CNY Big Cleansing FU Package

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This package is exclusively offered for the year-end big cleansing. The year end big cleansing period begin on Feb 3 (SAT) to Feb 7 (WEDS). Make sure you do all the cleansing and such before Feb 8.  This is a very important prep work for the CHINESE NEW YEAR which falls on the Feb 10, 2024 (SAT).

The purpose of the big cleansing is to teach your Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body) what to do for you this year; which include cutting the connection to people and things that are no longer important to you, directing the preheaven energies to things that are important, and creating a more welcoming space to contain the good energies of the year.

Non-Magic House Cleansing

  1. Go around the house and find all the things that you don’t want/use anymore, or things that are related to ex-friends or people who you never want to be contacting anymore, or even a business card from people who you label as “bad connection”, gather up these junks and throw them out.
  2. Go around the house, find things that are “old” and you might have grew out of it already – such as old shirts, shoes, or even your toys and gadgets. Think about if you have touched them for the last 2 years? If not really, why bother keeping them? Throw them away for better luck to come that “fit” what you need in the coming year.
  3. Finally, do a physical clean up of the house to remove the dust and dirt that has been building up for the year, giving your house a good fresh start. Start from the inside and deep storage, and work your way OUT the house to the exterior. Don’t forget your yard and garage too.

Magic House Cleansing

  1. Make sure the non-magic house cleansing is done and things are trashed before you do this magic.
  2. Use the Connections Cutting FUand burn it at the main entrance of your house, this is to cut the connections to all people and things so that your house can have a good “restart” for the new year.
  3. Use the House Cleansing FU burn into a bowl and make FU water, filter out the ashes and put the water into a spray bottle. Spray the water around the house starting from your main door and work your way along the left side and all the way around the house, back out to the door’s right side. Spray the exterior as well if you can!
  4. Use the Golden Light FU, burn it into a flashlight and then use the flashlight to shine around the house, scan around the house to let the light deploy its layer of empowerment and protection all around.
  5. Use the House Protection FU and tape it at the main entrance area, higher the better, so that it can shine and protect the whole area.

*There are 4 FUs in this bundle, which we will offer you a special package for the price at $138. (Regular is $68/FU, 4 FUs = $272!) Get the special CNY Big Cleansing Pack on our website!

**If you need extra FUs, welcome to email us for custom order and special deals.

In a RUSH?

If you are worried about the delay in shipping or the FU cannot arrive on time, then you can choose our FLY FU option. We will then fly the FUs to your home by distance via a ceremony, which means the FU will not be shipped to you physically, but deployed into your house magically. This option is great for those who don't want to wait or is in the last minute rush. It's also a hassle free experience, just remember to send us your home address and a photo of your house.

How Long Does it Last?

FUs are not batteries. It is a ticket for asking the god for help. Typical FU requested for a purpose will only have the power to finish its task.  Your faith will determine how much the god want to help you and how much help you deserve.  If you want to be able to make FU all the time and use them for everything, we suggest you get ordain and learn today!

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