FREE Initiation to Become a Tin Yat Stage Disciple

Upon a symbolic offering, this is the FREE initiation to become a Tin Yat Stage Disciple. After purchasing this, you will receive a PDF for download which include all the materials for learning and proceeding onto the initiation process. Contact Jee Sifu by e-mail to submit your info such as full name, date of birth, and a photo of yourself.

Read the OATH before you proceed.

If by chance the PDF link doesn't work, it might be you are just lucky enough to catch a bad time when the PDF file was updating to the server. Please contact Jee Sifu by e-mail and you will get the updated PDF.

There is also a KINDLE version of this PDF which we might update in the future. You can also get the kindle version if you want the latest update all the time.

If you wish to initiate and ordain in one go, welcome to do so just by going straight to the ordain page and proceed.