Flying Stars Feng Shui Basics

Flying Stars Fung Shui Basics

The Flying Stars Fung Shui is one of the most commonly known Fung Shui today, yet not many people really know what it is about. If you start by learning charts, you have gone the wrong way and it is not how it should be learned. In this article, we will talk about what is the flying star in Fung Shui and what it is really about.

First of all, flying stars in Fung Shui are not real stars and they aren’t any stars in the “sky” above our head. The word “star” here, is a Chinese word that is used as a metaphor for the point of when something is created. The word for this is “Sing” 星which is formed of 2 parts, 日 and 生. The first word is the word for “sun” which actually means “a completed happening”, and the second word is the word for birth. When something is done, the next happening is born, there goes a “star point”.

Don’t look at the sky with your telescopes, that is not what we are talking about in Fung Shui!  Just like we have said before, Fung Shui is not scientific, and you do not use any physical matters to “observe” the Fung Shui energies.

The flying stars theory is about how the 9 stages of creation work in nature and it is a principle of nature. Every happening in nature consist of 9 main stages of happenings, and this is the pattern that is born from the creation energy, which is why everything in this world follows the same pattern, just like we all came out from the mother’s body, grow up, get old, and die. This is just like the cycle of life for everything, you cannot get away from it or say that it does not exist because it’s all part of nature right in front of us.

What are The Nine Flying Stars

The so-called nine flying stars in Fung Shui are the nine types of pre-heaven energies, or creation energies, which you cannot see or detect them with any form of science equipment, or physical matters. Just like we have said in the article of “Fung Shui is not scientific”, things cannot be proven by science does not mean it is not there, just like love and feelings.

These nine types of “raw energies” also created 9 dimensions or you can say we can categorize the dimensions and matrixes into 9 groups. Whatever way you want to call it, but they are like overlapping worlds that you cannot touch or see, while we are co-existing and living together with them at the same time, just like the shadow of your body and you.

Taoist magic also uses these creation energies, and also energies that are of the purest and “ancient” form.  These energies are so powerful, that it can create the future, or change our life dramatically.
Here we will dig into the energies and let’s get into it!

Secrets of the Nine Flying Stars

The first energy that came in is the d1 (dimension 1) white energy, and it contains everything, in a light form. The light is not like your sunlight or the light from a fire. This light is not seen by your naked eyes, but it is in the pre-heaven dimension. The white energy is full and complete, while it contains all the essence and potentials of life and creation, it will keep on expanding, radiating its power and growing until it cannot hold it anymore.

After the white energy grew to its maximum potentials, a super extreme opposite energy was created, the d2 black.  This energy is totally the opposite of the first!  It’s a wind or gas form energy, black in color, and it acts like the wind. It swallows things from d1 white and consumes the essences of white, then it will break up, digest, and keeps on processing it like how our digestive system works. The more things you put into the black system, the faster it spins and the more energy it creates.

After the black and white are both grown to the maximum stage, then there goes the balanced energy in the center, which we call the d5 yellow. This energy is the energy of creation, and it allows the white to flows down to the black and be consumed for creating a new life in the post-heaven world. This yellow energy is so powerful, that you can call it the dragon’s energy, because it is the starting power of life and the creation power that gives birth to all things, bringing the pre-heaven to the post-heaven world.

The d1 white flows down to the d5 yellow and created the d3 gamma green energy, this energy transfer essence from the resources pool and down into the creation core of nature. This gamma green energy “stores” the essence into a system and keeps it inside the system.

The d5 yellow then flows down the bottom into the d2 black zone, and it created the d7 red, which is the energy of “birth”, and it gives birth to life, bringing the inner power out to the physical and external zone again.

Now that you see we have the 5 main essential elements: d1 white, d2 black, d3 gamma green, d5 yellow and d7 red. Where are the d4 and d6?

D4 green is created after things are transferred down into the creation core of d5 and it is the energy that tweaks and put things into the processing ground (D5).  The color of d4 green is darker than the d3 gamma green, because of the “yin’ (d2) color mixed into the color.

