Five Ghosts in Taoism

What are the Ghosts

When it comes to ghosts, people mostly relate that to “dead people”, and that’s not really what we are talking about here. For Taoist magic, we have ghosts at the altar, which are actually cultivated celestial troops who are working in the bottom section of the altar, with the landlord deity. As we all know, there needs to be positive and negative to be a complete system in nature. So we have gods doing the positive things for us, then the ghosts are there to do the negative things for us. These are not dead people’s soul, they are also like gods, but are in negative property, the Yin-side of things.

The 5 ghosts are worshipped at the ground altar (bottom deck) and we have 5 statues for them that sits in front of the landlord’s frame. Everyday you burn incense to connect to them and worship with just like any gods. You can give offerings, you can ask them for help, you can use their power by doing the magic!

5 Ghosts Army

The 5 ghosts statues are for the 5 ghost-lords and they lead an army of troops on their own. You can say that it is five camps of people, but we often just talk to the leader to request help. Here are what their powers are and what they can help you with.

Yellow Ghost

He is the commander and the boss who stays in the center. His power is to help you secure and hold onto the wealth, making sure that no one invade the altar or disrupt your altar’s operation. During a magic warfare, he is can also be used to overthrown the other person’s altar’s ruler/gods just like how you can hack into people’s computer and control their system.

Black Ghost

He is the sucker, just like a blackhole, he sucks everything toward you and so we call him a wealth sucking ghost too. Great for sucking away your enemy’s wealth or potentials. He can also help you suck away sickness and bad energy too!

White Ghost

The opposite of the black, this ghost gives and help you “output”. In short, he is great at making people dump money out, or spending, or giving. For example, you can use the ghost on clients to make them pay faster!

Green Ghost

This ghost is like the wind, they move things around and bring in a force that changes people or move people’s mind around. For example, it can be affecting the clients to feel something or be inspired… to spend!

Red Ghost

This ghost helps to destroy success and make things NOT happen the way it should be. The opposite of what you mostly would want from a wealth god. This ghost is a punisher, and he will help you crush any things that just blossoms.


Magic with 5 Ghosts

A knife or a gun, they are not evil, it’s the human that uses it that can turn them evil. 5 Ghosts are also like that. When you use the ghosts the good way, it can be very helpful as well. Taoists also need to kick people’s ass when facing bullies and bad guys in life, we cannot just “help” people and think that can solve the problem even people are totally crushing at work by talking behind or back or stealing your ideas and such.  To counter these bad guys in life, you need to have something with magic that allows you to kick their butt back, and here you got it.

5 Ghosts magic is not something we teach newbies, because it can be going wrong if they don’t have the proper mindset and virtue in them. Therefore, we will only teach this to disciples who are here for awhile and are ensured that they are not going to cause trouble with this powerful magic. 

If you want to learn it, sure, you can do so by first ordaining, and then go to Sun Lung stage whenever you can. That is where we will teach these more powerful and advanced magic.