Outfit of the TYHQ Religious Court

23 March, 2023

Bagwa robe, nine dragon hat, and sup fong shoes are the main outfit you need to work with the TYHQ powers in the religious court. This is your 101 lesson.

Taoist Robe Detailed Lesson

16 March, 2023

Know your Taoist robes and what they mean or do in terms of magical purpose and what power they hold in the lineage for you.

Divination For Dummies

14 March, 2023

Divination is very simple and very easy to do, if you understand the concept then you can make it very personal and customize it to your very personal way of communicating with the gods.

Know Your CMG

13 March, 2023

CMGs are very important for disciples, and they are life savers that can help you overcome hurdles. Here is why and how, learn to use them wisely and often!