How Does Taoism Spells Work

This article is going to teach you the most real and direct concept, you will know how Taoism spells work, and why some people doesn’t get it to work and some can get it to work. Taoism spells can as short as a line of words or a bunch of words put together like a long poem. It can even be not in Chinese!  Read on for the exciting lesson!

Why Taoism Spells Work

First of all, spells (or even magic) are not working because of the “frequency”, sound waves, or whatever those people out there is trying to claim with “scientific” explanation. Taoism spells are purely a way to communicate with the higher powers, the gods, the Tao. It is not the word itself that has any power, don’t try to dig into the sound and wavelengths and all that stuff, it’s totally not the answer.

To understand why Taoism spell works, let’s replicate this whole scenario into an example with you and your child. Let’s say you want to grant your child a code so he can get the front door open.  You set a code 1123, and you tell the child, I have set this “spell” for you, 1123, remember it. Whenever you want to come in, just press this and the door will open for you. The child now has a spell to open the door.

Simple? Just like a password, granted to you, for a specific purpose. Like taking money out of the bank, like accessing the library, or even to approve something on behalf of your dad etc. That’s basically what a spell is, but it is the code/password that is granted to the human side from the gods.


Can Human Create Spells

Yes, human can create spells naturally too, even without gods and Taoism. We actually do that all the time. Look at this formula:

Intention set to a specific word or chain of words, and being repeatedly used for the same purpose over time, will accumulate preheaven energy into the same word or chain of words, resulting in the word or words storing up the preheaven energies. Which means that next time you use the word or chain of words gain for the same or similar intention, it will become an empowerment and a boost to make what you want to be more likely to happen in the way you wanted.

For example, we say “shit!” when things turn out the way we don’t like. That means, whenever you say “shit!” it means you “don’t want this” and want this kind of similar luck to be gone from you, it’s a bad luck removal or avoiding spell for you naturally. Then all you need to do is say “shit!’ when something bad happen, and it will be a spell to help you avoid the NEXT time this can happen again. It helps you AVOID the bad happenings.

Can Taoist Create Spells?

Yes, at a certain level, Taoists can create spells. All it takes is you creating a spell like how you create a password, and then telling the god about what you want this spell to be for, and asking the gods for approval. Once approved, then spell will be official and can be used from then on. This only applies to the senior disciples who can “add” things into the lineage system. For newbies, they should stick to using the spells that are already there.

Taoists can also “program” the spells into another form too, just like how you can program keyboard shortcuts. For example, you have a spell “123456”, you can also use a new spell “A123” to be a new spell for the old spell, it’s like a new shortcut, with a different name. Sometimes this can be done to make the long spell become a short spell, or just convert a Chinese spell into English if you really wanted to do so.  Again, it could be done, only if you are in the senior level of the lineage because those are like the “technician” of magic, and they have the power to work with the lineage’s “system”.

Do You Have to Understand the Spells

No, definitely not. You don’t need to understand your bank account’s password don’t you, it works because it is an agreement set, and you can even set it into anything that make no-sense. A spell can even be a bunch of sounds put together like Ah-ba-ba-boo, and it doesn’t have to make any sense. It’s just easier to remember the “passwords” if they make “some sense”, so spells are often kind of “make sense” on the surface, but it doesn’t really matter.

For non-Chinese, you really don’t have to know what the words in the spells means, because even Chinese would not know what they mean sometimes, or they would get the meaning wrong too. It doesn’t matter, you just need to know what is the purpose of the spell, the intention of why you are doing it, and that is good enough.

Intention is the key, because it directs the spell to the right place, for the right purpose. There is nothing such as “oh I casted a spell by accident and hurt someone” when your intention is to HELP someone. Don’t worry!

How to Learn Start Learning Taoist Spells

Get initiated (free) or start by ordaining, then you can already start to learn the spells. Spells only work for you when you are related to the lineage that has those spells in the system!  Just like you can only use the resources of account ABC when you are a member of the ABC company!  Don’t fall into the illusion that you can just “collect” spells out there and use it yourself.

What’s even worse? If you are doing spells while you are not in the lineage that has those spells, you are basically just trying to make “your own spells” by copying others. Since you have an intention for using the spell, it will be same as using the spell “shit!” for a purpose, just that the word became something that look like the ones people use in another lineage. However, because you thought it will channel in the power from “that lineage”, and you don’t actually have a relationship, SOMEONE in the spiritual world like those wandering evil gods will come along and tap in to be “your god”, and that is not going to be fun when the evil god puts you on a spin and play you around like a puppet. You will fall into a big deep scam hole, and even thinking that this evil thing is “THE GOD” you have been wanting to connect to. Many people fall into this group, and end up going crazy, because they were just always trying to “DIY” their own “Taoism” and end up screwing up without even knowing they did. Not to even mention that many lineages have their own “security” system, so if you even “steal” spells from them, you would get hit by their power too.

Get ordained today to learn for real, and don’t waste time goofing around the internet collecting useless stuff. You need a real master to learn Taoism and Taoist magic.