The Bagwa Taoist Robe Explained

Bagwa Robe and Bagwa Jo Si

Bagwa robe 八卦衣 is one of the magic robes that we use in Taoism. When the robe is consecrated, it allows you to represent your altar’s main deity to do work. This main deity name is Bagwa Jo Si 八卦祖師, which you can read more about him in the other post. The key point is that this robe sets you to be an official representative who can command the celestial troops and such at your altar, because you are now part of the altar’s system with this robe on.

Having the robe on you, it means that you represent the Bagwa Jo Si, you are like “a god”, which means that anything you do is directly doing it “on behalf of” your god at the altar. Having said that, you need to be very careful when talking and acting with robes on. Don’t be goofing around and saying bad words!

Bagwa robe uses your altar local power, and not related to the celestial court. As long as you have ordained, and have your own altar, then you are already building up the Bagwa Jo Si power, which means you can use this robe already.


Different Robe Colors

There are three different colors that we use, black, yellow, and red. They are not which one is more powerful than the other, it’s just that we use them during different times because they represent the different property and powers.

Red robe is worn when we need to do work that output and deploys the power to the outside of the altar. This robe is usually used when we do positive magic like blessings, purifying, and most of the things that are “good” to the other side.

Yellow robe is worn when we need to work inside the altar to give off commands and orders such as setting up a formation or something like that.  This robe is worn when we are in “battle mode” and usually when we are working with more aggressive powers like exorcism and magic battles.

Black robe Is worn when we need to input things to the altar, which can be like accepting disciples, taking offerings and sacrifices, or even to capture ghosts and evils too.

Usually, the disciple will get the red one first, and then the yellow, then the black. It’s not because they are higher level, but just that the disciple will be learning things in that order.


Taoist Robe Usage

The robe can be worn when we are at the altar doing ceremonies, or even be worn when we are writing FU on behalf of the gods. However, one more special usage is that when people are being attacked by evils, this can act as a magical armour to shield them too. When you cover them with the robe, the Bagwa Jo Si power will coat on them and the evils will have to go away. It’s not only a robe, but a protection armour for you. While you are doing things like exorcism and such, evil energy is everywhere, this is like your shield to prevent your body from getting all dirty and such.

Are you ready to cultivate your Bagwa robe power? You need an altar, and of course, you need to be ordainedfirst!