Five Ghosts in Taoism

Five Ghosts in Taoism

What are the Five Ghosts in Taoism and Taoist magic? It might sound a bit evil or demonic, but they will definitely be one of your favorites when you know what the concept is about.

Remember that in our “statue” article, we have talked about the truth behind these “Gods and Deities” and how statues are not really like a tool for you to worship spiritual beings. These things such as the Guan Yin, Mazu, Saam Ching (three pure ones), and the five ghosts, are all different powers of the pre-heaven energy that they connect to. You can say that it is like “building your own character” at home with a certain profile, sort of like how its done in those video games where you pick a character and keep smashing enemies, upgrading weapons, etc.

video game

The five ghosts are not “ghosts” like what might think (dead people or spirits). 'Ghost' here is referring to the ghost energy - as in the opposite of Sun / Shenas described in the “What is God” article. In short, they are the opposite, with the Sun/Shen being the “God” that has the yang property (it outputs light), and the ghost has the yin property that sucks in light.

prismIn the article of the nine stars theory, we introduced the 3 main forces of creation, which we call d1-white, d2-black, d5-yellow. White is a full and completed form of light, like how white light can break down into a full rainbow when it is shot through a prism. Black Is the extreme opposite, it absorbs light, because it doesn’t have any light.  White outputs outward, black sucks things in, like a black hole in the common understanding of space science.

So, “God”’s energy (d1-white) property outputs and exposes powers, it burns itself to give off power, like our sun burning itself to give off light. Ghost energy (d2-black) is the opposite, it helps you suck in things, digest and break down things, just like the black hole would do to anything that goes into its event horizon. The five ghosts are in this category, they help you to pull in things and process things, and push things to finish.

If you are into “wealth and money luck magic”, you will NEED the five ghosts on your altar as your best friend! Who doesn’t need attraction force when it comes to luck boosting and business? Don’t we need to attract clients and business? Ghosts are not so bad afterall! (in our dictionary!)


Power of Five Ghost

The power of five ghosts is actually a “yin” property force that can be very useful for your ground altar, or helping you with things that need this working and attraction force. The five ghost statues can tell you a bit more about the five ghosts in a more ‘humanized” way, which makes it easier to understand. The ghosts stay inside the “dei” / the ground, which means they are the inner forces of a system, such as your altar.

five ghosts, northern ghostNorthern ghost – black in color, which shows its main power- absorbing things into this system. The legs are green, which shows where it is going, that is the color of “d3” which moves elements around, and stores things into a system. It is also holding a “Yuen Bo” (Yuan Bao元寶), which resembles “wealth” as the essence from the pre-heaven powers that hold the potential. This northern ghost is the main power that grabs things into a system, it just sucks things in like a black hole. The power of the north ghost is kind of like the “desire” and “want” power inside your body, which sucks in potential from pre-heaven. Imagine you don’t have any desire, then where is the attraction force or the drive for you to “get wealth”? We must want something, in order to pull that thing your way. The northern ghost is a great power for anything that needs to be sucked your way, a great potential grabber, and it sticks things to you like how a black hole pulls things in. The statue is also standing up, which means it is allowing things from top to flow “out” of the system and into the ground. It’s the power to pull in powers from the sky. That means, if your altar connects to our Tao, Dai Law Tin, this ghost is a great helper to help you pull in the potential and energy from the Tao, it just stores things in better. 

five ghosts eastern ghostEastern ghost – dark green in color, and pink pants with blue shirt, putting the fist and arm on the lap while he sits. This ghost is mainly responsible for things like internal processing, moving things around internally, like how we think, ponder, and try to make things tumble up in the brain. Sitting means the statue is not moving elsewhere but staying still at its position, and the fist means it is grabbing on its own, or doing anything to the outside. In this case, it is mostly dealing with moving around the resources it has in the system, and pushing things around like the power that helps you think, break down things, or move around things in life, make things possible, etc. Blue shirt means it is storing things inside and the pink pants are referring to d8 energy in color, which is to promote growth in reality. The power of this East ghost is great for helping you ponder and process things inside a system, and it pushes things around in the internal system, like how a manager orders people around and assigns jobs etc.