D6 is a white color, but because of the yellow and green behind it, it shows up blue, because this is not pigment, but LIGHT color. With green, yellow, white, added together, we get blue. D6 blue is the color when the “internal” of things in post-heaven is created, the “yin” world of post-heaven. 

After the d7 is created, then d8 white came out with a pinkish color (white and red), which is the completion stage of the physical state of things. This d8 white stage will be the stage when things are born physically and start to grow to their mature state. This is the "yang" world of post-heaven.

D9 purple will turn out to be a pink-purple color, which is the stage of when the physical world is focused, concentrated and outputting their powers while burning off their internal energies.

These are the basics of the 9 star Fung Shui, and you might be now very confused, how are these even put to practical use in life?

Nine Flying Stars in Fung Shui

In Fung Shui, we have theories and skills, while we do a diagnosis of your house or office, we can use the calculation with numbers, but that is not enough. The most important part of real Fung Shui is to be able to see through the dimensions and observe the energy side of your house, then we need to understand the visuals and energies that we are seeing, which gives us an idea of what is going on with your house and what is lacking or what kind of energy is not doing well etc.

The charts and numbers are useless if you do not have the real skills to witness the energy of a place, and that is why Fung Shui is not something anyone can just pick up a book and start doing it themselves. It requires skills and a lot of cultivation to be done to achieve the power that is required to do a true Fung Shui consultation for your house.

Just like we can see the weather by using numbers and graphs, but it is always a bit off from reality, and we often have surprises even we can have all sorts of predictions on the news. If you only do Fung Shui by using numbers, it’s like you are trying to think that weather can be just seen on the news and there is no need to even look at the sky outside to see the real situation. It is not possible for nature to work by a dead pattern and not change!  Grids, numbers, charts, are only a standard pattern that gives us an idea of what can happen on an ideal day. However, the world is not ideal and it is not predictable sometimes. Therefore, we must know how t observe the Fung Shuiof a place.

Correcting Fung Shui

With the nine flying stars of Fung Shui or even other knowledge, being able to observe is only the basics. The most important thing to know is how we can “correct” the Fung Shui of a place when it is not doing what it is supposed to do. 

As we have been saying, Fung Shui energies are not like the wind, heat, fire, and such in this world. The Fung Shui energy is a form of pre-heaven creation energy that does NOT move due to physical matters in this world. Just like the energy of your heart, of love, or your feelings. Instead of being moved by physical matters, these energies actually “find” physical things as “containers” and dump themselves into the physical matters and create or influence the world.

You might think that it is kind of abstract, but look at how our feelings from the heart work for a moment. We can be just having a “pattern” of feelings, maybe we are feeling mad or frustrated. It does not need anything physical to cause it to happen because you can just wake up and feel frustrated out of the blue too. After that, you find things in this world, look around, and your madness, your frustration is then dumped into everything you see, and now you are mad at everything!

How do we correct our “feeling energy” to make us not frustrated or not mad again? No physical things can make it happen, unless there is something non-physical that can kick in to dissolve your feelings or encounter, or change your feelings. With reasons, talking, communicating, you often see that feeling being changed much faster than how physical things can affect you! 

In Fung Shui, we train and cultivate to do what we call “correcting the Fung Shui” of a place, and this does not involve you to knock down walls, repaint the area, or do physical constructions. In fact, it’s all often done with the minimal physical work, and sometimes even symbolic tool involved. Why is that so?  The secret of Fung Shui is- the creation energy, the pre-heaven energy, or if you want to use a better word-  the Taoist magic behind that can do the work and really touch this energy. 

Why do you think people have to use Bagwa mirrors and such back then?  They are all Taoist magic tools. Accept it or not, Fung Shui is powerful, but you need to know what it really is before you try to “modernize” it and went the wrong way. The Nine Flying Stars of Fung Shui is about the 9 original creation energies, which shapes our life, and creates our future!