Hurdles are Lessons for Taoists

Taoist magic can help you solve many problems in life, not because you can do a spell and make big money in one night, but because big money could be not earned because of a factor that is out of your imagination.  Imagine that you are having a business competitor around the corner which you are not aware of, and they want you out of business. Beside the normal things that they might do, some might have a psychic or some kind of sorcerer master around the corner. What if you are just lucky enough to be a targeted like that and they have started to pay some professional sorcerer to mess up your life, your business and even your children’s life at the back?

You might think it is just too impossible, too rare, too absurd. But guess what, try google abit, search for magic for revenge, magic for whatever, under $100 you will already find some small shops that can help you out. Try fiver, search for love magic, or whatever magic, spell casting, $10 and up you can already pay some amateur sorcerer to do it. If this is just some BS silly stuff, why do you think many people are so into it and believing it to the point they will want to make a living out of this?  One person could be crazy, but it is not just one but MANY. Look at those politicians who went to just shake hand with the pope, Dalai lama, or whatever famous monk or priest. Don’t you think they are having a deal as well? You can call it “blessings” to sound nice, but who knows if they pay extra to get who and who out of the way?

I personally have encountered a bunch of businessman “client” in the past, and they all have found me for magic work, help for their business or even to fight back some competitors, it is just a normal thing in the business world. You COULD be one of those victim too.

Um, suddenly you got some bad luck in your way, while you are practising Saam Law Tao magic. What’s the first thing you should be thinking about or doing? The common-sense answer would be – let’s do some magic to fight back the thing then!  However, many people don’t have this in mind when it comes to the real situation, because they lost their vision and got hit hard by the evil thing already. The heart is already struck, how can you even feel the right thing anymore.

So what should you do if you are a victim like this? Don’t think, don’t feel, go straight on LINE and ask me for help. You are already like a sick person, you are supposed to ask the doctor for help, not to try to heal yourself with your palm circling around your aches. You might have tried a few magic yourself already and still facing the same issue, it comes, and it goes – because you might not be the power level of that evil thing that is eating you up now. Why not find the bigger guys for help here, ask me!  It is a hurdle, then you have to learn from it, and learning always involve pain, sweat, and some hardship!  Don’t be discouraged or drowned, hold on tight to the Tao, to your master, and get some REAL talk going with me, then your problem will be much simpler than you think it is very soon. The more you “try to think about it" the worse it gets. That’s when heart devil kicks in and kill you, don’t even try. There is nothing that your master (me) cannot solve for you, even if my power is not enough, I will have my upper to take care of it too, it’s not like there is no one above me!

Remember my children, trust, faith and determination, is the 3 things that keeps a Taoist successful in their Tao cultivation, and is what brings you to your final destination later on when you passed away.

If you are a new guy who just happen to bump into this post and get all confused, no worry, you can ordain today to start learning too. At least you know what kind of master I am, and how I treat my disciples with care and real love! :)