Journey to Spiritual Liberation: Mr. Lee's Transformation with Saam Law Taoism in Tin Yat Lineage

I am Mr. Lee, and I work in a government agency in USA! I am incredibly grateful for the amazing journey I have experienced within Tin Yat Lineage under the guidance of Jee Sifu. My search for a spiritual path that could effectively deal with the paranormal led me to discover the profound teachings of Saam Law Taoism.

Having gone through numerous exorcism ceremonies and explored various religious practices without finding a solution, I was feeling disillusioned and desperate for relief. However, everything changed when I encountered Jee Sifu and participated in Jee Sifu's guidance and invaluable teachings. The profound knowledge and expertise in Saam Law Taoism have been instrumental in my spiritual growth and well-being.

During my journey in 2022, a series of profound events unfolded, leaving a lasting impact on me. It began with a peculiar incident where I was in the kitchen late at night. As I closed my eyes for a brief moment, I sensed something near my shoulder. In that split second, I felt what seemed like hair brushing against the right side of my neck. As I quickly opened my eyes, there was nothing there. However, a chilling sensation ran down my spine, and I felt goosebumps rise on my skin. Fear and panic gripped me, and in that moment, I felt an inexplicable coldness.

Later that same night, as fatigue set in and I closed my eyes once again, I was transported into a haunting delusion. I found myself in a world shrouded in darkness. In this altered state, a dark green river flowed through the blackness, emitting an eerie glow. The atmosphere was unsettling, and the world appeared devoid of color, except for this dark green presence. An echoing and eerie chant resonated in the background, intensifying the ominous ambiance of the scene.

However, the challenges escalated when entities impersonating Jee Sifu and other lineage members led me into a state of delusion. In this delusional state, I made irrational decisions and ended up in a dangerous situation. I found myself in a ditch, surrounded by darkness, with the echoing chant from the previous experience still reverberating in my mind. Burdened by the delusion, I made the unsettling choice to bury my wallet and car keys.

During this period, I was completely unaware of the gravity of my actions and remained in the ditch until nightfall. It was only when Jee Sifu reached out to me, expressing concern and asking where I had been, that I snapped out of the delusion. Jee Sifu's guidance and reassurance helped me realize the impersonation and the severity of the situation I had unknowingly put myself in.

The aftermath of the delusion left me pale, sweating, and freezing cold. The impact on my mental and emotional well-being was significant. It was during this challenging time that Jee Sifu provided me with cleansing fu to protect and guide me through the recovery process. With Jee Sifu's teachings and support, I diligently practiced heart spells to combat the lingering effects of the attacks.

Saam Law Taoism, as taught by Jee Sifu, has not only helped me address the paranormal afflictions but also transformed other aspects of my life. I realized the importance of confronting hurdles instead of avoiding them, a valuable lesson that has had a significant impact on my personal growth and resilience.

The teachings of Tin Yat Lineage, delivered by Jee Sifu, have been a constant source of guidance and inspiration. I have found tremendous value in the daily blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos, which provide practical knowledge and insights applicable to my everyday life.

One aspect that stands out about Jee Sifu is their wonderful sense of humor. Despite the seriousness of the teachings, Jee Sifu has a way of infusing light-heartedness and humor into the lessons. It creates an engaging and enjoyable learning environment, making the teachings more relatable and memorable.

Additionally, I appreciate the accessibility of the teachings within Tin Yat Lineage. While Taoism sects and temples are often more popular in China and have language barriers for non-Chinese speakers, Jee Sifu breaks down the teachings in simpler, more direct English. This approach makes it easier for individuals from different backgrounds and cultures, like myself, to understand and learn the teachings of Saam Law Taoism. It eliminates language barriers and ensures that the wisdom and magic of the lineage can be accessed by a wider audience.

Within Tin Yat Lineage, I have witnessed the real power of Saam Law Taoism in action. Miracles have unfolded not only in the lives of my fellow disciples but also in my own experiences. One particular incident involved the theft of my car. It was a distressing event that left me feeling helpless. However, with the teachings and magic of Saam Law Taoism, I turned to Jee Sifu for guidance.

Jee Sifu's advice included practical steps to enhance the security of my car and increase the likelihood of its recovery. Miraculously, through the application of these teachings, I was able to locate and retrieve my stolen car the very next day. It was a testament to the power of Saam Law Taoism and the invaluable guidance provided by Jee Sifu.

Moreover, being part of Tin Yat Lineage has allowed me to cultivate meaningful relationships with the gods and fellow disciples. The Zoom lessons have been a valuable platform for learning Saam Law martial arts and magical teachings, providing opportunities for growth and refinement. The daily practice sessions have fostered a sense of unity and support as we encourage and inspire one another along our respective paths.

In conclusion, I am immensely grateful for the transformative teachings of Saam Law Taoism and the guidance of Jee Sifu within Tin Yat Lineage. The impact on my life has been profound, from finding relief from paranormal afflictions to navigating challenges with strength and wisdom. The accessibility of the teachings, the miracles that manifest, the sense of humor demonstrated by Jee Sifu, and the supportive community all contribute to a remarkable journey of self-discovery and growth. I wholeheartedly recommend Tin Yat Lineage and express my gratitude to Jee Sifu for their invaluable guidance and teachings.


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