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What are Statues on a Taoism Altar For?

Tin Jee Magic Lessons Statues and Deities

Statues on a Saam Law Sun Gung Taoism altar is for the cultivation of energies, by programming them or converting them into a certain property for a certain magical usage. Not all statues are used for the same purpose, but they are mostly all like a container that stores and accumulates energies for us and shapes the energies into a certain form. 

That is why we have statues on our altars, and they are not for praying or worshiping any “spirits” or entities of any sorts. You might have heard of other sects of Taoism saying that they “pray” to some deities or something like that, but that is not how our lineage use them. Here, we will present you our knowledge of Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist magic and the way how we use statues on our altar.

Basically, there are two types of statues. One is a human-looking category, and another type is an animal-looking category. They are used for cultivating energies of different properties for doing magic work.  Every statue is programmed, activated and empowered by a certain method, with a certain FU and other elements infused into it, to make this statue a magic tool for us. The magic work behind every statue is very complex and advanced, but the practitioner must know that they are at least not praying to a dragon, a lion or something like that, in order to not went off-shoot with their intention.

To program, activate and empower a statue takes a lot of work, but to upkeep them and build up their power is also a long-term investment for the owner too. Every day, the statues will be consuming your time and energy to accumulate power and essence into them, and so that they can reward you in helping you back with their magical powers. The main purpose of having statues is to have them help us, just like all magical tools!

Benefits of Having Statues on Altars

Human-looking and animal-looking statues are both useful for their own purpose, but for the beginners in our lineage, I always suggest them to get the animal-looking category first, which we call them the “guardian statues”.

These guardian statues are not related to real animals, and they are spiritual animals either. They are containers for your energies to be stored in, and be programmed, to create your own “guardian powers”. The benefit of having these guardian statues is simple to help you guard the altar and help you execute your magic work, just what a guardian team does.

They protect and help you do work, move things around better or make up for the things you are lacking. For example, a new disciple might not know a lot about the magic work they are doing, and they tried to do a spell but got some words wrong or missing, or even a few procedures mixed up. In that case, the guardian statues will be there to help them make up for the missing parts, fill in the blanks, or put things back to the right place before the magic work is finally executed.

For the more advanced disciples, they might be doing FU talismans, or performing a ritual for exorcism, and they are by chance facing a tough case, or in need of a power-boost to get things done. In that case, they can use the guardian statue’s energy to empower the FUs and magic that they have done, to give them a power boost, making the magic work more powerful and be able to deal with the threats. 

The human-looking statues are very different from the animal statues. As you can see, they are human and usually sitting down on something, which shows you that they don’t move around and do work, unlike the animals that move around.

taoism statues - Saam Ching

Human-looking statues are programmed to accumulate essence and cultivate energies, at the same time they are like big light bulbs sitting on your altar, radiating their heat and light outward to give protection and empowerments to your altar and you when you work in front of the altar. Imagine how it feels when you put a cup of water on the table, versus a cup of water in front a hot fireplace? Everything you do gets “heated up” when you have these statues glowing and burning off their energies on the altar.

When we are doing magic work, the statues empower us and protect us from external threats. When we need more power of a certain type to be infused to a FU or something, we can also pull out some power essence from the statue and inject it into the FU or subject (or even into the person/victim). If the statue’s property matches what you need, you will get a big boost in your magic work’s effectiveness.

Besides the on-location purpose of the statues, at the end of the year, we will also send off the remaining energies on the statues back to the Pre-Heaven dimensions, and back into our Yuen-Sun, the spiritual planetary body. When that happens, it is like the cultivation of “Te” , giving back to where it started.  We are pumping these cultivated energies that we have been cultivating for the whole year back to our Yuen-Sun, which will then repair, replenish and rejuvenate our Yuen-Sun, giving us a better future in the years-to-come.

Statues can benefit you while they are still being cultivated at the altar, and also when you send them off back to your Yuen-Sun to improve your life in the future. In another word, they are good for the present and future at the same time. 


Statues for Believers

We strongly advise our clients who have encountered a spiritual problem to have an altar opened at home, with us, and have at least one or three statues up the altar for their protection purposes. Those people who just went through a rough time with spiritual cases needs a statue to help them recover and prevent the case from coming back to harm them again.

A statue will allow them to accumulate their daily negative energies into the altar, and the altar will digest the negative energies, neutralizing them back to the Pre-Heaven state, and storing them into the statue as a form of essence. This statue will then give off its energy and power to empowers and protect the area, the house and the person that is in front of it or connected to it. When the owner burns incense every day or do their altar work, they are actually getting a cleanse and detox session from the altar already.

For disciples, statues are magic tools and can be used for many advanced magic.

For believers, statues can be their best protection system that protects, guards and help them to repair some long term issues with their life. In another word, it’s a must-have for any believers or clients who want some protection power at home.

You do not need to be in our lineage to have a statue altar opened for you. Even if you are in another path, or you are just wanting to try our magic out, you can still request for a statue activation (given that the statue is what we can use for our magic purpose). 


Cultivation and Maintenance of Statues

To upkeep a statue altar is very simple to start with, basically, there is an incense pot, candles and some cups and dishes and that’s basically it. Every day, you must do your incense burning according to how we will be teaching you, and change your cups and dishes with fresh water and tea, or sometimes even liquor such as rice wine. For the dishes, it’s usually some beans, salt, or other food. You may also put up flowers, fruits, and other food on special occasions.

The reason why we put food up the altar is not because of any deities or spirits that need your food, but as we all know, food have energies, including their Pre-Heaven energies!  We eat food and benefit from its physical plus its spiritual elements at the same time.

By putting food on the altar, you are uploading and accumulating these natural energies as part of your altar’s accumulation method. Every day, you will be changing out some small things such as the water, tea or liquor. These small uploads are for helping your altar to cycle energies, like how you have to water your plants daily or help your cats dump their poop away.

Besides the basic maintenance of the altar, from time to time, you can also burn some FUs and such to empower the statues and altar or to do rites and such to empower it too. A basic statue altar can also grow to a pretty intensive one when the person learns more and more about how altar works. 

No matter how complex it gets, the basic purpose of statues does not change, and that to act as an energy container, and it shapes/programs the energies into something you need, then to benefit you back in all sorts of ways. Cultivation of statues is one of the essential subjects in Saam Law Sun Gung magic and is a very important thing to have for a magic working altar too.  

Your altar is always protected when you have the statues up, and the statues will never by “taken over” by any spirits or entities if they are programmed, activated and empowered by us.  They are only there to help and empowers your altar to a much more powerful setup.   Different statues are for different purposes, and we have statues that we picked for certain purposes, for example, the Saam Ching statues that is one of our signature pick for most disciples is one that you should look into for a start!  If you are interested in getting a statue altar started, feel free to e-mail us anytime and we can get you started!

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