From Fake Taoism FU to Real Taoism FU

We have talked about Taoism FU a lot in the past, and we all know that you cannot get any real ones for $10 because of how much work is behind and it’s a “request” of help, what kind of help you expect from $10 anyway? However, in this article, I want to talk about how you can make a FAKE Taoism FU become real, even the look could be silly and funny like a cartoon FU, or even a PRINTED FU, you can make it “real” too. After learning this mind-blowing lesson, you might be humble once again and rethink about all those “fake Fus” out there, how many are really fake, and how many are actually real but look fake? Imagine you getting a FU like the one below.

What Makes a FU REAL?

A Taoism FU, is a ticket of request, to request the gods for help. For a FU to be real, it needs to do what it is supposed to do – which is to communicate with the gods. So the first thing we need to know is, what god is this Taoist talking to and do they EVEN have a god to talk to. If one is not in a lineage, and just pretending to be a Taoist on their own, then they have no gods at the back, anything they do is just basically clueless. The Taoist also need to have the gods locally too, that means they need to have an altar setup to do their magic work and such.

The look of the FU doesn’t really matter, because gods do not read the physical FU on the paper, they read the intention you put into it. However, it does matter If the practitioner is using a system or language that their gods approved or not. If the gods never agreed to the system or language, then the FU will not work too, since the gods never agreed.

Have the Taoist/practitioner chick the FU? That means it needs to go through a ceremony to make the FU a legit FU, and submitting it to the gods so that the ticket is sent to the gods that will be doing the work and giving the power to the FU user.

What Makes a FAKE FU Become Real?

A ticket is a ticket, it’s like a message written on paper. Once it is written, and agreed, you can multiply it by saying now these red chips will all means THIS message, and you have 100 red chips, so the message multiplied 100x. In traditional Taoism, you can see this being demonstrated in a situation like how a Taoist burn an exorcism FU into a dish of beans, and then EVERY beans is now an exorcism FU and can be used to splash around for exorcising the evils out of the house.  You don’t need 100000 Fus for every single beans, just one FU and the whole bucket or truck of beans can be converted into FU’d beans.

Think about it this way, if you have 30 key chains, you can burn ONE protection FU into them and make them all become “Protection FU’d Keychain” too. Every keychain will be just like that FU, cloned.

The FU doesn’t get less powerful because of multiplying or cloning, because it is just a message being duplicated, no matter how many times you duplicate it, the power will be the same. Wow, magical right? So, you can design a funny cartoon FU like in my example, and burn a real FU into this pile of cartoon FU and it will still work, because the cartoon FU is just a container, a box, or a cover, it’s not the FU itself.

Why Multiple FU?

I have run a local temple for 10 years in Markham, Ontario, and I knew how it feels when 100s of people request this and that FU at the same time. It’s nice to see they are purchasing, but also feels like hell when you became a human-FU-printer over the weekend. Imagine we have 1000s of believers in the future, how can we do the FU work for them If they all wanted a protection FU on a Sunday morning? I would have a pile of printed or stamped FU in a box, and just burn one FU into it, then instantly there goes my 1000x Fus for everyone. They are happy, I am happy, the god is happy.

There is actually many FU like this in big temples. I am not saying that ALL the temples are nice enough to not scam people with printed fake Fus, but I have seen people doing this in temples where they burn a real FU into a pile of printed fake Fus and then give the fake ones out to the devotees. It is a way to be able to spread the power to many and many more people in one go, which isn’t a wrong thing to do. The fact is, that should be how it is done for spreading the Tao to more people and giving a chance to more people to reach the Tao’s power for help.

Imagine you are doing an exorcism ceremony for yourself and your house, and you need to tape some Fus up for protection, like building a FU-wall to secure the place. Would you rather do 200x real Fus that takes about 5mins each, or you would like to do ONE and multiply them easily in just 5mins for 200 Fus or more…?

Writing the Fus to drink for cultivation is not easy too, some disciples will take a few hours to a whole day writing just 24 Fus. Imagine you have to do that every 2 weeks?  Instead, you can pick a good date and do one set, multiply it into 12 weeks, and there goes a whole year of supply. You can always make better ones and upgrade as you go, but at least you have the Fus all prepared for the whole year already, it won’t even miss ONE session for the upcoming 12 months.

FU can be multiplied and cloned into anything, any form, any amount, and that’s the most powerful thing with magic. Ordain and join to learn and experience some real FU writing here!