Taoist Thunder Magic Secrets Unleashed

Taoist secret thunder magic

Thunder magic or five thunder magic is one thing in Taoist magic or Taoismthat most outsiders wanted to know about because of the popularity of its impression in most games, videos, novels and even online medias. Most people don’t realize thatTaoism has a long history of being enclosed and secretive for their teachings of magic, and a lot of these real deal knowledge are not exposed to the outsiders, or even disguised as something else, such as a fake story about some gods and deities or spirits. They are not completely fake, it’s just that the concept is too abstract and hard to understand, and so most of it were depicted in a humanized form or a form that makes it easier to understand, yet not leaking out the truth behind things to keep it secretive at the same time. It is sort of like how you explain the sun and the moon to children, you call them Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon like as they are human and they will be happy or sad and cry on some occasions and there goes rain. When we grow up, the real knowledge kicks in and we know why our parents talked like that before!

Thunder magic雷法is, of course, a subject in Taoist magic, but it is not about any real thunder or even lightning as most people thinks. When you search up “Thunder magic” or see it being depicted in movies, it’s all the lightning bolts blasting down and not a single person will have a doubt about it, where is the thunder? Not many people realized that lightning and thunder comes in a different form, and thunder comes in the form of a sound of roars, while lightning is the thing that strikes the trees and houses down. The fact is, the thunder magic is not about the real thunder outside at all, it’s more like a concept in magic, like how the five elements of gold, water, wood, fire, and earth are like, they are not even related to the physical gold, water and such. It’s a principle and not a description of absolute.

There is thunder magic in Saam Law Sun Gung too. Disciples of our lineage will learn about it and cultivate it at a certain level. The main purpose of this thunder magic, is about tweaking, mixing and changing something’s internal operation or flow. By doing so, you can do good or bad things to the subject. You can be destroying, or you can be healing and fixing things up. If you want to put this to a more understandable example, you can think about it as how a computer technician can work with the bios and tweak the codes of an internal system. They can be repairing the computer for you or doing harm to you depending on what their intention is and how they execute the magic.

Where is The Thunder in Thunder Magic

Thunderis a word used as a VERB and not a subject, just like the word SUN for God in Chinese is not used as a noun in Taoist magic too. The word for thunder can be simply explained as literally as it is seen, it is rain above the field of a farm, which is a piece of land with cultivated things in it. It means, you are dropping elements or resources into an operating ground, something that is being cultivated, something being worked on, and by doing so, you are infusing and injecting elements into the working area to change/empower/destroy it. Adding elements into something in the process can be good or bad, depending on what you are adding, but no matter what it is, the fact is that Thunder magic is a form of magic, it’s about working with the Pre-Heaven energies.

Chi Kung or Qi Gong that you can learn without ordaining into a sect or lineage of magic is not going to bring you to anywhere near this field of Thunder magic, because their training are all about the workings of post-heaven Chi only, and its primary focus is on your physical healthy and nothing more. In order to touch Thunder magic in Taoism, one must be ordained and learning Taoist magic under the sifu’s guidance, and not just doing some Chi Kung / Qi Gong. There is chi kung in our lineage that is a part of our magic cultivation too, and that is because our lineage’s primary focus is all on the subject Taoist magic / Sun Gung, that’s why the chi kung is related and designed to be for magic cultivation purpose and not just for health.

Thunder magic does not need to be practiced during the days of thundering and raining, and you do not need to wait for a lightning bolt to strike down your area. The real thunder magic can be done on any day and is a very common practice in magic to “thunder” something up too. For example, if you have a bunch of FU Talisman made, and you need to infuse more things to program the FU and empower it or change it’s working properties, then you will need to infuse things into the FU’s internal to “thunder up” the FU’s energy, it’s just that simple.

What is Five Thunder

Five thunder五雷is also a verb, and it means you are working with the dimension five, thundering in internal of yourself or another subject, to bring in pre-heaven energies to mix into the subject’s post-heaven operating system, and by doing so, you can change what is doing internally. The more advanced side of this can mean that you can encounter someone’s magic attack or FU attack, and change their magic’s energy flow internally, making their magic ineffective, stop working or even reverse their magic back on themselves. The concept of five thunder is all about gathering the pre-heaven energies, moving and grouping the energies, then processing them with the post-heaven energies, making them blend together to start the action, then finalize with a result that you want it to happen. There go the gold, water, wood, fire, and earth elements of five thunder process. It is all nothing but energy workings with the pre-heaven energies and post-heaven energies together. There are no spirits, entities or any gods involved.

The principle of five thunder is simple but it can be applied to some basic magic or advanced magic, depending on what level your magic learning is at the moment. For our new disciples in Tin Yat Lineage, when they work with the altar to change their food-upload daily, there is also a thundering processing going on that requires them to use symbols, spells or even other magic tools to work with the internal energies of the food they are uploading. By infusing their magic essence (pre-heaven energies) into the food’s post-heaven energies, mixing them and blending them to become one, is already a form of thunder magic. 


Advanced Thunder Magic Taoism Cultivation

In the later stages of Saam Law Sun Gung, you can learn about the different kinds of thunder magic cultivation that relate to internal alchemy training, which is for power building and getting your energy systems stronger. There is the:

  • Tin Lui (Celestial Thunder天雷)
  • Ng Lui (Five Thunder五雷)
  • Dei Lui (Ground Thunder地雷)

and also other related magic such as the Thunder palm掌心雷or Fiver Thunder for empowering and exorcism etc.

