FU Talisman Power Upgrade

A set of CCG (Celestial Court Gold) is deployed into your FU talisman to upgrade its power for the optional upgrade. It depends on what the FU is for, we would deploy either a set of Jade+Sky Emperor Gold or a set of Jee Mei Emperor Five Thunder Gold on the FU for you.

By doing so, your FU will be upgraded with the Celestial Court power and our thunder magic powers, which greatly enhance the FU's power and durability when facing stronger threats.

To reduce the hassle on the customer's end, we will be burning the CCG into your FUs for you. However if you want to see them in person and burn it yourself, you are free to request that with a note and we would then ship your FU with the CCG together so you can perform the burning yourself with your own hands.

When Would I Need an Upgrade

Most first time purchase or first attempt to use magic on something, regular power is fine. However, when you feel the problem is very serious, or it is already your second time purchasing a FU for the same problem, then you can upgrade its power. Just like punching a person once and he doesn't feel hurt at all, punching again doesn't help, upgrading the power first would greatly help you solve the problem!

You can also purchase CCG separately and upgrade the power of the FUs you already have in hand.

Special Exorcism Case

By experience, we have witnessed that any case that has to do with what we call evil gods or higher level dimension spirits would require the upgraded power from the Celestial Court to handle. That means for exorcism and magic battle against things like professional curses, magic or "gong tau" that is backed by evil gods are all in this list. Even as a first attempt to break the curse or magic, you must upgrade the FU's power to be able to encounter such level of magic power.

If you are unsure, feel free to consult us by email anytime. When typing your email, please include your name, the question or problem you are facing, and we will get back to you asap.