five ghost , center ghostCenter ghost – beige color body, and it has a pink shirt and orange pants, kneeling down with palms closed. When people kneel down, it is when they want their “heart” to be received. Such as when you want someone to not kill you, instinctively you will kneel down to beg. The action of begging is using your heart energy to change the heart of others. This ghost will use and output its heart energy to combine things and do things, and command things to change to its liking. Its main focus is to promote growth by utilizing the wealth inside, putting the heart to things. Imagine you are trying to do homework but you are procrastinating. Sometimes we have the wisdom and knowledge, its just that our “heart” is not being pushed to make that happen.

southern ghostSouthern ghost – red body, standing, green clothing and red pants, with fists that face outward. The main power of this ghost is to output and launch things out of the system, rush things to finish and punch the power into things that need be finished. Like you are not procrastinating, but you just cannot push yourself to finish the work because you don’t have the drive and push there to make you push things out of your processing stage. Sometimes people think a lot, plan a lot, but they just don’t move out of their chair and start working!

western ghostWestern ghost – white body, blue shirt, purple pants with right leg down kneeling and the left hand hold a Yuen Bo (Yuan Bao). The main power of this ghost is to output the wealth inside the system to the outside. Therefore, it has the white color for the skin tone. The blue shirt and purple paints are to take the stored and accumulated goodies inside the system and launch them out of the ground, back to the sky, to another place. The left hand holding a Yuan Bao (Yuen Bo) means it is bringing the resources over, and transferring them to something the heart wants to help. The kneeling right leg explains the second part of the ghost's purpose, which is to output the heart energy to the outside and 'want' something from the external source (like buying things).  It's like saying "I give you my money, you give me your goods". This is a spending ghost! 

If we simplify them into a business operation example, you will see the power and potential more clearly.

North, Black – attraction power for potential to come your way

East, Green – thinking and pondering, utilizing, and moving elements around inside your business to their best use. It’s like the office boy who runs around and give elements to the people who need them. 

Center, Beige – control power, the power to “make the call” and assign the wealth to different things, like a managerial power.

South, Red – launching power, pushing things to finish, shoving things to the exterior, like promotion, marketing, and doing presentation to attract business.

West, White – giving back to the pre-heaven, or to spend your money to buy things, the financial consultant kind of power.

Five ghost wealth collecting magic is to utilize the 5 powers above, and empower your house’s or business’ energy system. It helps your place to “suck in the pre-heaven energy” from some sources, and then move and deliver them to the place that needs them, assigning roles for the energy so they know how to help you, and then being able to push these energies to charge up things in reality, and finally to send off the wealth back to pre-heaven for more to come in the future. 

Only the white ghost in the west has hair going down the back, because it means the “sky” (head) can give things to the ground again (after the white ghost gives back to the sky).

These 5 powers are also similar to the lesson on the 5 directions flags we talked about before...!


Our Five Ghosts

In our lineage, we practice Saam Law Sun Gung, which connects to the Tao of Saam Law in Daai Law Tin. Our five ghosts are called the Dei Law 5 Ghosts magic, which connects to the Dei Law powers as the “source” of these 5 ghosts statues. Our ghosts are not a dead being’s energy. It is all pre-heaven energy from our Tao, from the Dei Law system, which shapes into 5 specific powers. Having the 5 ghost statues at your altar adds these five powers to your altar, and helps you suck in the power from Dai Law Tin better, utilize them better, control them better, push out their powers to reality and also be able to spend them correctly.  They also strengthen the Tao and Te cycle as mentioned in the “concluding magic” article.

The Five Ghosts are not spirits of the dead, but you should treat them “as if they are human”, so your heart will connect to them. Just see them like 5 little dudes who work for you, and you will be able to get their help.

Sometimes when the Fung Shui of a house really sucks, you can use the Five Ghosts to help it pull in potential from an external source (Saam Law), which can make up for what is lacking in this world. They are some of the must-have statues for our ground altar. They will not only help you with the energy part of things, but also as a powerful tool for wealth magic!

To fulfill the curiosity of people seeking for the "evil" side of magic - yes, the five ghosts can be used in magic for doing harm to people too. Just like we can use a Guan Yin to do "evil" magic on people. It is not the energy that harms, it's the method of using it that can harm!

Can you harm people by helping them think and be creative?  Of course!   Just by helping them think and be creative on the stupid side, you can screw their work up instantly when they have gotten "too creative"!  Five ghosts can help, and can also do harm, it all depends whether you understand what you are doing or not. Get ordainedtoday to learn more about these things, and be able to "raise your own ghost"!