What is the Goal of Being a Taoist?

Now that you have ordained into Saam Law Taoism, as a Taoist in the lineage, what’s next? What is the meaning of life here, and what makes us special as a Taoist? Now that your friends or family might be asking you questions, how can you answer them about your decision of being a Taoist? What’s the point of doing all these things and building up your altar? What is the goal of being a Taoist?

There are many religions out there; why choose to be a Taoist and not anything else? Maybe you can even stay neutral and be an atheist too, would that make sense in a modern society? Your friends and family members might question you as soon as they see you are doing all these “weird” practices that no one understands. Some are curious, and some might be afraid that you got scammed because of all the negative news about how some so-called masters and such are scamming people here and there. No one understands you, because you might not even be able to explain it to yourself. Why did you choose this path and became a Taoist of Saam Law? You know that there is a reason, because you are not stupid or that naïve to be scammed easily. It’s just that you don’t know how to say it, because it is all in the heart, and hard to explain in words. However, you need to have a way to explain this to others, so they can also be understanding or even getting onto the same boat as you. A lot of disciples who ordained will face this problem too: now that they have ordained, how do they get their wife or husband onto the same path? How do they explain to them, or even convince them that this is the right thing to do? 

Relating to our previous article, you should know that Taoist magic is a necessity for those who do want to claim their rights to fight back and earn their peace or protect their success in life. However, fighting off the evils isn’t the sole purpose of being a Taoist. Being a Taoist in this lineage is all because you want to be inheriting the three treasures from the Tao here. The three treasures are the light and power of the Tao that gives you a better vision in life, so you can see things clearly and spot the best route for anything you do, the energy that goes into you and help you do things with the best results, and the magical power that lets you change things that aren’t going well in life. 

When you are clueless or lost in life, just like trying to figure out what kind of career you should you be choosing after your college year ends, or how to go about starting your business, all these things require a good vision in life. The Tao’s light and power shines down and empowers your vision, and lets you see things clearly, leading to a brighter future. Sometimes you will be doing something, and feeling a lack of energy and motivation, and then you stop in the middle and give up. Having the energy of the Tao, it fuels you with a source of horsepower, which allows you to drive your life productivity and efficiency, leading you to do things with a better push at the back, accelerating your way to success. And last but not least, you need the power of Taoist magic, for claiming the power of change. The key point of being a Taoist is that you want to have the power to make changes in life when the time really sucks. At the same time, just like we said in the previous article, even if you have success, you still need to protect it and fight off the looters to earn your peace. There isn’t much out there that actually directly goes into this topic and teaches their people how to be able to protect their success effectively and efficiently without a huge group of people involved in like those “prayer circles” kind of magic.

The goal of being a Taoist is to improve your life, by having a better vision fueled by a powerful source of energy, and to possess the power of change so that we can change the situation around when the hardship comes to challenge us. Taoists in our lineage are strong warriors who can fight for their life, earn their own peace and secure their success. Instead of passively praying and waiting for your prayers to be answered, we teach our disciples to be proactively doing the Taoist magic and putting the things they have learned in the lineage into their actual situations in life. When you can improve in this life, you can then move on and think about what your next life is like, and how to prepare for it. As we all know, life doesn’t end here, and there is a second one coming up. However, if you are explaining all these to an outsider, they won’t understand it. Therefore, you should first see the benefits and goals of being a Taoist in this life first, get ordained, start learning, and use the magical powers given by the Tao right away. The more you use it, the more it grows. The more you witness it, the more you feel it, the clearer the goal. If your friends or family ask you again about why you became a Taoist, now you can show them the way and get them on the same boat!