Customized FU Talismans

Customized Taoist FU Talismans are handcrafted for the one who requested, and the ceremony to consecrate your Talisman is done JUST for your FU.  Focused and personalized work is what we emphasized. 

FU talismans can be used to bring fortune, or even push away misfortunes, help with relationships, protect you and your house, exorcise evil spirits, boost your business luck, help you open up to more opportunities, boost career, help you study better, and even to fend off enemies at work who are trying to destroy your life at the back.

Tell us what you need help with and we will be able to get the right FU for you!  Be sure to include more info if you want the FU to connect to you better.

*Every FU is the same price, some FUs are in sets, here are some examples:

  • Altar FU (set of 3 or 7)
  • COVID Protection FU (set of 3)
  • Chut Saat FU (set of 9)
  • Statue Activation FU (set of 2)
  • Magical Tool Activation FU (set of 2)    
  • Afterdeath Energy Pollution FU
  • Any others = inquire by email