Taoist Magic FU Bath Lesson

Bathing in Taoism FU water is like cooking yourself in some medicine soup!  It’s a common practice that we cleanse and purify ourselves in these FU water, but it is not limited to only cleansing. This article we will dig into the theory about FU bath and when do you need to do a bath or shower with FU water.


The FU for Bath

As we have explained in the FU Consumption article, you can get the power from the gods through the altar, and into the FU (paper). The FU then can be consumed to deliver that power into your body, to the “inside” of you. If the gods need to put their power into you for exorcising some evils out of your body, this will allow them to do the job.

The FU for bath is very similar, but instead of going into you, it goes on the surface and 360 surround you like you are a chicken being cooked in broth. 

The easiest way to understand it is by comparing to marinading and soaking your pots to wash off stubborn stains.

You are the “meat”, and you can be soaked into some FU water to put the power on top of you so that your body can be empowered as you soak up that juice. It can coat you over to make your body stronger or giving you a layer of “coating” that blocks off evils and such. Imagine coating something by dipping the object into the “juice” like how water transfer paint works.

You can also be soaking the body as if it got stubborn stains (evil things) attached to it and doesn’t want to go away. The FU water will dissolve them and breaks them up so they can be soaked out of your body and go with the water and down the drain.

FU baths are usually about 15-20mins, then you drain the water and take a normal shower with soap and all that. Change into clean fresh clothing and never wear the same thing again because the old ones have your dirty energy on it. It’s so stupid to rip away the evil energy then stick them back on yourselves by putting on the same clothing again. Put the clothing to wash and they will be cleansed naturally.


What if I Don’t have a Bathtub

You must get a tub to soak yourself, but alternative method could be to use a showerhead and empower the showerhead with the magical powers so all the water coming down will become the magical FU water. This method can help you cleanse but it cannot do that “soaking” kind of work to dissolve stubborn stains. Sometimes you just need to soak and there are no alternatives to it. However, you can buy portable tubs for soaking these days, and they are very compact in size too.


Advance Method

For the more advanced disciples, they can also do similar things by putting themselves in a tent that has been magically empowered and with FUs all around. Then go inside and start grinding spells and burning up your powers. This will also make the power fill up the space and “bake” yourself in the magic power, which also works to deal with the stubborn evil energies that are stuck on your body.  However, this cannot be done by just any newbies, it requires more power and a powerful altar to execute the method.

FU water is also used to soak your Taoist robes and such to purify the energy and empower them over time.

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