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Spiritual Diagnosis Service with Taoist Magic

  • Spiritual Diagnosis Service with Taoist Magic

Tin Yat Dragon

Spiritual Diagnosis Service with Taoist Magic


If you are encountering some spiritual problems and need our help, our spiritual diagnosis is the perfect service for you to start with. We will check up your spiritual status at this moment and get you a detailed report about what we have discovered about your spiritual health, then offers you with suggestions of remedies for you to choose.

If you are unsure of what’s going on with you, and feel that it might be a spiritual attack, or a curse, or something else that you cannot explain – don’t hesitate, just use this service and get things cleared up. The longer you drag, the harder it is to get rid of the problem, just like viruses and sicknes!

To request for a spiritual diagnosis report, you must fit the 3 major requirements:

1.      The case must be real

2.      Information provided must be 100% accurate and honest

3.      Must have trust and faith in us (No testing or challenging)

To proceed, please make the payment and e-mail to payments@chiinnature.com to continue with the following:

1.      Include your full name and date of birth (with time if possible) along with a photo of yourself that is taken after purchasing the service.

2.      Short paragraph within 250 words – describe your case, your problem and what’s bothering you etc.

3.      Wait for reply and confirmation from Jee Sifu

4.      Jee Sifu come back with a confirmation, and report will the begin (no refund from then on)

5.      Report sent to your e-mail

6.      Choose solutions from suggestions or discuss further with Jee Sifu if you wish.

7.      Start case…!

For returning clients, welcome to come back for a check up after a while. Usually our clients like to check up after a few months to follow up their case and such. Just like how you go back to a doctor’s office for a check up after you are cured, just to make sure there is nothing left behind or coming back.


Ensured hand-crafted and done professionally with love and care.


Safe and secured payments by credit card or paypal. Swift and smooth transactions.


Feel free to e-mail us within 24 hours of your order to get customization service.