you learn in school. We know that we need a doctor when we are sick, we need a car mechanic when our car breaks down, we need a chef when we want to eat a good meal, but who needs Taoist Magic or a Taoist?

Taoism is a religion, and it was always one from the beginning. Just like all other religions, be it Catholic, Muslim, Buddhism, Shintoism, anything out there that you can find, it is all about the touching spiritual side of life that is ignored by the modern society today (well, most of the time). Now you might ask, why Taoism and not the others? What’s so special about Taoism?

All religions give you some sort of spiritual guidance, and they offer you some sort of idea behind why we are here, what happens when we die, and what you should do to those who are passed away. However, Taoism’s approach is very different from the rest in a way. Taoism is specialized in Taoist Magic, and it has a strong sense of spiritual vigilance because we know that not all spiritual entities are good, just like not all humans are good here. Sometimes spiritual entities will want to crossover, do harm or manipulate people. Not to mention that even humans will do the same to the ghosts and spirits sometimes on some occults too, such as enslaving spirits, baby ghosts, or even worshipping evil gods to do bad deeds, and all that is done for their benefit. Taoist Magic is specialized in bringing justice to this world whenever the normal police and military cannot handle the situation. In a way, Taoists are supposed to be like nature’s police who take care of the peace between these different dimensions beyond the physical world we see with our eyes.

It might be a ghost, a spirit, or just some “energies” that are messed up and cannot be detected or fixed by the physical/scientific method. It’s hard to explain to someone when you are seeing ghosts, or when you are being haunted by 30 years of non-stop bad luck making your life so horrible and suffering like there is no turnover forever. Just saying that these victims are “crazy” or have “mental illness” doesn’t solve the problem, because the modern method of dealing with it is all just isolating them into a hospital and locking them up – because they are “mentally ill”. Every victim of an evil spirit attack or evil magic attack knows what is going on in their heart, it’s just that no one can really fight back for them, and eventually, they got burnt out and gave up their right to control their body – and we call those “crazy” people.

Taoist Magic is specialized in dealing with exorcism, spiritual problems, and handling tough sorcery attacks. Our gods have given us wisdom and knowledge to diagnose the problems and apply the right solution to fix the problems. It’s like a mechanic can diagnose your car and give you the right solution.

Now you might think that “I am not a victim” so I don’t need Taoism then. Think thrice!  If you are weak, then you will be bullied. If you are uneducated, you will be tricked. Spiritual entities are always around the corner waiting to see who is weak and vulnerable. Spiritual attacks don’t even need to “look like one”. You don’t have to see a ghost, feel goosebumps, or have nightmares. They can just suck up your soul energy and you will just “feel tired all the time”, or “feeling unmotivated all the time” or suddenly “lost interest and love in my girlfriend” like there is no explanation. Spiritual attacks are like sniper attacks or hackers’ attacks, they are always very sneaky and not traceable. Imagine you are the one trying to hack into someone’s bank account with a computer, would you want to be seen or traced?  The fact is, you don’t even know if you are being spiritually targeted or not at this moment.

I am not trying to scare you here, but that’s the case most of the time. Most of the people coming to me DO HAVE spiritual crap at the back doing things to them causing them to have all sorts of issues in life that don’t even “seems like a spiritual problem”.  However, once you start to cultivate Taoist magic, build your altar, get stronger and set up your “walls” at home with the Taoist magic, you will see the changes. Spiritual crap will back off or be forced to get out of your property, and eventually, the difference will show you the answer.

There was a case, a person used to hear weird noises in a certain area of the house, and it always “feels creepy” there, always cold and cannot feel “comfortable” there. After learning Taoist magic with us, setting up the altar and all that, the problem is gone, and everywhere seems normal now. What was that then?

You need to start learning Taoist magic no matter whether you have or not have any “cases” on you at the moment, because you never know what is tagging you at the moment. You will only know when you start to set up your “walls” and get stronger and force the evil crap to reveal themselves when they have to let go of their evil claws.  Even if you do NOT have a case with you, no worry, you just get stronger and know some spiritual defence – that makes your life more peaceful, and you can use it to help others around you too. Who doesn’t want to have some power to protect their family and friends?

If you have seen all those myths and stories from the past or “ancient” times, it’s all about evils fighting with the gods by messing up the human realm. It is real and it has never stopped. This place we live in today is still filled and packed with spiritual attacks and crossover, they just don’t get acknowledged as much or got labelled “unclassified” or “mental illness” and being ignored because there isn’t a “scientific way” to deal with it. At the same time, many religious paths out there is not focus on exorcism and the “fighting” part of spiritual cultivation. That is why Taoist magic stands out from the crowd, because this is what we always focus on, and you need this to keep the world at peace. Peace is earned by you being stronger, and it is not given or granted. If we are weak, we get bullied and controlled over, just like how it works in the physical world.

Stop thinking so much, click the link to start learning with our free initiation and I am sure the result will prove itself to you after you have started to cultivate and use the magic yourself. Remember, Jee Sifu (myself) is always here, you can e-mail me to ask for help if you have a serious case on your back. We will not tolerate any evils!