What is JUNN 鎮 in Taoism

This is a special technical post for our disciples to learn about this word JUNN 鎮 which is used in our FU and spells all the time. But if you are a curious visitor, feel free to read on. Also, check out other posts under the “Advance Theories” section for more posts like this one.


Junn, is to put down something and make it combine with something for the purpose of empowering.

For examples,

  • We put some people to JUNN your house, they will stay at your house and because they are there, enemy will not want to even try to break in since it seems more difficult to do so.
  • I gave you a FU talisman to put at your altar to JUNN the altar, and because of this the evils will have a much harder time penetrating your altar’s defense line.
  • There is a lot of accident in this area, we put a big magical stone there the JUNN the place for the safety of the people. The stone was magicalized, meaning that we have put magic on the stone and the stone is just a container, which can be replaced with any objects too.
  • You seem to be very unstable with your soul condition, wear this jade on the neck, it is empowered and magicalized by Jee Sifu, it will JUNN your soul and make it stable.
  • A bunch of FUs taped at the edge of your altar table is called JUNN altar FU, they are to add more power to become part of the altar’s power, making the altar more useful.
  • JUNN is often NOT USED yet, and put there “just in case” it is needed. Such as, I gave you 10 people and put them in your store to JUNN the store. These people will just sit at the back all the time. In case you need help then they will come out and do stuff.
  • People put a stone lion in front of their home to JUNN the house. These lions are possessed with a guardian spirit inside. They do not do anything on normal days, but IF NEEDED (such as a bad guy came by), they will do something to repel the guy away.
  • Why do you buy a gun and put it home? Because you just need a gun to JUNN the house – just in case of that day come and I might need it. However, just having it around already gave you the energy that make your mind more peaceful.
  • This FU says “Saam Law Jo Si is here to Junn” 三羅祖師在此鎮, versus that FU says “Saam Law Jo Si is here to suppress the obstructive forces” 三羅祖師在此押煞, A and B respectively, what is the difference? A is that Saam Law Jo Si the deity is here doing nothing but just stay there, in case of anything it will activate and help. The second one is the deity is here to already start doing the job of suppressing those evil forces, it’s not going to just sit and do nothing like a security guard.
  • Our building has some break in these days, we need to install some lights and cameras in the hallway to JUNN the place. These things installed might not be in use all the time, but they help to prevent break in because the burglars would be scared or not feel as comfortable when trying to break in.

I hope with these 10 examples you now know what is the meaning of JUNN 鎮. How about adding a word 坐鎮 JOH JUNN?

The word JOH 座 and JOH 坐 is often mixed up by the Chinese too. First one is a “seat” and second is to “sit down”. A seat doesn’t need to be a chair, it just needs to be a place for something to stay in and not move.  For example, a statue is a SEAT for the god, the god stay inside and don’t move.  However, we say XXXX God please come to SIT DOWN and JUNNN, that means the god will come here and glue to this place to JUNN, it’s like those security who got a seat beside the door so that they will stay there and not move around.

When the SIT-DOWN word is used, 坐鎮, it is usually saying that there IS A SEAT there for the god.

Magic Tools on Altar

The more magical tools on your altar, they don’t only become tools that you can use, they also help to JUNN the altar. Especially those tools given to you which are cultivated by the uppers, they have powers that is above your level, which means they will be great JUNN altar tools. Why? Because “just in case” of anything, this extra power sitting there will help you out! The fact is that JUST HAVING IT THERE already empowers the altar and make it stronger. They don’t even need to actually DO anything.

The more tools you have on the altar that are magicalized, the better, because they JUNN your altar. Keep this in mind forever.

That means, a naked altar is always weaker, and an altar that never grow bigger with more things is always going to be weaker, because there is nothing that is JUNNing the altar.

There is also a cultural thing – people put a “treasure sword” in the store or house, and call it a JUNN HOUSE TREASURE SWORD 鎮宅寶劍, which is a mystery to many people, why putting a sword is going to bring good luck?

Simply put, the sword itself have nothing special about it, and it could be even a cheapo stainless-steel sword. However, the sword is sanctified and empowered by a god (like those we use!) and so they are connected to the god, which became a magical tool. The sword symbolizes the authority and power for that god to direct their troops and powers to a place. In this case, is to the house or store with the sword hanging on the wall.  Which means, the gods have a connection to this place. When evils come over, they can see that it has a golden swirl in the location with godly powers connected, they will not want to challenge this place and will leave before even TRYING to mess around. As you can see, the gods don’t need to do anything, the connection itself is already scary for the evils!

It's kind of like people put a police STICKER on their car, to JUNN the car, and that already will save them from a lot of troubles.

Oh right, JUST putting the sword itself?  No, that’s not going to do anything. That’s just a sword.


When you get any FU or packages from me or your uppers, you can save up the packages/envelops and put them around the altar area to JUNN the place. These are not the actual magical things that you might have requested, they are not the “main dish”, but they contain our energies and also our magical powers as well. IN CASE OF ANYTHING, these are like extra ammo at the altar for the altar to use. They will pack in a lot of supportive powers for your altar!  Save up all the goodies and they will help you when you need them. Oh yes, just keeping something from your upper is already a good thing because they JUNN the house! 

Read up on “FATE”, these items all contains a YUEN root to us, and that means if your altar screams for help, the connection will be there and we will be able to help quickly!

Ordain to learn more, and most importantly, establish the connection with the Tao and celestial court soon. Interested in reading more? Read our My First Taoism Book” to understand more about Taoism!