The 8 Stages of Bagwa Explained

bagwa explained

In this article, we will explain the 8 stages of Bagwa in a short and easy to understand method. We suggest that you read the articles on “Bagwa intro” and the “Bagwa mirror” first, in order to get started on the basics.

The following is the 2 sets of Bagwa with an explanation of the pattern, followed by a special example, for which we will use the eating process. The food is outside of your body, going into your body, and then being digested and back out the world outside again as a complete cycle. The pre-heaven Bagwa will be able the food outside going into your mouth and then swallowed. The post-heaven Bagwa will be inside the body and back out as poop.

The outside is Tin, the body is Dei, the product is Yun. (our disciples should know what this means).

Pre Heaevn Bagwa先天八卦

Kin– This is the word for “dry” and at the same time it means that because you are dry, you are requesting something, or have a “want” for things. 

Food Example: You see the food and are connected to it, and your body is also giving you a signal saying you want food. So you are indeed of food.

Dui– meet and compare, like finding a target

Food Example:  You touched the food and compare it against your intention, see if this is what you want.

Lei– depart, meaning to take away this thing from its position

Food Example: You agreed this is what you want and picked it up, therefore the food departs from its current position.

Junn– interact, process, or put your power to hang on to the subject

Food Example:  You squeeze it or hold it with force, so the energy is being applied into the food.

Shun– push, like wind, pushing the subject to move toward you

Food Example:  You give it a push and now the food in the hand or fork is on the way flying to your mouth

Hum– drop in, which enters your system

Food Example:  Food went into the mouth and entered the “black hole”

Gun– accumulates, which stock up the parts of the things to be consumed

Food Example:  Food gets accumulated in the mouth area, or chewing it up to get ready for consumption.

Kwun– absorb, which is to be pushed down and absorbed to be taken and stored into the next area.

Food Example:  Swallow, and the food now gets absorbed or “stored” into the body system, which cannot come out anymore (If you're doing it right!).


Post-Heaven Bagwa後天八卦

Kin– system is requesting, which means the system needs it.

Food Example: The system inside your body is empty and waiting or requesting and wanting things to come in.

Hum– things came down into the system suddenly.

Food Example:  Suddenly food came from above, like a surprise gift from heaven!

Gun– things accumulated in the system

Food Example:  More food came down as you eat and accumulated into the system inside

Junn– accumulated things start to interact with each other

Food Example:  The system applies its forces to the food accumulated and compresses them, or uses the acid in your stomach to process them and melt it all down.

Shun– a force pushes the things around and onto the new station

Food Example: The force inside pushes the food to go move forward

Lei– the processed goods got out of the processor station

Food Example:  The food departs the stomach and gets out of its current state, which kicks it into the intestines, creating new elements – shit.

Kwun– The things got pushed to somewhere else to be absorbed

Food Example: Shit and pee now gets pushed out and absorbed by the next party outside, like your toilet

Dui– final product is now out the system and comparing or meeting with things outside again.

Food Example:  The pee or poop is now waiting in the outside world (back to pre-heaven) and meeting up with other elements again.

As you can see from this basic cycle, you can really put it into anything and analyze it easily. Let’s put a simple company example into this like the boss is giving resources to the workers to produce a phone as the final product.

The pre-heaven Bagwa will be about how the boss provides things for his workers.

1.     Boss and workers are connected but nothing has started yet, but the workers have requested and want money, so boss is about to give them a job.

2.     Boss meets the workers and thinks about what to do with them

3.     Resources depart from the boss and goes out of the boss’s side

4.     The workers acknowledged everything and grab onto the assignment

5.     The boss gives them a push and tells them to start

6.     The workers are now kicked to their seat and start working

7.     Workers start to accumulate the resources and everything in hand

8.     Workers are now ready to go, they are about to put all the resources into use.

The post-heaven Bagwa will be about how the workers use the resources given and make the phone.

1.     Workers are ready and at the seat, about to start working, with things connected

2.     The workers found their work position and drop themselves into the seat

3.     The workers accumulate resources into their hands

4.     The workers apply their power on the resources and transform them into something else

5.     The workers are done making and push the product to go forward

6.     The product departs the factory and moves on

7.     The product exits the factory and is finally at the store or sales dept

8.     Now the product is out and boss can look at it again, or the clients can look at it now. The product itself is then meeting up with the boss and the outside world again.

Increasing the Bagwa powers with Taoist magic will help you to increase the potentials of the 8 stages, making things smoother, better, stronger, faster, or preventing hiccups. Bagwa itself is a principle, like our “nine star theory” that explains how things work in nature, a cycle of life/creation.

However, if we put this Bagwa theory to a subject that is very specific, and we marked the Sky and Ground to a specific matter, then the whole Bagwa will mean something different.

For example, if we say the Bagwa is now talking about the lineage higher powers as the Tin (sky) and your body as the Dei (ground) that absorbs. Then the pre-heaven Bagwa means to get energy from the Tao (the lineage’s powers) to you, and you will now get charged up by the powers. A post-heaven Bagwa will mean to give something from your side back to the Tao or pre-heaven after you have processed it yourself.   Pre-heaven bagwa energizes you up, Post-heaven Bagwa will help you output power after processing the energy inside you.

If you are ordainedinto our lineage, you will learn some magic that is specifically using the Bagwa and with this post, you will understand why they are called the Bagwa magic etc. It’s a lot to explain and learn in our lineage, join now to get started for real!