Opening the Sky Door (HTM 開天門/ STM收天門)   

One of the most important and hardest to cultivate magic in our lineage is Hoi Tin Moon and Sau Tin Moon, opening and closing the sky door. This article is written for our disciples, so if you find it difficult to comprehend, you can also get ordained today and start learning in our lineage!

What are HTM and STM

Hoi Tin Moon “Open-Sky-Door” 開天門 is to open the energy body’s entrance of a subject to connect to the “sky.” Sau Tin Moon is the opposite, which is to close the door!

Keep in mind that the HTM and STM don’t set which is the “sky” you are connecting to yet; it only OPENS the door for this connection to happen. That is also why you must set the “sky” before you actually open the door.

After the sky door is opened, and the connection is established, the sky can transmit its elements down to the subject, such as the “magic power”!

Setting the Sky

When we do HTM, we must set the sky, so we must determine WHICH sky we will connect to. Where is the SOURCE of the power that we are connecting to?

To start you off, you will use heart spells to connect to the gods as the sky. When doing HTM, you can stomp in all your heart spells first and then do the HTM toward the subject, and now the SKY will become the powers that your heart spells can connect to. For newbies, remember to also stomp in the master spell if you want to also connect to the celestial court above for extra power.

When we open the altar, we always do HTM to start up the altar too. It is always incense with all heart spells and master spell, then HTM to open the door, which then a beam of power will jets upward and connect to the celestial court, and now the session can begin. There are also other ways to do HTM, such as using the sword and flag, which is to have the altar execute the HTM instead of yourself doing it for the altar.

When is it Needed

You might want to ask, when do we NEED to HTM and STM? Think about it this way… every object is like a glass jar with a lid inside. If you want the put things into the jar, you need to HTM. If you want to close the lid, you need to STM.

For example, I want to empower a brush before I write FU. Fire your sun kuet to the brush, HTM (open the door), and now the sun toy from the sun kuet will go into the brush. Without the HTM, your sun toy only stays on the surface of the brush and cannot go INTO the brush.

When we chick fu, we always have to fire in heart spell / sun kuet into the FU and then HTM so that we can then do the chick spells and inject the powers into the FU. If you never HTM to the FU, how can you put power INTO the FU? Without opening the lid, you cannot put stuff into the jar.

If you want to fly magic into someone by distance, you also need to HTM the person so their lid is open, and now you can put stuff INTO them – such as the magic power and such. Otherwise, all the magic you fire over will only stay OUTSIDE of their energy body and never go INTO them.

STM is Always Overlooked

Yes, people always do HTM and forget the STM. By nature, the door will close after a while or when your heart is not on this subject anymore. For example, your altar got HTM’d by you, and it shall automatically STM after you finish the ceremony. However, it is always better to STM yourself at the end of the ceremony. It’s like you are done talking to someone; you always want to cut the call yourself to ensure your session is officially ended.

What can happen if you don’t STM after HTM? Well, imagine you opened the door of your house and walked inside, then forgot to close it and lock it. Security is at risk, and in case someone or a deer wants to check out your house, they can also come in easily.

We HTM to the FU and chick them at the ceremony, and then after all the empowerments and such, they are often left on the altar for a while. It is fine not to STM them because the altar will protect them. After the ceremony, they will automatically STM while they sit at the altar. However, if you are shipping out the FU right after the ceremony, you might want to STM them f, first so they are safe and all the powers are contained inside without any chance of leaking. STM is like closing the door and locking it up; it gives the subject security and protection!

STM is not a MUST because the STM is automatically done when the attention is gone for a while; however, sometimes things can happen in just a few seconds because you didn’t close the lid! Therefore, you would always want to have the habit of STM-ing something or even yourself when you are done with the work.

Cultivation of Channelling

When we drink FU to cultivate our powers, we always do HTM and STM.  For example, you are drinking your FU HEAD / Dai Jee FU etc. Burn incense and let the god know about it, drink the FU water, and then sit down in front of the altar, HTM yourself, and the connection begins. After the connection is established, you can cultivate during the session to receive/download the power from the other side. When you are done, STM yourself and close the channel. There are handsigns and such to combine with this, but you can understand how HTM and STM are used now, even for cultivating the magic power after drinking the FU!

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