What are Statues on a Taoism Altar For?

What are Statues on a Taoism Altar For?

Statues on Taoist AltarStatues on a Taoist altar is a magical tool, which acts as a container for a specific type of pre-heaven energy. The reasons for Taoists to use statues is pretty much the same as how many different cultures started with their practice of using statues too. Making the complex things easy to understand, we will go back to ABC here. Let’s rewind our life back to the baby time, when we have our first “statue”, which is often a doll, or some kind of figures that we always hold in our hand for some reasons.

During our baby time, we don’t know much about this world, but our parents might give us some superhero figures and tell us that this is a powerful guy. Later on, we get more exposed to comics, cartoons and even movies that got this powerful guy showing off its power, kicking the bad guy’s butt, and saving the world. As you get more exposed to the character’s power through different methods, you will have a different feeling toward your toy, your stuffed animal or the action figure.  As you can see, the spiritual power there is already building up inside you.

As a kid, we don’t do even need to go to school to learn how to convert these inner spiritual energy into power. We pick up the batman and we move it around, make it “fly” and make sounds, pretend it is shooting out stuff, and we play with it!   No one taught you how to play, but we all know how to play with these figures. Every kids do the same thing – Boom!  Bang!  Kaboom!  Fly in the air, smash on the chair, we just move it around and let the figure go crazy with its power, right?  

After all the play time, you feel so good about this special hero figure now, because you have “seen” its power when you play with it. One day, another kid came into your house and bring in his figure, what happen then?  Simply, you guys bring out the hero and battle!  If your figure “wins” the battle, you are happy and the more you will ‘trust’ the “him” that you are holding.  It is not a real human being or real “being”, but it is already real in your mind, isn’t it? 

The more you play with the figure, the more heart energy you store into it, and the more power it gets from you. The more you trust it, the more it is connected to you too.

One day, something freaky happened, and you are scared. Maybe its your first day going to school, and you are very scared to be away from home for the first time in life.  You started crying and your mom gave you the little hero figure to hold. She will tell you things like do you remember how powerful this hero is?  Do you remember its super moves?  No worry, this hero will protect you, just hold it in your hand.

It doesn’t make any sense, how can a figure toy protect you?  But after 5 minutes, you felt calmer, you felt more settled, and somehow you have the courage to move your butt to school. Why is that happening?  Well, that’s magic! 😊


Statues on the Altar

As you can see from the lesson above, statues can contain a lot of spiritual energy from you. When you need its help, it can also pump energies back to you and help your “spiritual side” to get stronger, which allows you to get over with some tough situations when our mental side is not strong enough to handle the problem. Just like a kid feel that he cannot go to school and leave mommy, the figure gave him the courage and power to get through this and made it possible for him to keep going.

You might think that we are all adults and we are very strong now, we don’t need any little figures to help us.  However, that’s not true.  Taoist magic takes this to a different level. We learned about how statues work, and so we do it in a more professional way, which result in a greater and more powerful help than just getting us to feel safer going to school on our own.

Statues can hold energies, because they are containers, and what kinds of energies we will put into it can vary. We can also program the energies too, so that they will be special and unique, giving you a specific kind of help.

In our article of “Gods and Deities”, you will learn about what Gods are and it will open you up to a whole new understanding of what we are actually dealing with in Taoism and Taoist magic practice. In short, they are not any “beings” but different powers in the deep nature. Human discovers them, and channel them to this world with a name, just like opening an account for these higher powers.

Statues are then used as a container for these higher powers. The statue can contain the energies and let us cultivate it daily, invest into it daily, and “farm” this energy at our altar.  After a long period of time investing into the statues, we will then be able to withdraw from them and put them into different things that needs the help.


Statues and Communication

Gods and deities are not like another living beings. They are energies, but not the ordinary energies in this world. These energies are like the energy of your mind, you will need to treat them like “as if” they are human beings, in order to connect to them, and in order to communicate with them later on.  Just like kids treating their stuffed animals “as if” they are real, talking to them and playing with them. Over a period of time, the kids will be able to sense the happy, sad, or emotions from the stuffed animal, because they are sensing the “heart” energy in these things.

In order to invest into the statues in Taoist magic, you also have to treat them as if they are “human” and communicate with them like that too. At the same time, you do have to understand that they are not humans.  This theory is called “Cultivating the fake to get the real” 借假練真, which you can watch the video lecture below to understand more…!




Benefits of Statues on the Altars

In short, statues on the altars are very powerful. They act like a storage for the special powers, and they also radiate their energy out to empower your altar and living area. When you need their special powers, you can also withdraw them and inject them into people, things or even your magical work to make things better.

The first thing you must do in order to get these statues working, is to bond them to a power source, which connects them to the specific pre-heaven powers. The statues itself does not do anything, it is the power that you bond it to that makes it “work”. Different sects and religions can be using similar statues, but the powers that the statues is bonded with is not the same.  If you are in our lineage, you will get your statues to be bonded to the powers that we connects to in this lineage, and not the powers from another sect. Here is an article about consecrating a Taoist statue - it's a lof of work!

After the statues are connected to the higher powers, it will then need to be “fed’ by you daily, in order to accumulate your energies and cultivate it to make it “grow” at your altar.

When your statues are fed enough, you will be able to use its power and even request help from them too.  Different kinds of statues for different kinds of powers. For example, the Guan Yin, Jiu Tian Xuan Nu, the Saam Ching (Three Pure Ones) are all connected to different powers and they can benefit you in different ways. 

Well cultivated statues can give you lots of help and protection in life, as well as protecting your home and family. Get started today by getting ordained, and learn to get a Taoist altar built up today!