Anita Thompson: Finding Spiritual Fulfillment with Saam Law Taoism and Tin Yat Lineage

I am Anita Thompson, a Therapist from USA. This is my testimonial to share my experience of being in the Tao!

He said, “it’s all in your hands.” My mind reeled. Could it be that all gods are systems, and the deity I had revered was initiated by someone who communicated with an extraterrestrial intellect? This notion shook the very core of my being and my heritage. Countless ancestors had adhered to the prevalent religion of their time without skepticism. I was aware of the oppressive, misogynistic, racist, and patriarchal aspects of this religion. Moreover, the deity seemed to mirror the dominant culture, leading me to question if this was a psychological manipulation. My quest for an alternative led me to Tin Yat Dragon. I delved into the blogs and practices, but it dawned on me that I needed a mentor. However, this was Chinese? I was treading unfamiliar waters and yearned for guidance. I sought a mentor who could elucidate why this was superior. Despite investing time in cultivation and movement, I felt alienated and despondent. My church community distanced themselves, and I felt like an outcast. I felt hexed. I discovered that with my close kin, this could be altered. My fortune, relationships, and, with direction, my entire life could take a turn.

I always leaned towards a rational approach. The data I stumbled upon seemed at odds with Taoism as I perceived it. Western educators seemed to lump Taoism with Buddhism, Animism, and Hinduism, despite their distinctiveness. The narrative was about harmony with nature, pursuing tranquility, and ascetic practices like fasting and meditation. It didn’t resonate. Then I met Jee Sifu. I conveyed my aspirations for a more fulfilling life. He responded, “I have been practicing this since my youth.” It clicked. I yearned for a knowledgeable guide. Our conversation was enlightening, and I was convinced this was the path for me. It was a welcome change from the hollow worship and indifferent community. Since affiliating with the Tin Yat Lineage, I encountered spiritual onslaughts from entities. As a seasoned driver, my ability to drive was inexplicably impaired. I was plagued by anxiety and perceptual distortions. The freeway resembled a scene from Star Trek, with lights zooming past. It was terrifying. I knew it wasn’t psychological. I urgently communicated my ordeal to my seniors. They adeptly advised me to drink Fu water and burn Fu around my car and home.

The impact was instantaneous. I recall it was night when I sprinkled the blessed water on my car. There was an eerie calm, and a pungent odor enveloped me, akin to intense cooking or stale garbage, despite no open windows or people nearby. The ominous feeling subsided, and my driving phobia vanished. I later realized that such attacks are common but often dismissed as anxiety or eccentricity, leading to social withdrawal and isolation. My affiliation with Saam Law Taoism under the Tin Yat Lineage has been pivotal in enhancing my life. I am indebted for finding my niche in this world and proactively preparing for what lies ahead.


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