A Taoist Magic FU Bath

taoism fu bath

Everyone who has ordained into our lineage knows that we do FU Talismans and FU baths, but what’s so special about this and why is it very important? In this article, you will find out! Read up on “FU Talisman” if you do not already know what they are!

The most basic FU bath you can do as a newbie disciple is to use the Saam Law Fu head that you learn on day 1 after you have ordained. Draw heart spellswith your sword finger and do the FU HEAD on a cup of water. After that is done, poke your fingers into the water a bit and stomp the left foot once. That is basic FU Head water. You can use it to mix it with a tub of water, and then soak yourself inside for about 15mins, then drain the water and do a normal bath, change into all clean clothing (put the old ones into your laundry and wash them later). There you go, a magical bath.

When you learn more, you can add things to it, such as the Jing body spells and such to charge it up, or to even inject the other spells that you might want to use for powering up the water. The main question is – what do you want to do with this bath? Don’t just do it, think about what you want the water to help you with first.


The Purpose of FU Bath

The purpose of a FU bath is very simple, to soak yourself into the FU water, be treated and come out different. However, what kind of treatment you want to have? Imagine the FU water you will be soaking in is like a pot of medicine, and if you mix in different medicine, different herbs, you will be soaking in for a different kind of effect. Some will make your blood flow faster, some will help you detox bad cells, some will help you regenerate the hair, what are you trying to achieve?

By soaking yourself in hot water, your body is heated, which means your pores open up and you will release things out of your body while something will go back into your body from the water. What do you want to release out and for what to come back in?

In the simple example above with the Saam Law FU HEAD water bath, you are putting in the Saam Law energy into the water, and then soaking yourself to purify your energy body. Whatever is not flowing or aligning with this Saam Law energy will have to go away. That’s the unwanted energies you are detoxing away.


Symbols VS FU Talismans

Now you might think that if you can just draw some symbols and “FA JEE” into a cup of water, then you can do your FU bath, what’s the difference when you use a real physical FU and burn FU water?

In the article of “what is a FU”, you should already know that the FU is like a ticket, and it draws resources out from your altar to perform the task you want. The symbol you are doing, including the FU HEAD, is drawing power from your body and not the altar. The physical FU can contain much more energy inside when you put it on the altar and nourish it for a few more days. The FU is like a container that can get packed up more and better over time. A FA JEE or symbol is an instant and one-time only kind of power, which is not comparable to the actual FU work. 

Sometimes, for quickies or casual situations, we will just do it with the sword finger, which is totally fine. When there is a specific problem or special situation when you need to do the bath, lets say you know you got attacked and you need to take a fu bath after your exorcism work to clean off the evil and negative energies. This kind of bath, you will want to use a physical FU combination, and not just the FA JEE alone. Symbols alone are for casual times or when you are in a rush and don’t have FU around to use.

For our disciples, doing a FU HEAD bath daily is a great idea, It purifies your energy and helps you develop your powers. As you learn more and build up your altar, you will be able to do more and upgrade your bath. The more you know about the bath and what you can do to upgrade, change or tweak the bath formula, the more fun it gets. Your altar might have salt, rice, and other things that can be added to the FU bath formula too. The key is to understand these elements and what they can be used for. Your FU bath will become one of your favorite magic methods! 


Get ordainedtoday to start learning Taoist magic!  Do your own FU bath whenever you like!