How to Gain Real Taoist Magic Power

What is Magic Power

Magic power (MP) 法力, is the power that is granted to you by the gods in the lineage. Think of this like money, how much money will the god give you or allow you to take if you are a newbie who just came in? Compared to a long-term disciple who always work and help-out etc. It’s very obvious and very easy to see that the more you commit and output for the gods, the more magic power you can have because the gods like you and feel you are devoted.

Magic power is not something you can use to start a fire or make soap bubble out of nothing. Magic power the resources you need to do Taoist magic with. For example, you write a FU, do a spell, and so on, it is all about using your magic powers to make something happen, to ask the god to do something for you.

For example, you can be doing a magic to make villains shut up and not bother you at work. Sure, if your magic power is not enough, you don’t see much results. If the magic power is enough, you see results right away after you have done your magic.

Magic power is not EVERYTHING yet, there are 2 other elements that affects the result, but we will talk about them in another post. We will try to keep it focused on “magic power” in this post.

How to Cultivate

Cultivating the magic power is very simple, it all goes to the relationship between you and the god. The god doesn’t talk to you directly, but they know you by seeing how you act and behave. Do things that the gods will like to see, follow the teachings and commandments, be a good disciple, and most important STAY and don’t give up. TIME is the test, if you can stay for a longer period of time “being a good disciple”, then you will see magic power increases, because you have earned it. Staying for a long time doesn’t mean anything if you are not being a good disciple. Imagine you know a “friend” for 10 years and all you do is say hi and bye to them, nothing more.

There is also another way to replenish your magic power (after using them), which is to consume the FU HEADs from your uppers. This will also lead to upgrading and increasing your magic power too.

Magic power is not like something you can do more then grow bigger, but it all boils down to trust, faith and determination. If you can do well with these factors, you will be just getting better and better.

Can Magic Power be Busted?

Although we say your magic power is something granted by the gods and such, but it is not like your magic power is not “on” your body. Actually, there are magic powers that are yours but stored in the celestial court, just like how your bank works. There are powers granted to you and stored in your body, inside your heart, and that is like your wallet. If one day you encounter something and your HEART IS BROKEN, then your magic power will also be leaked out from the heart and you will lose all magic power too. Yes you can fix it, you need to rebuilt the power again, and also you must fix your heart (emotions) back to normal or else it will not hold onto anything.

Also, when a disciple is skeptic, unfaithful, doubtful, or even disloyal and betray the Tao, they will also lose all magic powers given to them from the gods. It’s just natural that it happens, because that’s how the heart works. Once no more trust and faith, the power won’t hold inside.

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