Taoism’s View on Atheists

Atheists say they don’t believe in anything but themselves or are simply people who choose to have no religious belief or relationship. You want to wonder what a Taoist master would say about that, and it is obvious that a Taoist is not an atheist. Let’s discuss this topic in this article, but please be warned that I am not a good writer who can sugar-coat everything and make things sound nice to your ears. Words from a blunt and direct master can hurt sometimes.

In Saam Law Taoism, which our lineage teaches, everyone is born an atheist because we are all born without a religion. Therefore, staying as one is “okay” if you have not yet found a path that clicks with you. However, choosing to stay as an atheist for your whole life is another thing.

In our teachings, we talk about how our life works. In short, our life is driven by the energy patterns given by our spiritual planetary body, which we call the Yuen Sun. This energy is transmitted to us when we sleep and goes to our heart, which serves as the local storage of this energy. The energy then manifests into the soul body layer and power up our soul to give us the power to generate emotions, think, and the power to execute tasks physically. Atheists are all following the same pattern because this is what an ordinary human being does.

Being a Taoist, you are different because you know that your own Yuen Sun is not perfect, which is why you have bumps and hurdles in life. You want to overcome your hurdles and limits by relying on a cultivated power source, the Tao. It’s like saying that you can eat the food in the fridge at home, but now that you realize the fridge also has its limit, you decide to get a job and earn money, then you can buy new food for the fridge. In this metaphor, the fridge is your Yuen Sun, and the Tao is the company that hires you. To us, the atheist is short-visioned and doesn’t understand the benefit of having a greater source of life force to fuel your ordinary source. I feel like they are still in the kid’s stage, like how kids don’t see the need to get a job when they are still eating off their parents’ money. Eventually, they shall see the need sooner or later.

The fact is that there are many things that you cannot deal with by using your ordinary powers. For example, suppose you know about spiritual attacks, the cursing and “venting” of negative energies from people, or even the after-death energy that spreads around like a virus. In that case, ordinary people can only live with them and be “harmed” by them without any way of fixing the problem. You might think I am too biased, but wait a minute and think about how humans deal with flu, virus, and infections. Are we born with the ability to deal with these things? Why did we see the urgency for inventing medicine if we were? Atheists are like those who think we can sit at home and wait until the body recovers from the flu or virus attack. Good luck if you think that can heal all the problems. Wait until you get something like an infection or like the covid. If you don’t believe in higher powers, then it's like you don’t believe we need something greater than ourselves, such as medicine.

Not all religions are good, and you must be careful with your decisions. However, you are here to read what a Taoist master has to say about Atheist, so I am just talking about the Taoism that our lineage teaches. We are professional in dealing with spiritual problems, such as the common ones like negative energy venting, cursing behind your back or even unintentional magic that can cause great harm to one’s life. We offer magic as a solution, just like medicine for infections. If you say you don’t need any of these, I would only see you as ignorant and uneducated. Do you know how many people can say they don’t believe in the XYZ virus and disease? Well, if you don’t know about it, then you can choose not to believe it, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Some people say they don’t believe in this covid, but what happened to those infected and suffered? Right, you are not believing in it until you get hit; you will surrender.  I would have to say to these ignorant people, “good luck.”

Superstitious or believing in false information is bad; hoaxes and scams are, of course, bad, but being unaware, ignorant and blindfolding yourself is just as scary. Ignorance is superstitious; that’s a phrase I always say.

Don’t be an atheist. Expand your vision and realize that you must embrace a power source greater than yourself. We are human beings and weak; as you can see, we are not born with the ability to “fix” our problems with just our bodies. We need medicine to heal, food to survive, and religion to educate, guide, and give us the power to live a life and deal with our spiritual problems. Staying atheist is stupid because it’s no different from choosing to be weak and ignorant. You cannot see germs, bacteria, and viruses with your naked eyes, just like we cannot see the WIFI in the air, so what? Do you believe they exist? What we teach here about spiritual problems, such as those curses, negative energy venting and so on, are all things that you will encounter in your life, just as a matter of fact, whether you choose to know about them or not. You have the right to choose to be staying blindfolded, or you can choose to be educated and live a better life with the wisdom and power to deal with these unseen elements.

Speaking for Saam Law Taoism, not all Taoism sects, I strongly encourage you to get educated with the knowledge and wisdom we offer. eBooks, podcasts, YouTube, and many blog posts are released to the public. A bad choice to stay as an atheist. If I can say this is a “good choice,” why didn’t I become one? Those religious people who said you made a good choice being an atheist are just liars and hypocrites who have no shame lying in your face. If someone thinks eating rice is a good idea, why don’t they eat it? You come to a Taoist master to ask if it is good to be an atheist; what do you expect? Silly boy. It’s time to convert. If ordaining is too much for you now, try initiation (free) and see how it goes!