Simple Way to Increase Magic Power on Taoism FU Making

When a Taoist cultivates their Taoism FU, there is a way to make it stronger and stronger easily, but many people overlook this simple thing. The whole idea of Taoism FU is to write a ticket to the gods and ask for help, and it’s an agreement between humans and gods. That means if your gods love you more, they will help you more, which translates to more powerful FU.

When you need urgent help, you can scribble a FU and do it quickly; it will work 100% fine. The gods will not help you less because you were in a rush and the FU looked like scribbles. It’s just like how you wrote a scribbled message to your parents calling for help when you are in danger; they will help you with all their effort because they love you, and it doesn’t matter if the words are pretty or ugly.

However, when you spend time to “cultivate” the FU, you should spend the time, energy and heart (with the passion) trying to make it nice, pretty up your words, polish all the details etc. This is an investment into the FU, showing god your commitment and determination to do better in this path, which will make the gods love you more.  In other words, the magical power will increase when you ask for help again.

When you are doing your monthly routine like writing your dai jee FU, and so on, you should aim to make the FU nice and pretty, learn the words and write them properly, learn the details, the meanings, the inner secrets, and make the FU “juicier.”  Don’t rush; make time for the FU work and do a good job. Don’t aim to pump out all the FU in one go; spread it out over a few weeks to finish the project. This is an easy way to level up your FU power while you learn and improve in the language and art side of FU making.

You might ask if the FU “works” no matter whether written neat or scribble, why do we spend all the time making it neat and pretty?

There was a scene from a fun drama that I recall…

There was a god-like fairy who had just entered the human world and made friends with a general who later fell in love with her. However, she is naïve to the human world and doesn’t know why people have this and that in the culture. She asked the general, “Why do people spend all the time making this delicious food and shaping them into so many different forms?” The general told her to try it out and taste it; then, she would know the feeling she got from eating the hearty food. She did and was in love with the food.

Instead of just grabbing the stuff that nature has grown and eating it like an animal, we chose to cultivate it, put effort into making something new out of it, and there go all sorts of delicious food we can enjoy later. With great effort and heart, the receiving end can feel it when they consume it, making them happy, joyful and fulfilled. Not just the tummy gets filled up, but the heart also does.

The FU can be done quickly; even magic can be done quickly, too; it will still work because the gods are there, and they know what we need; they love us, care for us and give us help. However, when we are not in a rush, not doing magic for an emergency, we could and should do it nicely and slowly so that we can cultivate it, put more heart into it, and so that the gods can love us more and more.  We can do it quickly, but we choose to do it slowly and neatly because we want to commit and show our heart by investing more time and effort into it, just like a professional would do with their artwork or a chef with their delicious food.

For my disciples, if you want to do better in your Taoism FU, you should put the time and effort into your writings, study the words, try to learn calligraphy and the structure of the character in detail, and maybe even learn the language too. The more you dig into it, the juicier your FU is, and the better it becomes. Imagine you are already three years into your Taoist journey, and people see your FU; they look like kindergarten writing; doesn’t that seem like something is wrong? The impression we give people represents our Tao, lineage, and ourselves. That means if we want people to respect our Tao, we must also give them a good impression of our work. Good calligraphy skills don’t come overnight, so you should care about it now and start learning and practicing.

For those who want a head start, I strongly recommend you start by learning the structure of Chinese words and strengthening your hand’s control by drawing simple lines, circles, and things like that. There are many books like that on places like aliexpress which you can purchase, copy and practice daily; you will get much better after consistent practice over a few months.