Saam Law Immortal Magic 三羅仙法

Who is it For

Saam Law Immortal Magic (SLIM) 三羅仙法 is tailored for the modern society, it fits the need for everyone who might be living in a busy and packed lifestyle; going to work 9-5 or even OT until 10, taking care of children and elders, leaving behind no time to do other things for themselves. Saam Law Immortal Magic require very little time and zero commitment to learn and apply to your life. It is an easy to start and learn magic, which anyone can pick up and learn, then apply to their everyday life. Once started, you can keep using it for the rest of your life. It can be used to help you make life better, solve problems, deal with spiritual issues, and even to bring good luck to yourself and your family and friends.

How to Cultivate and Learn

All you need to do is go to our website to get initiated, then you can start learning. Initiation ceremony is done on your own by going through our step-by-step tutorial. Once initiated, you become a Tin Yat Stage disciple of Tin Yat Lineage and can use the power of Saam Law Immortal Magic. The whole process is completely free. During this stage, your learning is from the website or our YouTube channel.

To upgrade your power and have direct teachings, you can choose to  level up to the next stage in our system, and become a Saam Law Stage disciple. Furthermore, there are a few other stages which grants you more powers and advanced teachings.

Cultivating the power is simple, it all starts from your altar that you have built when you get initiated. This altar is your power-plant at home. As long as you keep using it, the power will keep growing with you. You will also be feeding it with the Altar Power FUs to keep adding the magic essence into it to keep the altar healthy and strong.

The key point is – the more you use the magic, the stronger it gets; it is like your memory, or love, it grows as you keep using it and exercising it. However, once you stop using it, it will die in power just like how you don’t use your brain then you will get dumb! Keep learning and advancing progressively, learn how to apply the magic to everything in your life to get stronger as you enjoy the results from the magic power.

Difference from Taoist Magic?

Yes, this is different from our Saam Law Taoist Magic.  However, it is rooted from the Taoist magic. Taoist magic focus on much stricter discipline, requires more commitment, and it does not fit most people living in the modern society who have a busy lifestyle. That is why the gods have passed down the Saam Law Immortal Magic methods to us, which offers a new way for the majority of the people in this modern world to be able to learn and cultivate the magic, and have a chance to being saved by the Tao’s power.

You might be wondering, why does it suddenly require less commitment? Is this magic weaker or something?  Don’t worry, the magic isn’t weaker. Instead, you are focusing on the magic power and only applying the magic to this lifetime. While the Taoist Magic route is to cultivate for this life AND the life after this one.  Because we are cultivating a lot harder for something greater than just this life, the commitment that is required also much greater and it doesn’t fit most people’s preference these days.  Therefore, Saam Law Immortal Magic does not focus on the afterlife side. It deals with this life first, and when you have solve your problems, smoothen out your life NOW, then you can think about advancing to the Taoist magic route to cultivate for the life beyond this one. It’s just making everything easier for people nowadays, and letting everyone have the option of cultivating the magic first, then the afterlife later.

What Happen After I Die?

If you cultivate the Saam Law Immortal Magic, as a Tin Yat Stage disciple, you will be just yourself after you are dead. There is no contract or anything to bond you to the lineage or anything after you are gone from this world. You will just be another ordinary ghost.

However, if you are cultivating this magic and have been registered by us (direct contact), then you will have a different way to go. After you are dead, you will be going into our altars and being protected and cultivate inside the altar’s world until your next cycle of life begin, then you will reincarnate again into this world.

For those of you who went up to the Saam Law Stage, you will be also going through the same route as above, but with more care from the celestial court, because you will be cultivating to be reborn in Dai Law Tin, the ultimate destination that we are aiming to go for.

The main point is, the higher you go in the lineage, the more you are going to be going to DLT, to be united with the Tao – because that’s what a Taoist aims to go for as their final destination, just like how the Jesus believers aims to go to their heaven – this is our heaven, our god’s world.

Any Commitment?

To learn and practice Saam Law Immortal Magic, you have no commitment on your shoulder, all you need to do is learn and use the magic, keep upgrading your altar and yourself, use the magic more and spread the good news to people you know – just like we say “comment, share, subscribe, like, etc”. 

Saam Law Immortal Magic is meant to be spread to as many people as possible, regardless of their background, religious belief, and language etc. As long as they want to try it out, they can go through the process and get initiated and learn. Even for those who already have other spiritual practice, you can learn it and add it to your own stuff.

For those who challenge the power of Saam Law and doubt its power, welcome to try it out yourself before you spit out any words to doubt or attack. Once you have tried it yourself, you will see it yourself, there is no need to be a troll and waste your own time doing useless things. We welcome anyone to try it out, learn and use the power, and if it doesn’t work out for you – nothing to lose, because its free to start too. Like it? Share it to others. Simple!

GET STARTED and learn Saam Law Immortal Magic