Fortune and Opportunity FU

Special Deal

This FU is like a divine light illuminating your path throughout the year. It's not just about luck; it's about gaining clarity in life. With this enhanced vision, you'll spot opportunities, make wiser decisions, and steer clear of dangers like scams and betrayal. This divine light instills faith and hope, diminishing feelings of depression and demotivation.

When Do You Need This?

When you need an opportunity, when you need a chance or a way to begin something, or when you feel hopeless and out of ideas, or when you feel life is stuck at the dead end, bring light to your life again. Use this FU before you start something, and you can also use it after you have gotten a series of bad luck to turn your life back to the positive side.

How Long Does it Last?

FUs are not batteries. It is a ticket for asking the god for help. Typical FU requested for a purpose will only have the power to finish its task.  Your faith will determine how much the god want to help you and how much help you deserve.  If you want to be able to make FU all the time and use them for everything, we suggest you get ordain and learn today!

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