Health FU

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This Health FU is also named Sickness Dissolving FU. It cannot replace medicine or any sort of medical treatment, but it can help you dissolve the sickness energy to help with recovery or to prevent sickness energy from penetrating into you and causing you to get sick. Usually we carry this or tape this at home as a prevention. If we are sick, we can also drink this FU while taking medicine to increase the rate of recovering. Please do not use this as a replacement of medicine or medical treatment. A very practical use of this FU is to burn the FU into a mask, and let the mask radiate a shield of magical powers to increase its effectiveness. Sickness or even virus are only the later form of manifestation. Before they come, their energies would have came first. If you can dissolve their energies, then you also reduce their chance of getting close to you!

How Long Does it Last?

FUs are not batteries. It is a ticket for asking the god for help. Typical FU requested for a purpose will only have the power to finish its task.  Your faith will determine how much the god want to help you and how much help you deserve.  If you want to be able to make FU all the time and use them for everything, we suggest you get ordain and learn today!

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