The Secret of the Dragon Bloodline

Many people might wonder why Taoist magic works, as in why the power can defeat the evils and why it has the power to change our future for the better. For example, you did magic for a person who is sick; then tomorrow, they already felt better even though they have not gone to the doctor or eaten any medicine yet. It’s strange and kind of hard to believe, but there are so many things that Taoist magic can do which is hard to believe because they are too magical and miracle-like. Why does it work? What is the magical power all about? Can anyone just figure this out on their own?

Why can birds fly? Because they have wings.

How did they get their wings? They are born with it.

Humans are just humans; we cannot do anything to make ourselves grow wings from the back.

Taoist magic is simply said the application of using the god’s power. The magical power is the god’s power. Their power can defeat the evils and change bad luck to good luck. The gods are born with it, that’s what they have, and we don’t.

When you are ordained, the Tao, the gods, will accept you as a disciple and a family member. That means you will have a “dragon essence” passed onto you, which contains the magical powers of the gods. After you have this power in your body, you will be able to cultivate it, and make it stronger, just like growing a tree from seed. When you need to use the power, you can take it out and use it anywhere you need. This is how it works!  You don’t have this power and cannot just do something to “have” this power on your own. It’s a power granted to you because you have become part of the family, the dragon’s bloodline.

The essence is granted to you, and there is one condition for you to keep this essence; your heart must be loyal to the Tao, with trust, faith and determination. Once your heart loses these things, the condition for the essence to stay will dissolve, which means you will lose the power automatically. That’s why Taoists must keep improving on their virtues because once your virtue is gone, the power is also gone, and so is the relationship with the Tao and the gods.

The more you feel like family with the Tao, the lineage, the bloodline, the better you do in Taoism and the more power you will have. Virtue is like the fertilizer for your magic power!  You might ask why the magic power dies when the virtue is gone.  The answer is very simple: the gods don’t like you anymore, so they won’t want you to be part of their family anymore. That means they will remove you from the bloodline since you don’t cherish it. Remember that the human wants the god’s power, not the gods want the human to be around. We must know that we must impress the gods and make them happy to build a good relationship. When the relationship grows, your magic power also does.

The Magicalization of Things

Magicalization is a new word I have created! It means to put magical powers into things. It’s not an “empowerment” only but also a big upgrade. For example, you can imagine that normal bullets cannot hurt the evils, but a magicalized bullet allows you to kill the evils. Another example is that you have a spray bottle of water; it cannot be used to dissolve negative energies. However, once it is magicalized, you can spray it around the house, and negative energies will be dissolved and neutralized. Not only can this power go onto ordinary things, but the power can also create non-physical things such as a magical barrier, a protective force field, and so on.  Even cooked food with magical powers will taste better!

The mindset of a Taoist should be like this, whenever you are doing something – put some magic power on it to make it better.

Locked the door? Put magic on it to secure it furthermore. A door can stop most people from entering the house, but what about a magicalized door? It can stop evil as well as evil-hearted people like thieves and burglars!

Got a gift for your girlfriend to make her happy on her birthday? Magicalize the gift!  Now the gift can boost their happiness furthermore and also be able to repel negatives for her while it stays in her house. When one has fewer negatives around, one becomes positive and happier!

Feeding your goldfish in the tank? Magicalize the food and sprinkle them for the fish to eat so they can also have magic powers. The food can keep them alive and give them energy; the magicalized food can also help them live longer because they can be less vulnerable to energy attacks such as sorcery and evil magic.

Anything can be magicalized; it’s all about creativity and bringing your Tao’s power to everywhere that deserves more potential!  Don’t just “practice” your magic; USE them like so. Deploy the powers everywhere, and you will see how they grow faster and faster when you start using them daily.

Magic power is not like a battery; it is the opposite instead. The battery will be used up, while magic power grows as you use them more. The less you use the magic power, the faster it will die out. Therefore, you should use it more so the magic power can keep growing and not just stop at one point and fade out.  It’s like a relationship; when you stop interacting with each other, the feelings will go cold and eventually dead.

Not yet ordained? Start by ordaining to become a Taoist today, join the dragon bloodline and bring the magical powers into your life!