Consecration of Taoist Statues Full Ceremony

Consecration of Taoist Statues Full Ceremony

Taoist Statues

Consecration of a Taoist statue on the altar is never simple, because it is always a big deal, which is to be taken seriously, for a lifetime of good energy to come. A properly consecrated statue on the altar will benefit the user, while a poorly done or even a ceremony with nothing done - can lead to a lot of dangers and even a lot of tragic events.

The taoist statue is just a doll when it is out of the factory, it's like buying a hello kitty statue, or a sponge bob statue, it doesn't have any magical effect even you worship them with all your heart energy. Statues are nothing but a decoration only, until you consecrated them and give them a "life", with power, programmed parts, and activated to unleash the power out of the statue and gives off its light and energy to the altar and the user that is using it.

You can read more on our "why we use statue in Taoism" post or just directly watch the video lecture below about what statue is for on the Taoist altar:

Here you will see a full ceremony on consecrating a statue with the Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung. So much work for a single statue, definitely not just a flashy 15mins ceremony..!

Wow, that is a long ceremony isn't it?  Taoist magic is not for show, everything in the video is actually very important and critical for a statue to be "complete" and be "born".

There are stuffings in the statue, which are all prepared in advanced. In the bunch of items, there is also a pile of FU Talismans, which is also done 1 week before the ceremony above. Oh mine, the FU Talisman is another long ceremony... let's take a look at how FU Talismans are "chick'd" (consecrated) in this video below:

You might not even thought of all these hard work behind a ceremony, because most of the videos online are only showing you a short ceremony that is no longer than 10-15mins and TA DA! - there goes a consecrated statue.

As I said all the time, how much you put into things is much how it got. If all you put is 10-15mins of work, then that is a 10-15mins worth fo power.  This consecration ceremony in the video above took over 1 hour, then it will of course have more inside the FU or statue than a 10mins microwave-FU, logical enough?

What's more important is that the statue consecration is not just about doing some random spells and sprinkling some water then call that a ceremony. There is actually a structure to the ceremony and its like a fully loaded meal with everything placed in the right order for a complete consecration to be done. It's all like "science" in a way, because everything can be explained with the theory in the lineage.

Get your hands on it today, ordain and learn! :)