Taoist Greetings for the Chinese New Year

It’s Chinese New Year; how should you greet people? Gung Hei Faat Choy 恭喜發財? Sure, but that’s too common. You are Taoists; you should learn how to greet people PROPERLY and ACCURATELY!

Starting with the theory of the nine stars, you can read more about it from the eBook later…

  1. 神光正照 May the god’s light shine upon you so that you have more potential and good vision in life.
  2. 玄功大壯 Hope your “black” energy will be strong and bold, which is the energy for “learning” and “absorbing”! It means you will have more desire to learn and learns well!
  3. 三界靈通 May you channel and communicate through the three realms smoothly. It means that all the gods will respond when you do magic; it equals better effectiveness and quick response from the gods!
  4. 智慧大開 Hope you will unleash all your wisdom. We might have wisdom inside us when we learn, but if they don’t “come out” and manifest, we won’t be able to utilize them for things that need them.
  5. 心雄膽壯 May you be bold-hearted and brave – it means your magic power is empowered and strong!
  6. 仙法威靈 Hope your magic power will manifest powerfully. This is like the firepower of your magic, which means it can deliver the power to where it is aiming!
  7. 香火大旺 Wish your altar will always be heated up with incense! It means that your altar will get strong and pumped all the time.
  8. 財通八方 Hope your wealth will be pushing to things that it needs in reality! (dimension 8)
  9. 金玉滿堂 May the gold and jade fill your home! Gold symbolizes heart power (d5), and jade is the power of wisdom (d1, light). In a way, for you to be brave and wise!

When you see each other in the lineage on LINE, greet them and wish them something good for the year!  You can use ENGLISH to wish people instead of copying the Chinese too; the meaning and good intention are what matters! Wishing them something that they would love to have this year!  The more you know about that person, the more you can know what they lack and what they need, then you can make a wish that fit them better. For example, a student would need a wish for a better academic grade, and you won’t wish them something like hope you and your wife will be harmonized (while they are single). It is common sense in the culture that we will wish the elders something about health and the ladies about their beauty. However, it’s a common-sense thing, not a dead rule. Look at what the other side needs the most and wish them to have that this year.

What to wish your master? (me)!

I want people wishing me good health, good disciples filled the lineage, and maybe all four seasons happy and smiling.

龍馬精神 Energized with good spirit with speed and focus!

桃李滿門 Disciples of two generations filled the house!

四季吉祥 Four Season auspicious and positive!

Do You Wish the Gods?

Of course, we must greet and wish the gods too! Just like we wish for our seniors and uppers!  A few examples of wishing the gods at your local altar would be:

神光大旺 Wish the gods will be boosted all the time, which means they are HAPPY all the time.

法力無邊 Wish the gods have unlimited magic power!

香火萬年 Wish the gods have non-stop incense all the time, which means the disciple will always be contributing!

Words and Action as One

Wishing is easy, just saying the words, but how do you implement that? For example, people wish you a HAPPY new year, then they come to your party and ruin your party by playing a prank on you. Is that happy for you?  Wishing is only real when you do all three parts- the heart, which sets the intention to be truthful, the words that direct the intention to the person; and a gift that delivers it physically by action or a physical form.

For example, I wish the elders good health and gift them healthy food, some ginseng soup, etc.

Some people might use dance as a physical gift, such as wishing people a happy new year and then gifting them a mini skit performance that makes them laugh.

Wishing is not just words because empty words are USELESS. As a disciple, you should learn how to wish AND do the action or express it in the physical form.  For example, if you wish your master good health all year round, you can get him some healthy food to pump his health up as a gift. You can also wish your master has many disciples this year, and your gift could lead to that; maybe you will bring someone to come and ordain to “kick start” the year.

What is a “wish” anyway – it is a delivery of your HEART power through the directing by intention, transferring through words, and delivering through action or a physical medium. In short, it’s a natural form of MAGIC that allows you to gift some of your heart power (preheaven energy/life potential) to others. If you do it truthfully, with the right method, through the heart, speech and physical together, it will work! It’s a natural way of gifting our magic power in the heart, which is one of the best things you can do to gift others you love and care for! However, it only works when it is done truthfully and correctly.

If you are a Taoist, you can always gift people the magic power from the gods (and not yourself) by starting the conversation with the spell “Whuo Liang Tian Juan” 無量天尊 meaning “all the lords/gods above.” From then on, you wish people with the Tao’s power, not your OWN heart power, which is EVEN BETTER! Um, not ordained yet?  Do so today to start your year!