How to Gain Real Taoist Magic Power

How to Gain Real Taoist Magic Power

Many people search up on how to do Taoist magic spells for this and that, or maybe how to draw FU talismans, and I am kind of shocked why no one searched up on how to build up real Taoist magic power?  That is the case for the average joes, because most people thinks that magic should be so magical, to the point that you just need to recite a magical spell and things will start happening by itself already, just like in the movies, fireballs, food falling from the sky, or someone’s chicken wing got disappeared. Whatever it is, you are missing nothing but just the spell or the FU talisman, and everyone can be a Superman as long as they found the secret “ancient” script. Thanks to the movies, it hyped a lot of people up about Taoist magic, especially food falling from the sky, but definitely not giving people the right mindset!

In order to lose weight, a common answer on Google says that you need to jog for at least 20 minutes per day to get some weight-loss effect, given that you are undergoing a good diet and workout plan besides that jogging exercise.

In order to develop some skills and power in fighting that allows you to fight and do real self-defense in a real situation, you might have to do some drills every day and maybe go to the gym or martial art school every week to get yourself prepared and well trained in order to put what you have learned to real use in the deadly situation.

In order to do magic and fight off evil spirits or evil magic, why does it not cost you some daily effort to build up that skills and power?  Can you imagine yourself having just a book of notes, then recited the spells a few times, and you expect yourself “combat ready” to fight off the evil-when it comes? Is Taoist magic that easy to learn? 

The purpose of learning Taoist magic, Saam Law Sun Gung, is to make your life better by gaining this power to fend of evils and negative energies that you will encounter in your everyday life, or maybe when you are under some kinds of sorcery attacks due to whatever reasons.  In short, you want to be ‘combat ready” against the evil spirits, or energy, or magic. How can you achieve that kind of ability by just expecting yourself to spend the first day being hyped about the topic then you never push yourself to practice what is taught?

There are people who like to buy all sorts of gym equipment and place them in the basement because they think by buying this and that machine will help them get in shape and such. After a year or two, they got a bunch of gears in the basement, opened, assembled but not touched, it’s like a bunch of decorations!

At the same time, there are also people who got started with learning Taoist magic, and all they do is put the tools there and never strive to learn about them or use them, just like the gym equipment situation above.

Real Taoist Magic Training

Every day, as a real Taoist magic practitioner, and not just a believer, we must do some kinds of training, just like a fighter going to jogging daily and punching bags daily. For us, we also have a bunch of things to do to. Here I am going to list out a few things that we will do on a regular basis as to cultivate yourselves in the lineage, building up real Taoist magic power and skills.

  • Every day, there are a few sessions of incense burning with spells and things to practice.
  • Every morning, we will change the tea and such on the altar, doing some “food upload” with magic done on each of the dishes and such.
  • There are 2 basic rites that we will do, one for morning and one for the night. If you run through them as a beginner, it will take you about 15-20mins for each rite. However, if you are busy or you are in a rush, you can always substitute the rites with a shorter version that might take you about 5mins or less and it is all done.
  • Every 2 weeks, there is a ritual to be done, which you will fire up your altar and welcome in new energies, top up your altar’s storage etc.
  • During the bi-weekly ceremony, we will cleanse and seal up the house to ensure our house and living space is clean and evil-proof. At the same time, we will pack in good energies to the house to make everything sparkles.
  • During the bi-weekly ceremony, there will also be FU consumptionto power up ourselves too.
  • Besides these, we will spend some time in the week to write FU Talisman, prepare for the big ritual, and also do some other individual cultivations and practice the things we have learned.
  • Most importantly, we go on LINE and e-mail to chat with people in the lineage, chat and learn, help those who need helps and get together to know each other better. 

As you can see, learning Taoist magic is not like you just need a membership or certificate, dress up like a Taoist and call that Taoist magic. The certificate selling Taoist just grossed me out, it just makes me wonder why people are not ashamed of themselves living a life like that, being so empty inside and really clueless about everything they are doing and still think they can be calling themselves a “Taoist” who knows magic? Don't be like this "black belt" guys.

In our lineage, we practice every day, and we cultivate ourselves every day, just like a real fighter prepares themselves every day for one day of “real deal situation” to come. We are confident and proud of our skills because we know it well, and we understand it well – and all that is there because we practice it regularly with non-stop advancements and upgrading ourselves.

People who are learning piano since a kid practice for hours every day to get good at the piano, and there goes the ability to perform later on. As adults, we should look at our kids, and reflect on ourselves. If you are here to learn Taoist magic, and you were taught to do some spells, then you should be practicing it daily like your kids with the piano?

Not everyone wants to learn Taoist magic the hardcore way, but a bit of practice everyday is more than reasonable right?  Taoist magic is not a hobby, Taoist magic if life, just like cleaning at home and brushing your teeth. You don't pick it up when you feel like to, you do it everyday because you HAVE to. Taoist magic cultivation is a lifetime and daily thing, and that is why you have the power to fight off evils and such when them come.