Taoist Thunder Magic Secrets Unleashed

Thunder magic is often depicted as “lightning magic” somehow, people will (including me) put up a lightning bolt picture and think that it should be representing thunder. Thinking about it, thunder is heard, not seen, and it comes with lightning (sometimes). Do you know why our magical method is called Thunder Magic? What exactly is Thunder magic in Taoism and what is its actual power? You might have read a few books out there about absorbing “nature” power like meditating or doing chi kung when it is a certain time or when it is thundering and such outside… That is not it, forget about it. Let me show you the real thing here so you don’t need to hop around the internet and get blasted by non-sense again.

Definition of Thunder

The word for thunder is 雷 with rain on top of a farm. In Taoist magic, this is not relating to the actual thunder roar that you hear, but actually a “command” of raining down to a piece of land, for things to “grow” or “happen”. Thunder is simply “put down the power to make something happen”. Thunder magic is used when we want to create something in reality, meaning to create some changes, or an event to happen. For example, I want you to have an accident like maybe crashing your car, that’s something to “happen” in reality, then I need to use thunder magic. It is very common and a lot of magic is actually considered thunder magic, as long as it fits the criteria of wanting to make something come true or happen.


We have explained a lot on this topic in the article on “God Punishment” but here we will give you another perspective to think about the same subject. Welcome to reference back and forth to understand better! 

First of all, there are two kinds of thunder, we call it negative-thunder and positive-thunder. They both have 5 types, which are gold, water, wood, fire and earth thunders. (5 elements).

Negative thunder strikes on people causes the negative effect, like doing harm to them and removing things. You can use negative to HELP people too. Just think of negative as in “removing”, so what are you removing is the question. Remove their health so they get sick, or to remove the evil thing so they get well?

Positive thunder strikes on people and they will “gain” something on top, which sounds nice, but can be harmful. What about I make you gain the habit of drugging yourself, or I use thunder magic to make you think of things that you are not supposed to, such as raping and doing violent things.

Positive and negative can both harm and help, it all depend on your style, preference, and how you do it,

For striking an evil spirit away or killing it, we often use negative thunder. If you use the positive power, it cannot kill the thing and make it die.

Here is the property of the 5-thunders, they are about the 5 phases of how something happens:

  • Gold – Feeling, gathering energy of the heat
  • Water – putting down the time to do it
  • Wood – Motivation and such that pumps you to take action
  • Fire – Taking action and doing it
  • Earth – Finishing off and finalizing, getting the result or fruit

Now you can read the post I linked earlier and see how these 5 stages can be done for good or bad intentions.

How It’s Done

Five-Thunder magic can be done by using many different methods, from a small strike using spells, magic palm strike, or even to writing FU talismans and doing a whole ceremony to get things done. No matter what the method is, the key point is that thunder all work with the “sky” raining down the power, which means you must have a “sky” set in this magic, and not just using your own power.

Sky is referring to a preheaven source, such as the celestial court, or the gods in the preheaven.  It can also be the sky as in your own heart power, which is to draw out the magic power inside the heart for striking people. This is called “Palm Thunder 掌心雷” and it is done by drawing a symbol in the palm to set the thunder magic to LIVE, then calling the power out with a spell, and then striking it onto the target locally or by distance.  It is short of like “blasting” the power onto things.  When blasting out this kind of strike, there are also yin and yang thunder handsign which is used to set the property of the power that you blast out. Hold a fist with your left hand, and tuck your thumb into the grip, that’s a yin-Thunder, a negative thunder. Now take the thumb out and have the side of the thumb press against the 4 fingers, that’s a yang-thunder, positive thunder!  There is also one that combines both hands together which channel the power into yourself, applying the thunder power to yourself instead of to other things outside of you.

No matter which method, the key point is that you need a “sky” to cast thunder magic; a preheaven source of power. If you cannot have this “sky” then you cannot “thunder” people.

How to begin? Ordain and get started. You will be connected to the source when you ordain, and that is the first step!  We also suggest you to read the "First Taoism Book" and also the "Five Thunder Magic book"!!!