Powerful Weapon from the Tao

Most people will think of muscles, guns, swords and knives when relating to power and weapon. It is natural because no matter how advanced we are in technology, our natural logic has not changed. Our logic is always to analyze things from the surface first; that is why we can always relate to the physical side of power and weapon. However, how about the power of knowledge, the power of the law and the power of authority?

These powers are not physical but are witnessed by us all the time. You might think a nerd who only knows how to study is very weak compared to a bodybuilder or a martial artist. Yet, when it comes to dealing with your internet outage problem, power outage issue, or even pipe bursting and flooding issue, or even most of the issues we might face in the rest of our life – how many of those situations would need a muscular hero or a batman? Most of the problems in your life might not even need a gun or a knife. Yes, you might bang into one case that might need some physical strength, like self-defence, but to be honest, how many of you have encountered this kind of issue, and how often? Maybe once in a life.  Have you thought of what is the power and weapon from the Tao?   It is not physical, but for sure very practical.

The powerful weapon that we have gotten from the Tao is the way to use the Tao’s power; it’s like being able to access the hidden power from nature and use it to override things that usually overpower us, such as evil spirits, obstructive energies, or even the cursing and sorcery done by ancestors who were passed away with a lot of anger and irritability that made them want to revenge in the later generations. Without the Tao’s power, even if you are super skilled at a martial art, or you might be able to own all the guns in the world, these problems will still hurt us badly. We have no way to deal with it, just like how all the animals in the ocean just get caught by a fisherman and cannot find any way to escape their fate. Humans cannot deal with these problems mentioned above, so they turn to doctors, and doctors can only offer them methods to “reduce the pain,” such as using drugs to numb the body or “relax” your body.  Ultimately, they all become drug addicts because they can no longer live without the drug, yet the problem still exists. At the same time, the medicine manufacturer is the biggest winner in the end because they sell the most drug to people who need them for their whole life.

Being affected by obstructive energy forces in nature is unbelievably harmful; it’s like your air is suddenly full of poisonous gas or your water is contaminated with toxic ingredients; the culprit is not visible to the naked eyes, but it harms you more than a bullet or a knife. You might not bleed, but you will encounter many troubles after troubles, emotional swings, depression, and even illusions or a sudden burst of panic and anxiety rushing to the heart. Some people suddenly have a burst of rage and become violent toward their family members. You might be “calmer” with drugs, but it doesn’t give you back the state of clarity and awareness in mind anymore. It’s as if you are living on a drug, with the mind and vision always clouded and blurry, and soon even brain fog all the time.

The power of the Tao is so powerful that it can fix all these kinds of problems which ordinary powers cannot solve. Not only can it fix these problems, but the power can also protect us and prevent us from getting into these encounters in the future. If you have a friend or someone around who might need help, the Tao’s power is always ready for you to deploy and save others in need. The magic we do is the way to communicate with the Tao and withdraw the power from it to resolve our issues or bring help to others. How can a Taoist be without Taoist magic?  It is so useful and so powerful that I cannot even imagine what would happen if one day I were without this power in my hand. It’s more than a gun and a bullet.  The Tao is open and offers its power to everyone who has faith in it and is willing to commit to and cultivate the powers. If you are one of those, feel free to ordain and start your journey of being a Taoist. Feel the power, and save more people. Doctors, scientists, and guns are not enough to fix every problem.