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Distance Exorcism Ceremony with Taoist Magic - How it's Done

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taoist magic exorcism by distance ceremony

We have been doing Taoist magic distanced ceremony for a long time, and that includes exorcism, fixing up spiritual cases, busting evil magic and sorcery, curing of spiritual possession and almost anything that you can think of which needs some spiritual help from a professional that is experienced and reliable. In this article, we will talk about what our exorcism ceremonies will include and how it’s done. If you want to get us to perform the ceremony for you, please check out our “distance magic ceremony” page. It’s a customized ceremony with everything prepared and done just for you!

How Does It Work

To perform any distance magic ceremony with Taoist magic, we must require a distanced spiritual diagnosis with the client and know what is going on first, before we can plan for how to deal with the case or offers them any options.

After the diagnosis is done, and you have chosen to do the distanced exorcism ceremony, then we will require information from you, such as your photo, name, and if you are doing a ceremony that requires work to be done on the house, then we will also need the address and photo of the house.

There is no need to mail us anything nor to travel to visit us. This is a distanced ceremony done for you and that means it does not require you to travel or ship out anything from your end.

Step One - Preparing for Battle

After we have gathered all the materials for your order, we will then schedule a date that has the right energy flow for doing the work. There will be a day for preparing the FU Talismans and also the “representative” of you, which is often a piece of paper or a strawman that will be used to represent you. The strawman or representative will have special magic done on it to build the channels for connecting it to you, by using your given information such as your name, photo and such as the materials to trace your spiritual soul and connecting the representative to you in the spiritual dimension, for it to be able to transfer things to you later on.

The representative servers like a container, which allows us to do all sorts of magic that is supposed to be done for you on the representative. After that work is done, it will be “recorded” and contained into the representative until all work has been done in the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, we will then send the representative out to the pre-heaven dimensions by burning it and sending it off by using spells and other magic tools for it to safely delivers all the magic work to you. After that, the magic will then be transferred over and unpacks on your end.

Step Two – The Distance Magic Workings

On the day we have chosen to do the distanced ceremony, we will fire up our altar on the best time that we have picked, and get all your FU Talismans empowered with the best power possible. After getting all the energy firing up red hot, we will then be performing all kinds of magic that you will need by two routes. One route will be a real-time and instant portalling magic, meaning that you will be getting things sent to you right away and being done to you by distance right away.  Then another route is a bigger package to be done on the representative of you, which will be done and sent off to you later (by magic, not physical shipping!)

The magic work for this day should usually take about 2-3 hours of work. After it’s done, then we will move your representative aside and place it onto a “setup” with formation magic being done to the representative, giving it more power and channeling In more assisting energies. There will also be helping energies from our internal network and our pre-heaven lineage power bank to give assisting power to the magic too!

Step Three – Empowering the Magic Work

After the official work is done, the magic is not done yet. We will be doing a few days of continuous empowering to the representative and doing a few more magic on it for a few days on a strict schedule to give it a good program so that it can unpack on you later for repeating the same magic work too. That means, you will be getting the magic work sent off to you, and it will be kicking in not only one day, but a few days in a row.  If your ceremony falls before our bi-weekly big ceremony day, then you will also get a free super-charge session on that day too! 

During this last stage, we will pack up some FU talismans that we have prepared for you and conclude the ceremony by sending off the representative and also be shipping out the FU talismans to you by mail. Please note that the FU talismans we have included are also specially made for you for this ceremony and they are included in the fee for the distanced exorcism ceremony too.


Final Step -Concluding

The last step is to conclude the ceremony, meaning that we will make sure everything is done already and things are shipped out, then we will contact you by e-mail and let you know that it’s done, and you will get a report of what we have seen or encountered during the ceremony or some details that you should know and be aware of. If we went into a Yuen Sun battle for you and fought some evil entities etc, then you will get a very juicy report.

There might be people who need more work to be done and one ceremony is not enough. We will suggest that they will have a second ceremony was done, or a third. But if the third ceremony cannot fix the problem, then the case is usually because the problem is a stubborn old wound that is stuck deep inside the Pre-Heaven element, like a virus that is clinging onto your organs and not coming out. If anyone is facing such issue, we will for sure tell them to start learning how to cultivate Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist magic on their own and dissolve the obstructing elements themselves with daily training. What you will need in this case is not exorcism, but to cultivate in the lineage and dissolve the old stubborn element yourself with your own hands. There is no one who can do that for you, because it’s too deep inside you.

Full length video demonstration below, you can't find ANY of these online, because no one will be willing to show...!

Basically, that’s how it goes with our distanced exorcism ceremony, and the client will have to wait for a while to have all the magic work kick in and then come back for a diagnosis again in the future or the case is all done and we might suggest the client to secure themselves with some magic power and protect themselves and their home from future threats. To do this, you will want to have a Taoist magic altar setup at home with us, or even get ordained into the lineage and learn Taoist magic. No matter what spiritual case, it is always a good idea to get stronger and not be bullied again. Learn Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist magic will get you that power to kick evils’ butt yourself and not fear the spirits or sorcery anymore.

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