Taoist Magic VS Sun Gung Magic

Many people might be confused why sometimes we say we are teaching Taoist Magic, and sometimes we go by Saam Law Sun Gung and now even “Saam Law Immortal Magic”? This article will give you a crystal-clear answer!  If you have not yet heard of our FREE initiation, do so now to get started and learn some magic to protect yourself and your loved ones!  Best of all, it’s free!

Saam Law Tao

Yes, we are a Taoism lineage, and we teach Taoism magic. However, we have taught a lot of disciples over the years and experience has taught us that not everyone likes a high-commitment route. A lot of people don’t even know what is Taoism, they thought this is just doing Tai Chi and maybe even Yoga!  To get ordained right away sounds like a big commitment, and what’s even worse is the pay-wall that pushed these curious Tao-seekers away. What? $300+ to get started? No thanks.

That is right, Taoist magic requires the practitioner to cultivate virtues, be disciplined, and a lot more commitment than you might have thought, which most people are not ready for when they first started. For example, when I tell them that they need to ditch every religious and spiritual path and go with just this one – 99% of them will bounce away immediately. Most people like trying before buying these days, and that is how the trend goes for apps in the google play store too. Most of them are free to try, like then buy, it’s a common thing these days.

Our gods have witnessed this and guided us to solve this problem. Saam Law Immortal Magic is the solution.

Saam Law Immortal Magic

This whole new approach is very much like what we have said above. Free to try, like then buy. It’s not watered down or a “demo only” kind of magic, it’s legitimate and it’s a real initiation, but taking out all the stuff that people disliked. It requires very little commitment, you can have other spiritual paths, and you do not need to follow any discipline rules and such. On top of that, we are even releasing shorter spells that are easier to learn, and more content to teach people how to apply the magic to their daily life situations. It’s a lot of good stuff, so what’s the catch here?

The immortal magic path basically doesn’t talk or cultivate anything about the life after this one, so you are just dealing with things in this life. The high commitment path with “Taoist magic” will get you ready for the next life journey and also can advance toward things like soul travelling and witnessing other dimensions that the body cannot travel to etc.

Saam Law Sun Gung

You can see “Saam Law 三羅” as a brand name, Sun Gung 神功 means the cultivation of gods, which is what we practice or do. No matter Taoist or Immortal magic, both of them are Sun Gung. However, Immortal magic doesn’t deal with life afterward and Taoist magic does.

Being in the lineage, you are a disciple, then you can do immortal magic. Being ordained to the Tao of Saam Law, you become a Taoist and you can do everything. You can kind of see it now – Taoist magic is the ultimate way to go, and immortal magic is like a sub-division for those who are not ready yet and want to start easy and causal first.

Can You Do Taoist Magic LATER?

Once you start to learn in our lineage, you are automatically on the SLIM route (Saam Law Immortal Magic), and you can start your TAOIST route anytime you want – just go ahead and get ordained, then move to Sun Lung Stage.

Saam Law Stage, you are a Taoist already but you are not expected to commit that much since you are still a newbie and you might be wanting to take it easy first. Therefore, we have made Saam Law Stage easier and slower pace for the newcomers. Sun Lung Stage is where you decide and say, “ THIS IS IT!  And you will be a Taoist for the rest of your life.  That is also why you will get your second name as an officer for the celestial court in Sun Lung Stage.  This name means you are now allowed to work for the gods, for the Tao, and you will help the Tao bring the Tao power to more people in need. However, just like being a nurse or a doctor, if you want to help people then you need to have skills and knowledge, no one can just “help” people with a good heart. In Sun Lung Stage, you should be a better learner, being proactive and LOVE learning so you can fulfil the promise that you will spread the Tao to others.

Now that you know what is the difference between Taoist Magic, Sun Gung and Immortal magic, you can begin learning by going through the FREE initiation!  Nothing is better than trying it yourself!