Initiates vs Ordained

Many people went for our free initiation route, but some people ask me what is the difference between the initiation and being ordained. That is why I am writing this article to make it as clear as possible for everyone to understand the difference. For the details, you can also read our book on our “lineage structure”.

Big Difference in Relationship

Being initiated, you are a disciple, a dai jee 弟子 of the lineage. That means you have a relationship built with the lineage that the human holds. You are not yet a Taoist.

Being ordained (afterward), means that you are a Taoist, it means that the Tao has acknowledged and accepted you as part of the family. Therefore, you have a relationship with the Tao, the gods.

If you care about where you will be going after you die, then you need to be ordained so that the Tao can take care of you. Without ordaining, you are just an ordinary human being, which means you do not belong to the Tao, and therefore there is no one taking care of you later on.

Big Difference in Power

There is the magic that you can learn when you initiate, but you are only getting the newbie power. If you are ordained, you are getting access to much greater power, and also being able to access the power in the celestial court. It’s like having a big company bank from which you can draw money from, instead of just having some coins in your pocket.

If you need the power to fight against stronger evil entities or sorcery attacks, then you must use the power in the celestial court. It is much more powerful than you can use in the newbie stage. Think about it this way; initiates are not supposed to handle spiritual cases; they are like believers who should come for help if they need help. We also don’t know these initiates much; how can the power be given to people we don’t know or trust yet? Ordained disciples have to follow commandments, and we have stricter control over their quality. Therefore, they will be granted the power they deserve.

Helping People Over Distance

Ordained disciples, especially in Sun Lung Stage, will have access to the powers specially used for sending magic over distance. That means if you have friends or relatives who need help while they cannot see you in person, you can help them by distance. Being able to send magic by distance with a secured and “encrypted” pathway is very important because it ensures the magic power is not being affected or distorted on the way. Think about it this way, how can you “make sure” the magic is going to THIS person and not that person? It all depends on your focus, intention, and how you can concentrate your mind on the subject. However, with the Sun Lung Stage powers, there are special magic powers that help you overcome this hurdle, so even if you are not strong and focused enough, the power will help you ensure the delivery of the magic powers. Even if you might be on your sick days doing magic, it will still work flawlessly because it’s the special powers helping you to get the job done.

Help in Advance

Being an initiated disciple only, you could enjoy the magic power and use them when you need help. However, being an ordained disciple means that the Tao, the gods are protecting you, and they could be helping you even before problems are here. The Tao will even dissolve problems for you before they happen, which is priceless! If you are a good Taoist, you might not even need to handle the problem yourself, because the Tao will dissolve it before you can even see it, so nice!

Ordaining is just part of the process too. Initiate step 1, then you get ordained to Saam Law Stage, Sun Lung Stage, and so on. See our lineage structure book for more details. Therefore, if you have been learning on your own with our initiation path, don’t forget to get ordained later when you are ready. That’s when the real teachings begin!