Taoist Greeting – Mo Leung Tin Juen

taoist greeting

Mo Leung Tin Juen 無量天尊 – You will hear this greeting phrase in all our Youtube videos. It is a commonly used greeting phrase in Taoism, which means more than just “hi”. It’s a Taoist exclusive greeting phrase, learn it and use it today if you are a disciple in the lineage!

Here is the shortcut – whenever you need the TAO’s help, say this phrase. Just like a baby screams “MAMI~~~~” and what’s next? Mom comes over and look at the situation. Whatever it is, mom will deal with it for you.

This phrase means “infinite gods above”, basically simple as that. When you call “everyone above”, all the gods will look at where you want them to see and there goes help or anything you want!

Before you begin anything, you want mom to look at you while you do it, then if anything happens, mom will make sure the problem is resolved. Put the same mindset to the TAO here, inform your uppers (gods) for before you do something, and it will be better! 

By using this phrase before you do anything will help you cultivate your TAO, because you are always asking TAO to come and see, help, etc.

If you are encountering danger or hiccups or anything that might threaten you, just simply recite this phrase and the gods will be there for you. Remember that it is all about your trust, faith and heart. If you have cultivated your five virtues and 10 commandments well, the gods will always be there to help when you need.


Upgraded Greeting – Fuk Sung Mo Leung Daai Tin Juen福生無量大天尊

When you have got the hang of using Mo Leung Tin Juen, it’s time to upgrade this phrase and add on a second one… Fuk Sung Mo Leung Daai Tin Juen.  It means “fortune, give birth, to the highest gods”.

Don’t get it wrong, it’s not your fortune or god giving fortune to you, it’s the other way around. What’s the fortune for the gods? Something that gods would like to see or hear, like some good feedback!  By using this phrase more, you are cultivating the TE already. Whenever you want something to be heard or known by the gods as a feedback, then hold the TAO handsign with your right hand at chest, then bow while saying this phrase.

For example, you asked for help for the paint job to be done nicely. Now you have completed it, go look at the painted are and give it a bow, say the phrase and now you are showing the gods your appreciation for the help you got. If you are the gods, you would be happy too, because you see the people below liked the result after your help is given!


TAO and TE

Getting more help from the TAO is going to help you cultivate your TAO, which builds the relationship between you and the gods, and that means whenever you call for help again, the gods will respond to you quickly.

Giving back feedback more will help you cultivate the TE, which allows the gods to love you more, and know you more, allowing more potentials to come to you in the future. 

Imagine you only take food from parents and never tell them how you like it or what you dislike, then the parents don’t know how to cook for you anymore and eventually will not want to cook too. It is only fun to cook more because there is a happy jolly eater telling you how good the food is.  You need food from mom, mom needs the compliments and feedback from you to keep cooking and be motivated to cook. This concept is very simple, and it is the foundation of all Taoist magic. Without a proper and healthy TAO TE cycle, the relationship is broken and there will be no more help to come.

 Ordain today to be a true Saam Law Taoist!