Wealth Cleansing Magic 淨財

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What is Wealth Cleansing Magic?

This could be the most easy-to-understand term out of all purifying spells. Whenever someone gifts you an object, it is hard for you to tell what kind of energies stay on it, or if the person is gifting you with bad intentions, or even worse, with some evil stuff over it, and this is a good time to apply this magic.

This spell is to cleanse objects to the extent that the energies on them get neutralized so they become your “wealth”, which is something you can keep. This is very useful, especially for any money you receive. As you are well aware, money circulates daily and everywhere in the world. No one knows who have touched a bill or the history that comes with the bill in your hand now. However, if you cleanse it and neutralize the energies on it, at least those old energies will be gone and you will simply be placing a bill with neutral energy into your wallet.

Secondhand items are always no go for me, and I don’t suggest you taking the risks linked to these items. Regardless, there are times when you don’t have a choice but keep such items. What can you do in such case? I have a real-life example here. Jenny told Tom to keep a few boxes at his house and she would pick them up a few months later. Tom agreed . However, the energies on them were so bad that whenever he walked by the boxes he would feel very negative and headache would kick in. What option did he have, since he was not in a place to just throw out the boxes?  Fortunately, he was able to apply this wealth cleansing magic to neutralize the objects, remove the unwanted, negative and evil energies on them, and make the items good to stay again.

Take note that this magic is not the same as exorcism or cleansing an object. It merely neutralizes the object so you can keep it without being harmed by it, so in our example above, once Jenny took back the boxes, the old energies would resurface and she would be the one encountering those evil energies because the evil energies belong to her. If the boxes belonged to Tom, the negative energies would have been completely neutralized forever.

From the above, you can see that this magic is applicable to things that belong to you, so you can keep the items and be unaffected by any negative energies. However, sometimes the evil energies on an object can be too strong and this magic is not enough to deal with such energies. In this case, you will need to apply other types of magic to exorcise the evil energies.


Hold the Ching Jing Handsign with your right hand, recite your heart spell and the Wealth Cleansing Spell, then fire the magic into the object and blast the power onto it. Simple and quick.

If one time is not sufficient to do the work, apply the double-handsign method and do it again for a stronger blast.

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