Opening the Wealth Door 開財門

Opening the wealth door, Hoi Choy Moon 開財門 is a very common and beloved Taoist magic. However, many people misunderstand this magic and always think that you are doing this magic to get “rich,” as in getting lots of money. In this article, you will learn about the real purpose of this magic as well as be able to learn how we do it in our lineage. If you are not yet ordained, you might want to do so now; you can also do this magic!

Purpose of the Magic

Hoi Choy Moon 開財門 (Opening the Wealth Door) is to welcome the god of wealth to your location and give you blessings, making you “wealthy.” However, you will be disappointed if you are looking for money to fall from the sky. We all know that will not happen!

The definition of wealth in magic is the potential and value of time because time is the wealth of nature. How much are you getting out of your time? Some people can do many things in just 2 hours; we call that productive, efficient, or fruitful. Some people have 2 hours, and all they can do is watch TikTok on the sofa, yet to achieve anything. We often see people complaining about their life, yet they don’t make any changes; they have been living the same life for 20 years without any improvements or “upgrades.” These people might have money but are not wealthy because their value and quality of time are very poor. Some people might shock you because you can see them change from a weak and sick person to a super healthy and strong guy in just one year; that’s much wealth!

Do you want to make your life wealthier and more fulfilled? Do you have things you want to do and always cannot get done? Wealth is not just money; it’s more than money! With wealth in life, you can make more money. Just imagine if you can use time better, how much more you can do, and how much better your decisions could be – which all leads to the growth in money later.

Opening the wealth door allows the god of wealth to visit your location and give you the WEALTH you need. That’s a very big life changer for some people, and you don’t want to miss it every year.

The Magic Ceremony

The ceremony is broken up into five parts, follow the instructions below and may wealth be on your way!

  1. Connecting to the Gods

If you already have an altar in our lineage, then you can use the altar to do the magic. You must set up a temporary altar if you do not have an altar. Have incense pot, candles, tea and liquor (5x each), and some offerings on the table. Open the altar and light incense to connect to the god(s) of wealth. There is a God of Wealth MASTER SPELL, which is used for channelling to every god involved in this project. Burn 3x incense and chant the spell, stomp left foot 3x, and put incense into the pot.

  1. Submitting the Request

Prepare a letter to the gods and read it aloud, then burn the letter to send it to the gods. This letter is to tell the gods what you want from them; please write your letter nicely and don’t just be robotic about it. Type it on the computer and craft it as you would with an email to someone important.

  1. Sanctifying the FUs

Prepare 3x FU HEADs. Munn Choy Sun, Mo Choy Sun, and Five Directions Choy Sun, all done in yellow paper, red ink, and Saam Law Stamp. Chick, the FU HEADs up to your level of knowledge. For the FU HEADs, you would want to add the spells for the specific god of wealth into them while doing the chick spells.

  1. Transforming the Wealth

Prepare a cup of water, and an empty bow, burn the FU HEADs into the bowl and add water to make FU WATER. Now the wealth is all inside; you can distribute it wherever it needs.

  1. Distributing the Wealth to Where it Needs

Take the water and sprinkle it around the house or where it is needed. You can also save some in a bottle and leave it for future deployments. For example, you should bring it to your office or elsewhere to deploy the power.

The FU HEADs can also be burnt into other mediums such as salt, beans, etc. and then be used in other methods such as the beans can be carried like a FU, and the salt can be used for bath etc. There are countless ways to transform wealth into different mediums. You shall know more as you learn.

More Knowledge

Many “code words” are used in magic, which can confuse people. Such as “gold” and “silver,” which people might think that we are still stuck in the ancient time using gold nuggets as a form of “money.” It’s just a metaphor!

Gold is the metaphor for heart energy, which gives us the power to create and do things (d5); silver is the light (d1), which gives us vision and hope in life. These relate to the preheaven energies you can read about in our ebook on the flying stars.

Don’t try to learn Taoist magic by reading because it always goes VERY wrong. Get ordained today, and you will learn how to do this magic from me directly, and it is WAY easier than you imagine.