The Bagwa Taoist Robe Explained

bagwa taoist robe

This article will be about the Taoist magic robe which uses the pre-heaven Bagwa. Please read the articles “bagwa intro”, “Bagwa mirror” and the “bagwa 8 stages explained” first to give yourself essential foundational knowledge. This article is intense and requires the knowledgefrom the previous posts to understand.

We have 3 different color setups for this kind of Bagwa robe, but the design of each is the same. They all utilize the pre-heaven Bagwa,  and you can see 5 symbols on the back, 3 on the front, which sets the Bagwa layout to pump in 5 for you and 3 to the outside. It is charging you with the power of creation and leta you output to the subject outside of you to give and store in resources for them. A shortcut way to explain the main purpose of this Bagwa robe is saying that it is a middle agent robe, like a middle man, you can take things from the Tao and deliver it to the other party, like a waiter who takes food from A to the B point.

Different color setups represent the different energy being granted on you, and packed into you. Remember that all of these robes are to be consecrated and programmed at your altar, which connects to the TAO of our lineage, the higher powers.  So the robe does not just put on “any” random energy of red, yellow or black on you. It puts in the energy of the TAO to your body and allows you to use it for other things outside of you.

The main color sets what power you will have for doing whatever work as your main focus, and the edge color is how you will be executing this job with the outside elements.

Red robe, black edges and lines – Main power is red, which means your main power and job is to push out the power of the Tao to the outside. The edges are black, which means you will be moving things into your way and then applying the power of the Tao onto them. Imagine you are grabbing a person and punching them in the face with a TAO-powered-punch.

Yellow robe, black edges and lines – Main power is yellow, which means your main power and job is the process, to change, to command with the power of the Tao. The edges are black, which means you pull in things from outside and change them, correct them, program them, or even to command them to do work for you. It’s like you can now pull in someone and tell them to change according to your instruction.

Black robe, yellow edges and lines – Main power is black, which is to absorb things back to the Tao. The edges are yellow, which is to change, to command, to process things outside. This is like commanding some energies in this world to go back to the Tao, like our food offerings or things like that, and let the Tao absorb it back.  

All three robes can do exorcism and other work, it’s just a different style of energy that is given to you and so your work will be done differently. For example, the red robe guy will be applying the firepower of the Tao to keep throwing fireballs at the evil spirits while holding on them. The yellow robe guy will be grabbing on the client and dig into his energy system, and then unclog the channels to make the evil crap go out of the system. The black robe guy can be commanding and making the evil crap spirits move out of their position, and then suck them back to pre-heaven to be processed and recycled. 


Decoding the Bagwas on the Robe

bagwa robe front

the other side

bagwa robe back

This is a pre-heaven Bagwa robe setup, and so you must look at the Kin and Kwun first to know which is the sky and which is the ground, which also means where things come from and where things depart. With our robe, things come in to our lower back in the center, which charges the Tao’s power into our body's internal system. The Kwun symbol is at the chest or heart level, which sets the output to the thingsiIn front of us, and gives off our heart energy, the Faat-Lick / magic power to make things move and change according to our command.

The left shoulder you see the hum symbol – which means to dump in resources, therefore the left hand will get the power of doing this for the Tao, which is to deliver resources only.

The right shoulder you see the lei symbol – which means to depart and start off to the next party. Therefore, the right hand will have the power for doing the job for the Tao, which is to start off things outside, such as giving a command to the energy to make it do work.

The left leg has the Junn symbol, meaning that it will be able to thunder up, process and apply energy to things.

 The right leg has the Shun symbol meaning to push power, so this leg stomping will create the push to make things move forward.

The front of the left leg, you will see the Dui symbol, which means to compare and meet up with things, which assigns this foot to find the target outside and mark it.

The front of the right leg, you will see the Gun symbol, meaning to put in and accumulate resources here. This foot stomping will be “adding” and accumulating energy which also charges things up.

The more explanation is provided, the more complicated it gets and the more you don’t get it. Let’s summarize it in short here. The robe basically draws the power of the Tao in to your internal system to give you power, and you can output the magic power for the Tao to things in this world or outside of you. Your left hand has the power to empower and deliver more resources to things, while the right hand is for doing work and outputting power to the outside. Your left leg stomp will be good for giving and accumulating energy for the outside element, and the right leg stomp will charge in power to the outside element, to change them, or apply force on them to make changes.

You are possessing the power of the Tao into you and it allows you to output that to things outside of you in this world.  For our beginners, they will be using the red version, and then the more advanced ones will be using the yellow robe for more things like energy correction and such. The more advanced disciples will be using the black version for doing work that requires putting things back to the pre-heaven. 

You might be thinking that this is so cool and “makes sense” now with all the decoding and knowledge we've provided. However, just buying the robe doesn’t make it happen, you will need to do a lot of magic work on it to make it work. Ordain today to get started learning the Taoist magic that we teach here!