Sending Packages Through Taoist Altar

Nowadays we know what e-mail is, and we know how we can all have a computer and then be able to receive “packages” of letters or even money through the internet. How about magic? Do you know that our altars are all linked in the same network just like how the internet works? As long as the altars are within the same lineage, they can connect and transfer things around just like our computer today!

To be able to send and receive things, you must have a full altar meaning that you need the upper deck and the lower deck. The upper deck needs to have the SUN PAAI (lineage signage) and the pot, candle, and such. The lower deck has the ground altar SUN PAAI and incense pot etc.

Let’s say, you requested a FU from me and you cannot wait for the shipping (or somehow postal office shuts down!), what can we do? You can simply put a “container” FU on your altar, just a piece of FU paper written with something that marks it “the FU”, it doesn’t needs to be a legit FU too, it can even just be a name like a label. Put that on your altar and wait.  On my end, I would “send” the real FU to you after it is done and sanctified. With the help of the lineage network, some work with the magic money that we burn along with the FU, our landlord will send the whole thing through the lineage network and it will then be delivered to your altar in seconds. After it is done, you will then take the container FU and use it as is. That’s so cool right? Imagine you ordered a set of FU HEAD and now you just need to wait a few minutes for me to “send” you a set at the altar, then you can burn your “container” to drink it already. No need to wait for shipping!

For our disciples who got an altar setup, you should know that we send “troops” around all the time. Sending troops, FU, anything through the altar is possible, and that is something we should do more often and utilize the “Sun Lung Network” in the lineage. This is the privilege of being in the Sun Lung Stage, since your altar can be beaming things in and out with the Sun Lung stage power!  You might not even want to wait a few days for a special FU sometimes. Especially the life-saving ones that might be super urgent.

For disciples in the lower stage, no worry, you can still RECEIVE through the altar as long as it is sent by me or other disciples in the Sun Lung Stage or above. The lower stage just cannot “send” because their level is not yet authorized to do so.

Imagine you want to do a home cleansing (chut saat) ceremony but you don’t know how to do all that FU work yet, or maybe you know how to do it, but your POWER is not enough to deal with the evil crap this time, then you need MY powers. You can simply do a set of “container” FU, and put it on the table, then let me send mine over in a few minutes. After it is done, you can take the FU and use them as MY FU, and now you got my FU power instantly. This method can also be done to empower your REAL FU that you made too. Just like FU on-top-of-FU, stacking up the power!

For disciples who are requesting FU HEADs, or other FUs that needs to be consumed or burnt into your altar etc, you do have the option to choose for the physical FU to be shipped (more wait time) or just ask for the distance sending method (instant!). With the sending method, I will cut the shipping and packing and just send it to your altar by distance instead, then you can get everything put into the “containers” on your end.  You can also be NOT READY and don’t have the containers yet, while I can send the FU over first, and then you make the container FUs and use them to circle over the incense pot 3x CCW to take out the power I have sent over earlier. It’s like I send money to your bank account first, and then you withdraw it later when you are free. How convenient!

This method can also be done with magic tools consecrations and such too.  Magic by distance is super convenient and can help us make the work much faster.

Not yet ordained?  No worry, you can do so here!