Tin Lui (Celestial Thunder) is about cultivation of your upper energy system, and its primary purpose is to develop the practitioner’s ability to gather up Pre-Heaven energies as resources, connecting to the Pre-Heaven dimensions, being able to see things in the Pre-Heaven realms, soul travel, or even going to travel to your own Yuen Sun(or other people’s) for doing magic work and such.

Ng Lui (Five Thunder) is about the cultivation of the person’s magic power and it empowers their magic to be more effective, powerful and having the power to override a normal magic that is done by other people. For example, if someone did a spell on you and you want to fight back, usually, you are just doing another spell to encounter it, but with thunder magic, you can override their spells and magic, then convert all their magic work plus their own altar and other things to work against them, giving them a total cripple experience. Don’t mess with people who got a strong five thunder magic foundation, because they are like people who knows how to hack into codes and flip your computer around from white to black. That is also why thunder magic is a secret for many sects and lineages, and not taught or even exposed to the public, because it is so dangerous when misused or taught to the wrong person. Telling people that it’s about the gods and spirits in ancient time will work to scare some people from doing bad things with it, and at least they believe that it cannot be misused or they will be punished by nature or these spirits. Here, we will tell you the truth, there is no gods or spirits in this cultivation, it’s all energy work, but if you do bad things with it and bully people with it, you will for sure encounter someone who can screw you back one day and you will suffer more than you can imagine when it got backfired too.

For us, the five-thunder magic is used for defense, exorcism and helping people to fix their problems or even to encounter threats. In the case of a bad disciple who went around to do bad things to people, we will use this magic on them and have the disciple cripple down to stop them from harming others forever. With great power, you will have a great responsibility, and if we teach people magic to help, but they used to harm, we got to have something that can take care of this virus and stop it from spreading. That is also how most lineage uses their thunder magic too.

Dei Lui (Ground Thunder), is a form of magic that develops processing and operation power for your own system, which generates power and effectiveness for your energy work. No matter it’s for pre-or post-heaven energies, this cultivation will empower it and help you process things faster, or make energy in your system run faster, bringing things to show results faster. By doing this cultivation, it can also help you cure sickness or long-term health issue, but it’s definitely not an easy thing to practice at all. You will need to be doing it daily with discipline, and not stop during the cycle, in order for it to work and have it benefit you. With our FU Talismans that we will be using for serious purposes, we will also infuse our ground thunder energy into it to add more power and help it work better. For example, a FU for exorcism or fung shui repair will be nice to super-boost it with this thunder magic power.

Thunder magic also comes with some spells, hand signs and palm magic too. The main purpose of these are to draw out your pre-heaven energies with a programmed feature, and so that you can apply it to different magic work.

The five thunder magic palm, for example, is for you to blast out your thundered magic power from the Tin Lui category of energies, which is mostly for empowering and infusing more pre-heaven energies into things. There are also the hand signs that is used to gather up energies in your body for the five thunder magic to start burning in your engine and execute magic for you.  Besides the spells, FU, hand signs and such, there are also breathing patterns, stepping-magic and many other things in Taoist magic that is related to this thunder magic category!

Five Thunder in Taoist Magic Tools

five thunder magic

In many of our tools, you will see this word Five Thunder Give Command五雷號令, and it is actually 4 words that are used like a FU all the time, it’s a command of a process. Basically, it means to blend in elements from the user, through this tool, blend and mix together, then create the effect as output. An outsider will have no clue about what it is for because they are not even understanding the basic concept and meaning of the word thunder. Most people only think that it’s about the spirits or deities that are holding a hammer a chisel.

While we know that the “spirit” that holds a hammer and a chisel is not real, it is not completely fake. It is actually a figure that “depicts” the concept of a certain action just like how we use the Saam Ching statueto depict the different parts of the Yuen Sun. A lot of these figures are a good depicting device to represent a concept that is very abstract and hard to understand, just like how we use icons and logos today to represent an idea. Deeper meanings and messages are to be taught to the disciples when they learn and accumulate their knowledge in the lineage.

A lot of people asked about the 36 Thunders三十六雷 and all those “generals” they talk about in Taoism on the Thunder magic. Actually, it’s the 36 stages of how thunder magic is processed or executed. It’s all based on the theory of how things are created in nature, the universal creation principle that involves 9 stages, which we call the 9 stars. It’s not a physical star, but a star meaning that it’s the point when something is completed or born. When the cycle is completed 4 times, it is at 36, and that is when things start to get into the “earth” stage, into the internal working or processing stage.

There are so many hidden messages and secrets that outsiders will not even understand by doing researches online, or digging into books. It will just make you more confused by reading more and more. If you are interested in knowing all these things and really digging into the cultivation of thunder magic in Taoism, we welcome you to join our lineage and start learning Saam Law Sun Gung.

Our thunder magic starts from the beginning when you start doing the basic cultivates, and it can get as advanced as what we have mentioned above, and beyond. Learning thunder magic in our lineage can help you gain more power, empowers your magic, save lives and protect your loved ones when needed.

Imagine you are doing a magic to repel or back off a stubborn spirit in a hotel room and it just wants to get into a serious fight with you, thunder magic will neutralize the threats with ease, because there is basically no evil spirits that can override our thunder magic power, not to mention that many evil curses and spells are going to be busted like its nothing too. Thunder magic is powerful as you would have felt before reading this article, but learning it under our lineagebrings you to the real deal and now you know what all these confusion out there is about when you start learning it yourself.