Consecration of Taoist Statues Explained

You see people have statues on their Taoist altar all the time, but how many of you know the importance of getting them consecrated before “worshiping” them? There are people who just started off by worshiping a statue they bought from the store and later got into a lot of problems because their statue got “hijacked” by evil things. It is not news that these statues can go very wrong when you don’t do things right. Here we will talk about what we do during the consecration ceremony and why you need this to be done for your statue.

Keep in mind that these statues last forever. You can be paying a lot for the work, but it is done for a statue that could last a whole lifetime, it’s worth doing it.


Why Need Consecration?

The way how statue works – if you don’t consecrate it and just buy one from the shop and start “worshipping” it… that’s how it usually goes, it is your FAITH energy that is being invested into the statue. In a short, you are believing something without the need to proof it is real, it’s a blind believe like how kids believe something, and they don’t question about it. Over time, they keep committing to the statue by action, like burning incense or doing rituals etc. With a real and genuine heart, with faith, this heart energy will accumulate and be stored in the statue. It will soon become a heart of its own. The faith power gathers up and became the “spiritual embryo” Sun Toy 神胎 and soon mature up and become a god that you created. It’s simple, it’s a natural way of magic, and that is how all religion started. No one need to pay a dime to do it, you can worship a rock with a happy face or maybe a plastic figure of superman, it’s the same thing. You are making a god of your own and giving it a profile. It works, and it’s real!

However, by consecrating, it’s not like this anymore. Now you can imagine there is already a god that was made by someone and trained, cultivated, made strong, by the effort and investment of many people before you. This is not like your level 1 god, it’s like a level 999 god with the PRO label on it. Consecrating, means that your statue will get a copy of this PRO god, like a clone of the god, and now you can start to cultivate it from there.

It’s like someone give you an apple tree by planting the whole grown tree in your backyard, instead of you trying to grow one from seed yourself.

What’s better than starting from an already matured and cultivated god, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel and start from scratch. Also, you don’t have the risk of your god being hijacked and bullied during that baby stage. It’s very important that your god stayed “yours”!  A hijacked god statue will be like a hacker who took over your computer, they can put you to a spin, they can threaten you and your family, and they can also steal everything you have including your family’s energy and life.


How is it Done

Consecrating a statue is done by a professional, like me. Who have already cultivated our own gods, not from seed stage, but from inheriting the gods from our lineage’s god in the preheaven.  You see, even I won’t start a new god myself from “baby stage”!

Consecration of a statue is broken down into 5 main phases.

  1. Invoking the gods to the altar
  2. Submitting the request and form about the consecration
  3. Bringing down the power into a carrier – like FUs
  4. Applying the FUs into the new statue to get the gods into it.
  5. Final empowerment to give it protection and more power.

This is the simplest structure of the consecration ceremony. The more complex parts are all just adding details into each of them. For example, we need to activate the different parts of the statue to give the gods some “features” such as the hand, the feet, the eyes, etc. If we don’t set in the features, then your gods will not have those features because there was never an agreement about what this statue can do. 

The statue itself also needs to be cleansed and purified before all these works are done. Sometimes the shops are very dirty, as in full of polluted energies.

The good thing about having it consecrated by someone like me, a professional, is that if your statue is facing an attack, there will be support coming in from my side to protect your statue and god too. With this kind of support, there will be a much smaller risk of anyone wanting to even try hacking your statue.


Who Need One?

You, or anyone who have an altar setup in the lineage, you need statues. If you cannot afford the pricey version, then do the “small” version first and get it started.  You can save up and invest into the big consecration later. Saving up a bit every month for it, make plans for it, that’s a way to show commitment to your gods too. It will all become the god’s power later because of your commitment.

For those who need this, you can find our service for consecrating a statue in our webstore.

If you want to learn how to do it, you would need to first ordain, then build your altar, and you shall be able to do this after you have learned a while in Sun Lung stage. This is an advance topic, but there are newbies way to consecrate statue too. However, we still highly recommend you get us to do it for you and not risk the danger of having a baby-statue that could be hijacked easily.