The 3 Gods of Wealth Comparison

Our lineage has three gods of wealth: Munn Choy Sun, Mo Choy Sun and the Five Directions Choy Sun. It might confuse you why we need all these gods of wealth, but this article will clear it up for you!

What is wealth? The wealth of nature is time and the quality of time! Imagine you have 4 hours today and have achieved a lot in those 4 hours. Compared to your friend who got the same 4 hours, all he did was scroll through TikTok and doze off on the sofa. Who is wealthier? Wealth is not money, but you can make money with wealth. Imagine opening your own business, and in one month, you can have so many good ideas that lead to much growth and potential, leading to higher income. At the same time, someone else could be doing the same in a month but only can end up exploding and quitting because of frustration. Wealth in magic is not the money; it’s the preheaven energies that can go into you to improve your quality of time, giving you a more fruitful, happy and positive life.

God of Wealth, Choy Sun, is a god dedicated to helping us get wealthier and improve our lives in all ways.

First, let’s look at Munn Choy Sun vs Mo Choy Sun. Munn Choy Sun deals with “income,” and Mo Choy Sun deals with “spending.”

If your life lacks “wealth,” you need Munn Choy Sun to give you more. If you have a problem spending your wealth, then you need Mo Choy Sun to help you spend wisely.

How can you tell if you lack wealth? You lack opportunity like there seems to be no way even to see it happening, you don't have the time to do things you want to do, or maybe it seems so “impossible” to do something. You don’t have the money and resources, so you cannot do this and that. Munn Choy Sun can help you by giving you more wealth, opening up opportunities and welcoming things into your life. Whenever you need potential and opportunities to open up, Munn Choy Sun is the one who can save the day.

How can you know that you are having issues “spending” your wealth or need help from Mo Choy Sun? If you are about to decide, invest, or put your time into doing something, you can ask Mo Choy Sun for help. With his power, you will be able to spend your time and energy wisely and accurately, not waste time on useless or bad decisions, and have a more fruitful result. For example, if you are about to buy a car, a house, or even thinking about going to dinner with a friend, Mo Choy Sun can help you make better decisions!  To buy or not to buy, which one is a better option, or is this friend worth going out with (spending your time)?

Now that you know about the Munn and Mo Choy Sun’s power, there is more!  The 5 Directions Choy Sun!  This one is not one but a set of five gods. You can call them by their colour, which goes by green, red, yellow, white and black, the five elements colour.

The 5 Directions Choy Sun helps you “utilize” the wealth while doing things. It’s not like Mo Choy Sun, who just help you decide where to dump your wealth. This one is about how you can use the wealth better. Mo Choy Sun might say investing your time into learning programming is a good idea. However, the 5 Directions Choy Sun will help you out while you are in the process of learning programming.

The 5 Directions Choy Sun is very useful once you have made up your mind and started on something; it helps you by making the whole process more enjoyable, positive, and fruitful.

The name of the 5 Directions Choy Sun is very easy to remember, too, just like the five elements, green-face, red-face, white-face, black-face and yellow-face Choy Sun, they are in the order of the five elements which is similar to the five ghosts.

Remember them in this order – green, red, yellow, white and black. Let’s go through the process of how you DO THINGS.

Green-face wealth god: it helps your senses and gives you inspiration and ideas; it makes you smarter and helps you bring the right elements into your head. It’s also a brain-booster, which makes you intelligent and quick, saving you time from being “stuck” in one spot.

Red-face wealth god: it helps you to put your thoughts to action, pushing your body to move and giving you the power to “make it happen.” Sometimes you might feel scared and nervous, and this god can help you overcome that by giving you the “boost of firepower.”

Yellow-face wealth god helps you manage, control and make decisions with your time. Bad time management is very disastrous, you can have 4 hours in the morning and do so little, and then you blame yourself for not having enough time. However, it could be just that you sucked at time management and planning. It also helps you stay positive and courageous, so you are not easily giving up on your actions.

White-face wealth god: it helps you spend your time on the right spot, improving your precision, vision, and accuracy with where you place your energies. It’s like having a scope on your rifle; you can deliver the power to where it is needed, with precision, and not waste time on things that are not needed. Some people waste their time by spraying a magazine of bullets into the wild, hoping to get one bird down, ending up with nothing but smoke in the air.

Black-face wealth god: It helps you take your fruits after doing something, ensuring you aren’t spending your wealth for nothing in return!  Many people know they need to work but forget what they are working for. If you are spending time with your friend at a coffee shop, what are you trying to get out of it? Make sure you don’t forget to grab the fruit!  This god will ensure your time is spent wisely and always have a fruitful experience to complete the whole process.

Do you see how important it is to have help from these gods of wealth? We all need their help; even if you think you are already doing good, what’s the harm in doing BETTER? Never too late for the game!  Start by learning their prayers and build your relationship with them, and you can always ask them for help with their spells and magic!  Ordain today to get started, and it’s super amazing when you can see your life turns magical!