Flying Stars Feng Shui Basics

The “Flying Star” is a way of calculating the preheaven energy flow pattern, which allows us to know how to utilize these nature’s resources for our benefit. If we do not know of the pattern, it’s like going out and not knowing why it is cold, rainy, hot, or windy; everyday is a surprise day. You might have planned to go hiking, end up it’s thunder storming. Knowing these patterns and how to utilize it, allows us to be able to communicate with these energies accordingly, so that they come at to us to help and not to harm.

Power of Preheaven Energy

These preheaven energies that we can calculate using the flying stars are VERY powerful. Preheaven energies are like the energy of your heart, the energy heart that feels, and not the organ that pumps. Many of us just see something, and the heart feels that first impression, then that already set us to accept something or reject something. Just like hiring someone for a job position, many are hired based on the “vibe” and “feel” and not actually what’s on the resume. Ever heard of people saying “I just feel good about this guy” and already hired the person to “try”?  Preheaven energy can make you feel the wrong thing, leading to everything wrong. It can also make you feel correctly and be able to connect to a good person that you married and have a lifetime of happiness with. You need to care about the preheaven energy, because it sets the whole path of everything, before you even start to “think” about it.

Working with PreHeaven Energies

The most important thing to know is that preheaven energies are not like postheaven energies like wind, water, fire, etc. Preheaven elements are all like a “living thing”, it can communicate and listen to your heart. When you are using intentions, these energies can sense and listen to you and work with you to adjust their flow or even make way for you. That is why in Fung Shui, the intention is everything. If you don’t belief it, then nothing will work for you because your intention is already not there. “Testing” if it works or not? Your intention is “testing” not actually asking the energy to change, move, or do things for you. Once you lose faith, got skeptic, in doubt, your setup and everything will not work. Therefore, you must understand that it is all about your trust and faith that matters.

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