Taoist Sword of the House 鎮宅寶劍

This article is another “advanced theory” for our disciples, and it is also a continuation to the post of “What is Junn”. Welcome back to the lecture, let’s begin.

Junn House Sword

The purpose of having a Junn house sword is the most important thing. Are you putting a sword there to Junn the house as in to prevent real human beings attack? Or are you putting it there to prevent spiritual attacks?  

There is no one attacking you now, but you might want to buy a sword or a gun to place it home for the “just in case” moment, and you don’t use this weapon, it’s just to be put somewhere to JUNN the house. Oh, of course you will use it once a while to make sure it WORKS too, or else the weapon could fail when you need it to work!  However, the main purpose is to be for the just in case anyone (human) comes at you, and so your choice would be a real weapon that can kill, such as a sharp sword and a real gun that has the power to kill.

However, most of the case for JUNN house sword is not for this purpose. It’s for the purpose of repelling evils, bad luck, negatives. Therefore, the sword doesn’t have to be functional. It could even bel like a decoration sword painted realistically but made from bamboo or even plastic. The whole point is the sword needs to be bonded to a god, and sanctified.

Open Light vs Open Edge

There is a commonly mistaken term in Chinese, one is HOI GWONG 開光 versus one is HOI FUNG 開鋒. The first one is to make the object exposed to the gods so the god’s “light” (power) can be put on it and also it is part of what makes things magical, because the god can SEE this object and APPROVE it to be the magical tool.  However, the second one is to open an edge on a blade, like how a piece of metal can be grinded on the edge with a 25-degree angle on both sides then your metal “sheet” turns into a cutting edge.

When it comes to these JUNN HOUSE SWORDS, people often thinks that it needs to be a SHARP sword for it to “work” – because they thought it needs to be HOI FUNG’d, while it should be the sword needs to be HOI GWONG’d by a Taoist. The sword doesn’t need to be sharp, but it must be bonded to the god’s power.


I have seen people online making it over-exaggerated, and many want to make this very “hard” to do. It’s like you must find who and who to HOI GWONG or else it is not good etc. Firstly, hoi gwong is to make something EXPOSED to the gods, and so it could be seen, agree to the magical contract and all that.

Any newbie in our lineage can do this HOI GWONG to the object – it’s just the matter of WHICH GOD is watching and agreeing. The newbie has their newbie gods, and for me I have my connection to higher level and more powerful gods when I invoke the gods to my altar from the celestial court.  Both you and I can HOI GWONG, the difference is just to which god. Hoi Gwong is not hard to do, it’s the connection that matters. You want to get the highest guy in the lineage to HOI GWONG something for you because you want the higher power gods to empower the object and not your own baby gods.

Design of a Sword

As I have said, a JUNN HOUSE SWORD is a magical sword, the design and material doesn’t matter as long as the gods have agreed to it and put their powers into it. However, more design and nicer design helps to empower the object more and give it more “meanings” and “features” if the one HOI GWONG-ing knows what they are doing. However, I can also add all that into your “simple sword” by using a FU too! The fact is that the power of the sword is from the gods, not the sword itself or the design. Even if your sword has the best steel, sharpest edge, gem stones and all that, it’s nothing in the evil’s eyes, because the main point is the god’s power that makes it a JUNN house sword and not the physical things.


There are good swords that have a lot of real genuine work done to them, such as a professional forging the steel, engraving the hand guards and such with details, putting in super rare gemstones and such to decorate it, and it all goes down to – a lot of TIME, ENERGY and HEART is being put into it.

All these human-energies are going to be an investment into the sword as the soul power, spiritual power, which we call 靈力 Ling Lick. These are the power that helps when you are trying to connect and channel to the gods. This is the value of those gem stones and such on the sword, because they have a lot of this Ling Lick on them due to the amount of work spent on finding them, polishing them and turning them into a final product.

The sad news is, if a Taoist is not there to HOI GWONG it for them, the sword is still powerless. Therefore, those spiritual energies can ONLY be said as an assistant communication energy, and it doesn’t do a thing if there are no gods bonding their power to it.

These spiritual energies can also be there by putting the sword on the altar and then you the Taoist start cultivating daily with your morning rites and so on. As the sword sits at the altar, it will also know how to absorb these spiritual energies while you do the magic work daily. Over a period of time, the Ling Lick is also accumulated.  

Ordain to learn more, and most importantly, establish the connection with the Tao and celestial court soon. Interested in reading more? Read our My First Taoism Book” to understand more about Taoism!